How To Grill Frozen Corn Kernels

How To Grill Frozen Corn Kernels

Barbecuing stands as a widely adopted method for preparing meals. It’s a technique not just prevalent in modern times but has also been repeatedly utilized by individuals throughout history or ancient periods. The preference for grilling stems from the advantages it offers, along with the flavor and scent it imparts to various dishes. Moreover, grilling offers the flexibility to cook an array of food types. It allows for the preparation of a diverse range of foods including meats, chicken, seafood, pork, salmon, vegetables, and much more.

However, this is not all about grilling. Before grilling any food whether directly or indirectly, you have to follow certain procedures to ensure that the food is grilled well and is as per perfect taste. Before grilling any food item, you have to preheat your grill. Preheating your grill ensures that the food is cooked in ideal time span. In addition to this, preheating the grill also eradicates the issue of cleaning the grill. This is because remnants of previously grilled food items is automatically cleaned through preheating as heat melts the hard fat stored on the grilling grates.

Apart from preheating the food, you will also have to season your grill when you grill any food. Seasoning the grill ensures that the grill is ready as a smooth base and it also reduces friction between the grill and the food item. This way the food will not stick to the grilling grates and flipping the food using tong will be much easier as well.

You will also have to marinate your food in cases of grilling meat, chicken, pork or fish. Spices will enhance the flavor and will also add aroma to your food items.

Guide On How To Grill Frozen Corn Kernels

Popcorns are surely a treat while watching a movie, during rainy weather, a cloudy day or whenever you want to binge over randomly. Here is all you need to know about grilling frozen corn kernels. Although there are many ways to grill corn kernels but following is one of the most common ways to grill frozen corn kernels.

·        Ingredients You Need To Grill Frozen Corn Kernels

The ingredients you will need to grill frozen corn kernels are onions, minced garlic which is easily available in market, regular salted butter, extra virgin or virgin olive oil and corn kernels yellow or white.

·        Steps To Follow To Grill Frozen Corn Kernels

You have to follow certain steps when grilling frozen corn kernels. First you have to heat the grill to medium high heat with the iron cast skillet pan on it. We will make the corn kernels in the pan hence, preheating the pan is necessary too. Next, add butter and oil to the pan. Use this time to dice your onions and mince garlic if you have garlic cloves with you.

When the butter is melted and is mixed with oil, add up onions and garlic and sauté for at least 4 to 5 minutes until the onions turn translucent and light golden brown. When you observe that the pan is steaming hot then add the frozen corn into the pan. Ensure that the pan is hot enough otherwise, the corn will only steam instead of caramelizing. Hence, to make sure that your corn kernels are well roasted and caramelized you have to give time for your iron skillet pan to be high heated. Occasionally stir the corns, avoid stirring often as they will form lumps.

You can serve your corn kernels with crackers or nachos. In addition to this, before serving the corn kernels sprinkle some green onions and parsley on top of it to add up to the taste of your dish.

Tips To Cook Frozen Corn Kernels

Although the above recipe is not complicated rather it is very much simplified but people tend to follow multiple other types of recipes. Hence, errors are mandatory. We have some tips for you when you cook frozen corn kernels. These tips will surely keep errors at a bay and will improve your way of cooking corn kernels too.

·        Boiling

Corn kernels can surely do much better without boiling. You don’t have to boil frozen corn kernels to defrost them or to grill them. Although most of the packages do state that you have to boil the corn kernels but boiling will extract all the flavors from your corn and will make them taste bland when you cook them.

·        Pan

The cooking pan you use to cook frozen corn kernels matters too. You can not just use any pan when you cook corn kernels. Rather, we would advise you to use a skillet pan or most commonly known as iron skillet pan. This is because the iron skillet pan handles more heat, it will keep the color, flavor and taste of corn kernel as it is without extracting flavors.

·        Sugar

Adding a little sugar or a pinch of sugar is always helpful and beneficial when making corn kernels. This is because sugar adds up good flavour. Apart from adding good flavor, sugar also prevent any change is color of the corn kernels. Hence, just add a pinch of sugar to maintain the bright yellow color of corn kernels.

·        Salt

Salt surely is one of the most important spices. However, don’t salt the corn kernels until they are ready. This is because adding up salt will dehydrate the corn kernels and will not taste like they usually do. Hence, when you’ve completely cooked your corn and turned off the heat, only sprinkle a pinch of salt to the corn kernels.


Conclusively, grilling frozen corn kernels on the grill is all about expertise and following some tips. The recipe is simple and easy however, you can surely add up spices and flavors like paprika, pepper and thyme which will complement your recipe. Make sure to follow tips stated above as they will surely make a huge impact on your corn kernels. In addition to this, always preheat your grill with the iron skillet pan as this is the best pan choice for corn kernels.

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