How To Grill Boneless Country Style Ribs

How To Grill Boneless Country Style Ribs

Ribs are considered as one of most luxury and elegant dishes eaten around the world. Its origin is from the ancients. It is surely one of the most nutritious food items available in the diversity of food items. There is not one but multiple ways of cooking ribs. Ribs can be made as ribs curry, ribs stew, steamed ribs and also as grilled ribs.

You can easily grill the ribs on both kinds of grills including the gas grill and also the electric grill. There are usually same protocols followed to grill the ribs as of the other types of food such as meat and chicken. You have to preheat the grill well so that the ribs cook fast and are not devoid of flavors. In addition to this, you also have to season your grill to reduce the friction between the ribs and the grill. You can also marinade your ribs with the types of spices you want.

Everyone certainly has different style of cooking. You can marinade the ribs or just put in on the grill as it is while seasoning it with salt and pepper. Marinating the ribs will allow better penetration of flavours into the ribs. This way your ribs will not get dry when they are put onto the heated grill. In addition to this, the ribs will also sustain the heat better when they are marinated prior to grilling.

Guide On How To Grill Boneless Country Style Ribs

There are multiple recipes to make Boneless Country Style Ribs but following is one of the most classical recipes to make boneless country style ribs.

Total Time Required

The total time required to make country style ribs is around 3 hours and 40 minutes. Amongst this time, 3 hours 30 minutes is the cooking time while 10 minutes is the preparation time.

Ingredients You Need

The ingredients you need to grill boneless country style ribs are kosher salt, barbecue sauce, olive oil or vegetable oil and 4 country ribs about 3 pounds.

Instructions To Cook Boneless Country Style Ribs

Following are the instructions you have to follow to cook country style ribs on your grill.

The first step to cook the boneless country style ribs is to cut them. As the country style ribs are huge to handle hence, cutting them is a better option. After cutting them. Oil the ribs and season them with salt too. While cooking the ribs, almost all the fat will dissolve or render away. Hence, seasoning the ribs with salt will give the outer crispy crunch to your ribs.

The next step is to cook the ribs by the process of grilling. You can grill the ribs on the charcoal as well as the gas grill. However, the best option to grill the ribs is to grill them on a wood fire on one side of the grill and barbecue the ribs over smoke. Grill the ribs for 90 minutes untouched. After 90 minutes, flip the ribs and cook the upper side with barbecue sauce.

Cook the ribs for at least 3 hours. Flip them every 30 minutes after the first 90 minutes. Every time you flip the ribs, don’t forget to coat them with barbecue sauce. The more time you take to cook the ribs the tender they will be.

After you notice that the meat of the ribs is falling apart move them and coat one last time to let the sauce caramelize. After doing so char them it you prefer and the serve the ribs with wine and sauce.

Tips To Grill Boneless Country Style Ribs

Although the process mentioned above is quite simple, easy and understandable but there are some tips you should follow and certain mistakes you should avoid to ensure that the ribs you grill are juicy, tender and salivating.
Following are the tips you can follow to grill perfect country style ribs.

Remove The Silver Skin

One of the few tips while buying meat for the ribs is to get the silver skin removed. This is because while grilling, the silver skin restricts the flow of heat to the inner ribs meat. In addition to this, it also tends to absorb the fat. Hence, either you remove it yourself or get it removed from the butcher.

Marinate The Ribs

Whether you intend to cook your ribs on a regular basis or on a grill, never forget to marinate your ribs. This is because marination allows better penetration of flavors. In addition to this, always keep the marinade into the freezer rather than keeping it at room temperature.

Precook Your Ribs

You can also precook your ribs. This is because ribs are thick hence, they consume a lot of cooking time. To precook your ribs, you can boil them in water. Add apple cider vinegar or normal vinegar in water. Just before the ribs start to tender, take them out and grill.

Preheating The Grill

One of key tips before grilling the ribs on the grill is to preheat the grill. Preheating the grill has multiple benefits. It will prevent your ribs from sticking on to the grill. In addition to this, it will also ensure that your ribs cook fast and rapid.

Don’t Use Forks

Every dish has its customized cutlery. You cannot use baking toils to cook curry. Similarly, you will need special tongs to flip the ribs. Refrain from using forks as it will create holes and spaces which will allow the leakage or juices from the ribs.


Conclusively, you can use either electric grill, gas grill, or wooden setup to grill your boneless country style. Although country style ribs consume much time grilling but it will all be worth it in the end when you have salivating and tenderly cooked ribs on your plate. Just follow tips and techniques when dealing with ribs. Make sure you marinate your ribs well so that the flavors penetrate deeply into the ribs. This will render your ribs soft, tender and juicy when you serve them with any side dish.


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