How to Cook Frozen Salmon on the Grill?

Learn about How to Cook Frozen Salmon on the Grill

You may be wondering about “Can you cook frozen salmon on the grill” and the answer is yes! You only need a few tips to get a perfect charred and delicious piece of fish on your grill without any need to thaw it first.

Does not matter if you forget to defrost your frozen salmon a night before you have to cook. There are certainly some tricks that tell you how to grill frozen salmon directly from the freezer.

In this blog, we will discuss the recipe for cooking frozen salmon on the grill. Along with it, we will also share a guide with you in which we go through all the important things like grill temperature, cooking time, and salmon cut.

How to Cook Frozen Salmon on the Grill Recipe

Here is the recipe for you to cook delicious frozen salmon on the grill.


  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 frozen fillets of salmon


  • Heat your gas grill to a high temperature for 10 minutes.
  • Brush the salmon fillets with olive oil.
  • Now turn off the set of burners from one side and put your salmon with the skin downside on the offside.
  • Cover the grill and cook them for 5 to 6 minutes.
  • Now turn them to the other side and grill for another 5 to 6 minutes or more until your fish is opaque.
  • Remove it from the grill and allow it to rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • You can serve it with lemon and your favorite sauces.

Tips for Grilling Frozen Salmon

Following are some of the amazing tips and tricks you have to follow while grilling the frozen salmon.

1- Make the smaller cuts for more even cooking

This time you do not have to bust out a full side of salmon directly from your freezer. For making sure that your salmon grills up evenly charred and cooked properly, you may have the option of reasonably-sized fillers. It is recommended to work with roughly 6-ounce fillets.

In this way, you will not be able to tell that the salmon fillets come directly from your refrigerator well before gracing the grill. And you can save full sides of salmon for right thawing and delicious meat.

2- Use oil to prevent the salmon from sticking to the grates of a grill

You know what when you are grilling salmon nothing may put a curb like salmon skin or the flesh stuck to the grates of the grill. It may also ruin the texture of your beautiful fillet.

To avoid this issue, you have to run the salmon slightly with the preferred high-temp cooking fat such as avocado oil. Aside from it, you may also soak a rag in oil, seize it with tongs, and then rub down the grill grates once they get hot.

3- Turn the grill to medium-high flame or 375 degrees F

What would be the ideal temperature for grilling salmon? Well! It must be medium-high heat or almost 375 degrees F when your propane grill permits you to set the desired temperature. This temperature will allow the salmon to char up evenly while remaining moist and delicate from the inside.

4- Try a robust sauce or compound butter for more flavor

Does not matter, it is frozen or not, you will surely want to add plenty of flavors into your grilled salmon. Some of the most favorite flavoring options for grilling salmon could be dry rubs, robust sauces, rich compound butter, and glazes. Below are some of the recipes you may want to give them a try:

  • Peppadew butter
  • BB seasoned salt
  • Spinach pesto
  • Bb all-purpose dry rub

When you are using a dry rub for flavoring, apply and then press it into both sides of the salmon fillet along with oil well before grilling. However, if you are doing it with some sauce or compound butter, save them for post-grilling.

5- Budget some extra minutes for your cook time

While grilling salmon fillet, you may always want to budget some extra minutes of cook time than in general. However, when it is frozen, it will take a bit longer to cook through. Along with 6-ounce fillers, you have to grill your salmon for 4 to 5 minutes aside. Simply add some more time for thicker or larger fillers, or decrease it for smaller ones.

6- Drag away any albumin

When you are cooking salmon right from the freezer, there might be a trade-off. And that is it may look a bit less photo-worthy. The reason behind this is that some aggressive cooking methods may lead to more visible albumin, a whitish protein almost found in all salmon. In case you are grilling salmon right from the freezer, more may ooze out. You have to drag it away, it is completely harmless.

7- Cook the salmon in a foil packet for additional flavor

Here is a tremendous trick for you and that is to make foil packets on the grill. By this method, you will put your frozen salmon fillets in the bed of your desired flavoring, which might be lemon, herbs, spices, and butter, and then wrap it tightly in the foil.

Now put your foil packet on the grill and cook them for 10 to 12 minutes. You can also adjust the timing as it is based on the size of your salmon fillets.

8- Good to know when your salmon is done with cooking

There might be a few signs that tell you when your salmon is perfectly cooked. And that signs will be that your flesh must appear opaque, and no longer translucent pink. it must flake easily when it is pressed with a fork. As mentioned above, you may notice some albumin.

Final thoughts

We hope that all the above information about how to cook frozen salmon on the grill is sufficient. Salmon fillets are certainly great for grilling and there is no chance you would not like them. If you want, we also have recipes for how to make grilled salmon burgers and grilled poached salmon. Enjoy your barbecue!

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