How To Grill Tri Tip Steak Strips

How To Grill Tri Tip Steak Strips

How To Grill Tri Tip Steak Strips? Today, treat yourself to something new. Tri-tip steak is a juicy, tasty, and reasonably priced alternative to standard steak cuts. Its triangle form, which gives it its name, makes it a very easy cut to cook since it retains the thickness required for optimum softness. It also has just enough marbleization to keep the juices in. To improve the flavour of an already tasty cut, all you need is a simple rub, sauce, or marinade. Did you know this cut is so soft that it slices like butter? So, if you haven’t tried it yet, follow our lead and you’ll be the grill’s queen or king. So, how should you cook tri tip steak strips? Let us discover out…

What is tri-tip Steak

Because there are just two tips on each side of a steak, tri-tip is a unique cut of meat. This triangle cut is made from the ends of a sirloin steak.

As you are undoubtedly aware, sirloin is an excellent cut for grilling and even pan frying. It has by far the best softness at a reasonable price.

Still, tri-tip is difficult to get at the meat market. Tri-tip is more difficult to come by than entire sirloin, so give your local butcher a polite call and ask if you can acquire a few of tri-tip pieces for your next grilling adventure. We guarantee you will not be sorry. It is simply the ideal cut of meat for feeding a family because it is both tasty and cheap.

Marinating Tri-Tip

The following ingredients are used in the basic marinade brine recipe:

  • Oil can be used as a “binder.”
  • Salt and pepper in adobo or a mixture of both, chicken salt, or “soul food spice”
  • Herbs
  • Something hot and spicy
  • Something tasty
  • a herbal touch
  • Vinegar
  • a “surprise” seasoning (or, a seasoning of your own to add pizazz to your recipe.)

Having stated that, let’s look at a classic brine for marinating:

  • 1 cup olive oil as a binder (less, if you are cooking a small piece of food)
  • Seasoning options include adobo, soul food seasoning, and Himalayan pink salt. seasoned with salt and peppercorns (the fresher, the better)
  • Something hot: 2–3 tablespoons paprika, tajin, or tabasco sauce
  • 14 cup brown sugar for something delicious
  • Cloves, cinnamon, cumin, and rosemary are among the herbs used (combined)
  • 12 cup vinegar (white wine)
  • Choose anything highly tasty for this rogue ingredient, such as 12 cup Coke, hoisin sauce, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, or liquid smoke. Everything should work.

It is entirely up to you what you put in your brine. So, if you keep to one of each of these items, you should be fine. There has never been a “bad marinade” on the market. After all, the goal is to enhance the natural flavour of the meat, not to conceal or overpower it.

Grilling Tri-Tip Steak

Here are step-by-step directions for grilling tri tip steak strips. Blue cheese crumbles are used because they provide a layer of flavour to the steak. This is still a possibility. You may also add butter or other “fatty” toppings.

  • Check to see whether your meat has previously been seasoned. When marinating, make sure to drain any extra liquid. When grilling, you may re-use any remaining marinade.
  • Set your grill on high heat and pre-heat it.
  • While you’re waiting for the grill to heat up, cut the top into extremely small slices to ensure the meat cooks properly. Stuff these slits with the blue cheese crumbs, butter, or extra goodies that we recommend.
  • More rub or marinade can be added to the meat.
  • If the grilling process is taking too long, refrigerate the meat once more.
  • Place the tri-tip over direct flame after the grill has reached high heat,
  • Here, you’ll need to rely on your meat thermometer to see if it’s done to your preference. We usually cook for 5-10 minutes per side. Remember that medium-rare steaks should have a temperature of around 135 degrees Fahrenheit before you remove them and let the heat in the meat to finish cooking them.
  • Before slicing, wrap the meat in foil and let aside to cool.
  • Cut against the grain.


You may pick how thick or thin your meat is, just as with any other cut of steak. Maintain a thick tri-tip for an ideal medium rare finish. This thick cut will prevent the meat from overcooking—unless you leave it on the heat for too long.

Rare to medium rare tips should attain an internal temperature of 125-135 degrees Fahrenheit before being removed from the grill.

Choose a thinner tri-tip for a medium to well-done steak and cook it until your thermometer registers an interior meat temperature of 155 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another thing to keep in mind before cooking is that the type of spice you choose will eventually effect the cooking time of the meat. Because olive oil, butter, dry rubs, and sauces still go between the meat and the heat, use your meat thermometers to decide when it’s time to take the meat off the grill.

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