How to Juice Apples Without a Juicer

How to Juice Apples Without a Juicer Easily

For the lengthiest time, I believed I required an apple juicer or an apple presser for juicing apples. I’m not confident why I guessed that because after understanding how to prepare my apple juice, I understand how easy it is.

This Recipe

And when I utilize my Instant Pot, you can prepare this homemade apple juice on the stove. The preparation time is only maybe a little longer.

There is no added sugar in this apple fluid either. The only ingredients you require are apples and water. Of course, you need a sweeter-tasting apple, but we’ll discuss the categories of apples you can use.

You can prepare apple juice, apple jelly, and pressure cooker appliance all at a similar time. For presently, let’s emphasize homemade juice.

Where Can I Search for the Real Recipe Card?

If you’d relatively skip all of my cooking advice, significant cookery info for this recipe, and identical recipe ideas and obtain straight to the flavorful apple juice recipe only scroll down to the underneath, where you’ll discover a printable recipe menu with a lengthy how-to video.

Where Can I Discover the Great Apples for Juicing?

Fall is a tremendous time to discover the nicest apples for juicing, but you can utilize any apples you discover, whether you’re purchasing at an orchard, a farmer’s shop, or a mart.

Though, in the fall season, you can generally purchase seconds at only nearly any orchard (and occasionally at the farmer’s market). The significance you can purchase a HUGE carton of apples for a ton less than the normal price, which is going to take care of you a ton of cash.

Now I will explain it need a LOT of apples to get extremely little juice, jelly, apple butter, or applesauce. But in my viewpoint, it’s worth it.

What Sort of Apples Should I Have to Make Apple Juice?

Certain sorts of apples are sweeter and distinct types of apples have a tangier, bitter taste.

I utilized Gala apples for this recipe because they were accessible as moments at our regional orchard. Gala has an incredibly sweet taste.

The Nicest Apples for Juicing Comprise


Honey crisp


Yellow Flavorful or Golden Delicious


Pink Lady

Apple Juice vs Apple Cider?

There are limited differences between apple juice and apple cider.

Apple cider is a heavier, additional opaque juice, and it might have pulp and hunks of apple left behind. You can prepare a warm mulled cider with flavors and citrus.

And in phrases of marketable apple cider vs apple juice, apple juice is pasteurized and has a lengthy shelf-life than apple cider.

What Are the Advantages of Preparing Your Apple Juice?

How to juice apples without a juicer? Know the old saying, “An apple a day keeps the physician away?” Apples have a lot of nutritional importance and are an enormous addition to our diet.

While you’d possibly get a LOT of extra benefits out of the full apple, apple juice is a nice source of vitamin C and potassium. It’s moreover a tremendous source of antioxidants.

And since you can ready maximum of the apple, containing the core and peeling, when preparing apple juice, you might have added fiber and additional nutrients that an entire apple provides.

How to prepare homemade apple juice in your Instant Pot with the full apple, comprising core and peelings.

Not to note, homemade apple juice drinks are so much nicer than store-bought. It’s so neat and crisp and light.

Preparing Apple Juice Without Juicer

For this juice formula, you’ll require about five pounds of apples, a tiny bit of liquid, and an Instant Pot (a bowl on the stove will operate too, just with a longer cooking time).

Ensure to rinse the apples before you get commenced. I want to soak any fruit we consume in a vinegar/water bath for a minimum of 10 minutes or more.

Step by Step Preparing It Without an Apple Juicer

Utilizing a paring knife, eliminate any bad spots. Core the apples, either shaving them or leaving the peeling intact; you’ll toss the peeling in the pot also, actually if you peel the apples. Cut the apples into chunks.

Eliminate the stem and the blossom stops of the apple cores, and fling the cores into the Instant Pot, along with the apple pieces and peelings.

Put insufficient water to wrap about half of the apples. In our topic, we utilized about five pounds of apples and 5 glasses of water.

Phases for how to prepare apple juice deprive of a juicer in the Instant Pot, comprising peeling and coring the apples and putting in water.

Shut your Instant Pot, and put it to Pressure Cook on natural for 6 minutes. Let the valve generally release after preparation.

Later cooking, you’ll only need to drain the juice from your apples. You can perform this with a mesh strainer and/or a flour bag towel or cheesecloth.

Spilling apple juice and pulp into flour bag towel for draining.

Strive not to clasp the ingredients extremely much, so you don’t receive a lot of pulp in your juice. Rather, permit the juice to trickle into a bottle for an hour or so.

Draining homemade apple juice with a flour bag towel and bucket.

You can drain the leftovers in a diet mill to prepare homemade applesauce and cinnamon applesauce. And you can either sip the juice or prepare homemade apple jelly with a tiny bit of it.

Arsenic/Cyanide in the Apple Grains?

Researches have indicated that you’d have to consume whole lotta seeds to have any hazard of poisoning. And in this situation, we’re not consuming the seeds, we’re just cooking them in combination to get the additional benefits of the normal pectin in the apple core.

I’m only taking off with this article from Pick Your Own. Blender Mom moreover has an informational post about how apple seeds are comfortable. If you’re yet not confident, here’s how several apple cores it would take to pollute you.

Furthermore, for these juice instructions, we’re hardly cooking the seeds and cores, then draining them out.

Can I Chill the Homemade Apple Juice?

Yes, you can. You can refrigerate or an apple juice, whichever you choose. We normally don’t retain it around extended sufficient to do either/or but if you prepare enough, yes, you can chill it.

If you select to can it, Ball has incredible canning governs to teach you through the procedure.


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