How To Keep A Grill Fire Going

Do You Want to Know How to Keep a Grill Fire Going?

 Despite several discussions about how inefficient and harmful charcoal grills are to the environment, people continue to use them. The current onion grill fad is grass grill, but the allure of a good old-fashioned charcoal grill remains. A charcoal grill isn’t going away anytime soon, whether it’s because of the incomparable smokey tastes or the exquisite char marks on stakes. 

 However, one concern that some have with them is how difficult it is to start a fire on them. And even if you do manage to do so, it does not want to remain lit. As a result, in this article, we will look at how to maintain the grill lighted. We will also look at the perfect ways to light a charcoal barbecue. As an added bonus, you will receive our professional advice on how to have the ultimate BBQ experience! 

How To Use Fire Starters To Light A Charcoal BBQ 

 Using fire starters is the simplest technique to light a charcoal grill. It takes around 40 minutes to heat all the way through. This is how you do it. 

Make Use of Enough Briquettes 

 Most individuals use too little charcoal, which causes the fire to die quickly. Use enough briquettes to prevent this from happening. Read the directions on the back of your charcoal packet to find out how much you’ll need for a specific length of grilling. 

Stack Them Up 

Do not distribute the coals evenly around the grill. Instead, arrange them in a pyramid shape. It is preferable to stack all of the charcoal in one corner of the grill. 

All Natural Starter Cubes Should Be Placed In The Following Order 

It’s time to get your beginning cubes out. Use all-natural ones that are free of chemicals. Place them in a pile at different corners. Tuck them within so that the fire can reach all the way through. 

Activate The Vent 

Using an automated fire starter, light the fire starting cubes. Then, on your BBQ grill, open the vent. This allows the air to move freely, allowing the charcoal to light up more quickly. 

 Set The Timer As Follows 

Set the timer for 40-45 minutes and wait. The simplest method is to use firestarters, but it takes more than half an hour for the grill to heat up. So, when it comes to grilling, always plan ahead of time. 

 You may easily go on to your next job, such as marinating your BBQ or performing other duties. Your grill will be ready when the timer goes off. 

 How to Light A Charcoal Grill Using Lighter Fluid 

 The most frequent way to ignite a charcoal barbecue is with lighter fluid. This procedure, which is well-liked by all fathers throughout the world, maybe rather harmful if you are not careful. 

 Lighter fluid illuminates in an erratic manner. As a result, learning how to do various things the most efficiently might be difficult. We urge that you take these easy steps. 

  • To begin, organise your charcoal and collect it into a pyramid-like form. As a result, it should go from larger to smaller heaps. 
  • Drizzle the flammable liquid over all of the coals in an even layer. Make careful to read the instructions on the container to determine how much to use. 
  • On average, a light, even coating is required, but not too so. Do not pour the liquid all at once. 
  • Allow the coals to absorb the liquid for 30 seconds. Then I ignited it on fire with a matchstick. 
  • To fire the coals in different areas, use a grill lighter. Don’t add any additional liquid after the coals are ablaze. 
  • The coals may take a few minutes to catch fire. However, after they have done so, you may spread them evenly with a stick and begin cooking. 

How To Keep A Grill Fire Going 

If you have trouble keeping your grill light, there may be something you’re doing incorrectly. Here’s a quick approach to keeping your charcoal grill lighted and ready to go: 

 Make Use Of Dry Charcoal 

This one is self-evident, but your charcoal must be dry. When we store our charcoal in the garage on concrete floors, it occasionally becomes moist and wet. 

Using charcoal might cause the barbecue to smoke excessively. They may not even be turned on in the first place. As a result, ensure sure your charcoal is completely dry. 


Dampers are essential for keeping a grill lighted and hot. Each charcoal barbecue has one or two dampers. They maintain the fire by controlling and moderating the airflow. The dampers may be adjusted to determine how hot or cold the fire is. 

Dampers essentially let oxygen pass through the charcoal. More fire equals more oxygen. So, while preheating, open the vents and let the oxygen do its work. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I stop my grill from blowing out? 

Using charcoal grills in windy weather may become risky if not taken care of properly. Whenever you use charcoal grills, it is important to open the vents. By doing this, all the smoke coming from the charcoal will not build up. Open the lid and allow smoke to pass through.  

What is the reason that the fire is going out on my grill? 

The main reason for this issue I that there is no ventilation in your grill. This lets the coal stop burning. Because the fire requires oxygen to stay lit, and if it is not there, the coals will not be lit up.  

How can I keep away my grill from smoking? 

If your grill starts smoking, simply open the lid of the grills and let it pass through. Furthermore, decrease the temperature of the grill. 


Stacking charcoal is preferable to scatter it. When you stack your charcoal, the fire stays the same and at a high temperature for a longer amount of time. The charcoal then acts as a shield, keeping the temperature stable. It’s great for stacking against your coals in the centre of the grill. The fire will be able to reach every single corner this way. 


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