How to Air Fry Jicama

Find How to Air Fryer Jicama

If you’re a Jicama lover, then it’s evident for you to know how to air fry Jicama. Well, it’s quite easy when you’ve got an air fryer and know about the food item, in general. So, follow our article to learn everything related to the recipe.

Jicama fries prepared with smoked paprika, garlic powder, and a trace of cayenne—are only the ticket. Cooked noticeable all around fryer, the fries get fresh on the edges and hold that exemplary fresh deliciousness jicama is known for within.

The slight pleasantness of the root vegetable combines wonderfully with the powerful, flavorful flavors. However, we’ll be sharing with you everything about the food item Jicama. You’ll find it easy to learn the recipe accordingly.

What is Jicama?

Jicama is a tuberous root vegetable, local to Mexico and normal in Central America. Once in a while it’s known as a Mexican sweet potato bean or Mexican potato.

It’s a climbing plant and is in fact part of the pea family, yet the part we eat is the root.

Jicama has a great deal of likenesses to a potato, yet the skin isn’t palatable, it’s better, and has many less carbs.

Is Jicama Low Carb and Paleo?

Jicama makes an extraordinary low carb potato substitution! It’s a little dull on the size of low carb food varieties, yet is still low enough in carbs that it can squeeze into a low carb or keto way of life.

One cup of jicama has 5.1 grams net carbs. It’s likewise a superb wellspring of nutrient C.

However, is jicama paleo agreeable? Indeed, it is! Despite the fact that the plant produces beans, the part we are eating is the root, not the bean.

What are Jicama Fries?

Jicama fries are just low carb French fries made with jicama rather than potatoes. Being a tuberous root with a nonpartisan taste makes jicama the ideal contender for this.

How do Jicama Fries Taste?

Jicama fries taste very like customary fries, on the off chance that you make them right. There are two key contrasts to remember.

Jicama has a crunchy surface when crude. Furthermore, it doesn’t cook quite well in the event that you simply prepare it from crude. Along these lines, it’s ideal to bubble it first to make it milder and nearer to the surface of a potato. Then, at that point prepare (or air fry!) a while later.

Jicama is gently sweet in taste. It tastes better than a potato, which can be somewhat peculiar for fries. The key is to utilize sufficient salt and different flavors!

Cooking Steps to Air Fry Jicama

  1. Cut jicama into ½-inch-thick cuts. Cut cuts into slim strips, ⅓-to ½-inch thick. In a huge bowl, cover jicama with nonstick shower. Sprinkle jicama with salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and cayenne pepper; throw well to cover.


  1. Preheat an air fryer, if fundamental, to 375°F. Delicately cover air fryer bin with nonstick shower. Orchestrate jicama in bin.


  1. Air-fry at 375°F until seared and fresh on the edges, 22 to 25 minutes, stopping to shake bin each 7 or 8 minutes. Serving size: about ¾ cup.

The Amount of Jicama

While picking how much jicama fries you need, remember that they will contract during preparing. Fries will shrivel in volume by about half!

A cup of jicama is around 4.5 ounces, so to get 8 cups, you’ll need around 36 ounces of crude jicama. This will yield 4 cups of fresh jicama fries after they are finished.

Flavors for Jicama Fries

You can utilize comparative flavors for keto jicama fries that you would for potatoes. In any case, you need more salt and it’s not prescribed to skip flavors, because of the regular sweet taste of jicama.

I threw the jicama with olive oil, garlic powder, cumin, and ocean salt. (You’ll require some oil regardless of whether you are utilizing an air fryer.

Subsequent to preparing, you can heat them or air fry them – and I energetically suggest air fryer jicama fries over heated ones! They get considerably more firm.

Can We Freeze Jicama Fries?

Indeed, you can! You ought to follow every one of the means for bubbling and preparing. Then, at that point organize in a solitary layer on a material lined heating sheet. Freeze thusly, then, at that point move to a cooler pack after they are strong.

Exactly when you are ready to make your air fryer jicama fries, you can do that right from frozen. It could take to some degree more, so watch them for doneness.

(You can do in like manner in the customary oven likewise, anyway an air fryer will make a prevalent appearance of discarding the extra sogginess and making them firm.)

Final Thoughts

Jicama is a top choice and one of the mainstream foods in the USA. Our formula is impeccable and easy to follow. With the important fixings close by, you can without much of a stretch set up your next Jicama food feast.

We’ve discussed a great deal of things separated from cooking jicama in an air fryer. Among them, there’re striking realities about power air fryers in the past segment. Also, we’ve given a rundown of some best force air fryer broilers accessible on the lookout.

Toward the finish of this article, there’s a video for you to study Jicama recipe plans and air fryers, overall. In this way, try to check the video. At last, we’d prefer to end by saying that it’s dependent upon the client’s decisions to add inventiveness to cook Jicama Fries. The essential formula is something very similar for all.

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