How To Stop Charcoal Grill

Stopping Charcoal Grill

How To Stop Charcoal Grill? Using charcoal grill is one of the most common and yet the safest options to grill and cook food. Charcoal grill is part of almost every household. This is because it is easy to use and requires simple skills. Charcoal grill is one of the go to options to grill the barbecue.

You do not need extensive or extra ingredients to begin grilling on a charcoal grill. One just require simple charcoal or normal coal, some oil and have to go ahead to ignite it. You are good to go to grill your food. There are variety of items which are grilled on the charcoal grill. This includes meat, chicken, pork, ribs, and also making Korean barbecue.

Making food on charcoal grill is not centralized by any specific type of population rather it is used all over the world. As there have been many evolutions in the technology hence, the types of charcoal grills have also changed. Now you do not have to own huge grills with grilling grates rather you can have compact and easy to store grills. These can be easily stored in a corner of your home. They do not need to be covered by a cloth rather have built in vents and the temperature is also adjustable.

Details On How To Stop Charcoal Grill

Igniting and putting off the charcoal grill both are difficult procedures. It takes time to ignite the grill, putting the right amount of oil and let the coals turn red hot so that they are ready to grill your food appropriately. Similarly, putting off a grill is also difficult. There are multiple methods you can use to put off or stop a charcoal grill.

One of the best methods to put off a charcoal grill is to close the vents fully on the bottom of the kettle. In addition to this, you also need to close the damper on the lid to completely close or restrict the oxygen supply of the coals.

This will extinguish the burning coals however; the grill will retain its temperature until it is completely cooled. After the coals have extinguished, you can open the vent and hang the grill to cool it down. Once it is cooled or is on room temperature, you can put on the cover.

Tips To Put Out Charcoal Grill

Although putting off a charcoal grill is quite simple and easy but you need to follow certain precautions or some tips which will ensure the safety while you put off the charcoal grill.

  • Avoid Water

Always avoid water near your charcoal grill. Even if the coals have returned to room temperature still avoid doing so as it can lead to any kind of spark or heat. In addition to this, coals burn at very high temperature and putting off with water will put cracks in your grill.

Moreover, pouring water will eventually lead to high steam production which will lead to very dangerous burns.

  • Clean The Grill Out

After putting off the grill, make sure that you clean out the grill. You can use a metal spatula to clean the grill. This will ensure that all the ash and the remnants are cleaned from the grill. In addition to this, make sure that the vents are also cleaned as this is the point where the ashes are most likely to enter.

Ensure that the vents are cleaned hence, you can use soap and water to clean the vents. In addition to this, you should also lubricate the vents and the grilling grates after washing. You can use silicone spray after washing the vents.

  • Return The Briquettes

After the charcoal grill has put off, do not waste the Briquettes and the coals. Put the cold briquettes back in the bottom half of the grill. Make sure you use the tong to handle the coals and the Briquettes.

  • Shut Down The Grill

Before removing the vents and the grill, close the lid and ensure that the supply of oxygen is cut down to everyone part of charcoal grill. You can also cut off the oxygen supply by closing down the kettle lid and also covering the vents with the lid.

Advantages Of Using Charcoal Grill

There are many advantages of charcoal grill this is the reason why people and chefs choose using charcoal grills over other types of grills. Following are the advantages of using charcoal grill over other types of grills.

  • Taste

When you cook food, the basic consideration is the taste of the food. Charcoal grills give you an extensive taste which cannot be achieved by electric or the gas stoves. Hence, charcoal grills are the most preferred type of grills amongst many people.

  • Easier To Transport

Charcoal grills are much easier to transport. As there have been multiple innovations, various types of charcoal grills have been introduced. Now you do not have to worry about the travel rather you can just simply roll and fold your charcoal grill and travel with your friends.

  • Repairing

You should always possess something which is simple and easy to repair or you are aware about the how about of it. Similarly, repairing the charcoal grill is simple, easy, and the parts of charcoal grill are also easily available. Hence, you do not have to worry in case there is some kind of issue with your charcoal grill.


Conclusively, stopping your charcoal grill is quite simple and easy you just have to cut off the oxygen supply by every means so that there is no point of ignition. In addition to this, you also have to follow some tips and take some precautionary measures so that there is no to minimum chance of getting hurt.

One of the most common types of grills used for cooking food is charcoal grill. This is because, there is no hassle and the taste of the food is also better. Hence, when looking for easiest grill options you can look for charcoal grill.


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