How to Use an Infrared Grill?

Using an Infrared Grill

Wondering about how to use an infrared grill? If yes, you are at the right place so keep reading. An infrared grill is a type of oven that uses infrared radiation to heat and cook food from the top. It was first introduced in the late 1800s when it was used as a way of cooking food without using any open flames or other potentially flammable substances.

This has led to its use in many different settings and applications, such as for fish and chips, barbecue meats and vegetables, crisps, and fried foods.  

How to Use an Infrared Grill?

To use an infrared oven, you will have to select your cooking time and temperature. Then, place the food in the infrared oven between the oven chamber and heater. The heaters inside the microwave or stove will then send out a specific type of infrared radiation to cook your food.

Most commonly, people wonder if tuna fish can be cooked using infrared light. Although this may seem unappealing to some, it is a healthier option and will be much less oily than the other methods of preparing fish.

When you are going to use an infrared grill, you will have to place your food on the cooking plate. Make sure that not all your food is crowded onto the plate. It is because different foods require different levels of heat. You might even have to rotate it between several positions during the cooking process.

Benefits of Using Infrared grills

There are several advantages of using infrared grills and here are a few of those:

1- Grill Combinations

You can grill your food on top of the stove or oven. If you want to make the process even easier, you can turn your infrared grills into a combination oven. You can adjust the dampers to control the airflow, and it will not just be an oven but also a range.

2- Do it Yourself

While an infrared grill may at first seem like something for professionals only, many people have found that they can cook their food in this way at home. You will certainly have to take some time at first to learn how everything works, but after that, it should be easy enough to use.

3- Direct Cooking

This is one of the most important aspects of infrared grills. With these, you will only have to place your food directly on the cooking plate and not have to place it in an oven or stove. It is much easier for many users to use this method because it is quicker and more convenient.

4- Infrared Technology

According to the experts, this system may be one of the most efficient ways of cooking food on a stove or oven because it does not produce any smoke or flame at all. This way, your food will be cooked without any smoke, carbon monoxide, or other chemicals that may be harmful and hazardous to you as well as your family members.

5- Blue Is For You

If you have an infrared grill, you will be able to cook food directly on it. The color of the plate is blue and this helps the user in knowing how much heat is being generated by the device. You can even adjust the temperature according to your needs.

6- Better Energy Efficient

When compared to other cooking methods such as convection ovens, microwave ovens, and even regular grilling, an infrared stove uses less energy. This means that it will cost you less in terms of electricity bills as well as more savings for your pocket.

Infrared Grill Vs Convection Oven: Which Is Better?

The answer is that both these methods are equally good but follow different techniques and approaches. A convection oven is a portable device that you can use to cook food easily, but it will have to be plugged in. This means that you will not only have to pay for the device but also the electricity bill.

On the other hand, an infrared grill can be used with almost any heating source and it does not require any electricity or gas supply at all. It is very light in weight as well so you can carry it around. Also, you can even take it on camping trips with you. On top of that, an infrared grill has a wider cooking plate so they are easy to use.

Infrared Grill Vs Microwave: Which Is Better?

Again, both these devices are very good but they have their pros and cons. A microwave oven offers a quick and effective way of cooking your food, but it does have its disadvantages too. You will have to use plastic containers or casserole dishes and this way, you will also be adding more plastic to the environment. If you want to make all your plates and other food items clean again, you will have to scrub them manually which can be very tiring in itself.

How to use an infrared grill like a pro?

To use an infrared grill properly, you should not try to rush the cooking process. You will have to watch the food very closely and make adjustments as you go. This process may take some time, but it should be fairly simple once you learn how everything works. Also, keep in mind that only the top portion of your food will be warmed; if you want your bottom cooked, then you will have to rotate the food over time.


If you are looking for the best-infrared grill then I hope that this article and Infrared Grills Reviews have helped you to choose one. Infrared grilling is very simple and is perfect for people that love healthy food. Now that you know how to use an infrared grill, you can easily start Grilling healthier meals today.


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