How To Grill Chicken Without Burning It

How To Grill Chicken Without Burning It

Chicken is one of the most commonly eaten foods all around the world. It is used in multiple types and forms. Chicken is used as chicken steaks, chicken fillets, chicken broth and also used as chicken curry. Many people have different ways to cook chicken. It can be baked, grilled and can also be cooked.

Grilling chicken is one of the most convenient ways to cook chicken. However, you have to follow certain precautions to ensure that you grill chicken without burning it. Chicken is recommended to be generously incorporated in diet. This is because it is one of the key sources of proteins which is essential macromolecules required by our body. In addition to this, chicken is recommended to athletes, gymnast and body builders to enhance their muscle mass.
Different people have different style of grilling. However, there are certain standards which have to be religiously followed during all the grilling procedure. This includes preheating the grill. Although it is not one of the standards but its better to preheat the grill before you intend to cook anything on it. In addition to this, seasoning the grill is also necessary.

You can customize the types and kinds of spices you want while grilling your chicken. In addition to this, you can also marinate the chicken to ensure that spices penetrate longer and the chicken is tender after being cooked.

Guide On How To Grill Chicken Without Burning It

There are multiple ways to grill chicken and numerous recipes for it. However, following is one of the most common and classic recipe to grill chicken. The word burning is of focus because chicken is white meat and it takes very less time cooking. Hence, you have to be vigilant that you might not burn it.

Brining Or Pounding?

One of the methods to grill chicken is pounding the chicken breast to even thickness and then placing it on the grill preheated and seasoned with oil. However, another method which is most used method is brining the chicken in the brine solution.

Brining is beneficial as it allows better penetration of flavors into the chicken. You can follow the following steps and methods to brine and grill the chicken.

Brining The Chicken

You have to brine the chicken for only 30 minutes in the brine solution. To prepare the brine solution, you have to dissolve one fourth of kosher salt in 4 cups of water. Brining the chicken will prepare the chicken to retain the grill heat without being dried. In addition to this, it will also allow better penetration of flavors into the chicken.

How To Grill Chicken Breast

You can marinate the chicken before grilling it. Before grilling the chicken, you can marinate it with salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper and olive oil. Place the chicken on the hot side of the grill. This process is called searing. Cook the kitchen for 2 minutes almost and then flip it on the other side to give it final heat for 1 minute.
After doing so, take the chicken off the grill and serve it with either Dijon mustard or any customized sauce.

How Long To Grill Chicken Breast

Although grilling chicken breast is simple and easy but you should be aware of the time required to grill chicken breast. The time to grill chicken breast depends on the thickness of chicken breast and the temperature of the grill.
When the internal temperature of the chicken reaches up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit, it signifies that the chicken is completely cooked from the inside. At this time, you can take the chicken off the grill and serve it.

Can Table Salt Be Used Instead Of Kosher Salt?

It is not recommended to use table salt instead to kosher salt. This is because, table salt has smaller flakes and it can make the brine solution too much salty. This will ultimately add up bitterness to your chicken. Instead, kosher salt is a better choice because it has bigger flakes than that of table salt and contributes to perfect amount of saltiness.
If you do not have kosher salt, you can use table salt. Just use 1.5 tablespoon of table salt in 4 cups of water to make your brine.

Benefits Of Eating Chicken

There is not one but multiple benefits of cooking chicken. Its should be incorporated in the diet as it is one of the most basic sources of proteins. In addition to this, listed below are the other benefits of eating chicken.

Protein Supply

Chicken is one of the most important sources of protein supply. It helps us to enhance protein in our body and build muscle mass. The body builders are also supplied with chicken as a meal or main course during their diet as it helps to fulfil the appetite and build the muscle mass too.

Weight Balance

One of the primary reasons why chicken is recommended in diet is that it is lean meat and does not contain fat. This helps in weight management of an individual. Hence, eating chicken regularly helps in maintaining or losing fat.

Healthy Bones

Maintaining healthy bones require adequate amounts of calcium, phosphorous and other minerals too. Chicken helps in maintaining healthy bones as it is loaded with calcium and phosphorus. Both these minerals ensure that the bones are healthy. In addition to this, eating chicken also helps in maintaining healthy immune system by preventing against disease such as arthritis.


Conclusively, you can follow the above recipe to grill the chicken. You just have to ensure that the time you keep the chicken on grill is adequate so that you don’t burn the skin. Try to follow any of the recipes to grill chicken. In addition, you can either marinate the chicken or pound it before grilling. However, it is preferred to marinate in brine.

One should consider incorporating chicken in their diet due to numerous benefits of chicken on the human body such as weight management, protein source, maintenance of healthy bones, stress reliever and immune booster.


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