5 Things You Need for Your Next Barbecue

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Barbecues are the highlight of summer. Nothing is better than to gather with friends and enjoy some amazing food, all while having fun. That being said, sometimes barbecues are overdone and can even start to become boring. If you plan on having a barbecue this summer, be sure to find a way to make yours interesting and unique! There are hundreds of things that you can do differently to have the best barbecue on the street!


Get a Better Grill


Your grill can be what makes or breaks your backyard barbecue. Do you have an extremely outdated grill that barely works? Do you even have a grill, or are you just cooking your hotdogs and hamburgers over an open fire? If you’re looking to improve your grill game, start looking to purchase a new one. First, decide what type of grill that you want: electric or gas. Do you want a Pit Boss Classic 700 or a classic Char-Broil? Research whatever grill you want and make sure that it fits your needs and lifestyle. If you only grill once or twice a year, investing in something fancy is not necessary.


Different Food


You might be baffled at the idea of cooking something other than your classic hamburgers and hotdogs at your backyard barbecue. If hotdogs and hamburgers are your thing, then don’t worry about changing it. However, if you would be willing to try to make something new, don’t hold back. Try grilling oysters, pulled pork, or even brisket. Try cooking with different sauces and spices. Don’t be afraid to try anything new because maybe it will become your staple! By trying new things and having an interesting array of dishes at your barbecue, you might easily become the favorite grillmaster on the block.


New Sides


Although classics such as mac and cheese, beans, and pasta salad are always great options, you can create new sides to really cement your barbecue as the best. Try different ethnicities of food such as Mexican, Chinese, or Indian sides. Bring out dishes not conventionally used for barbecues like stuffing, mashed potatoes, or cooked greens. Google fun and healthy side dish recipes and include some in your spread of different sides. Keep any allergies or food preferences in mind and make sure there is something that everyone can eat. Although it may be overwhelming to try something new, you could easily find a new favorite to take the place of a former classic!




Activities are quite arguably one of the most important things to consider when holding a backyard barbecue. Are you and your friends amazing at cornhole, to the point that you have a rivalry? Let your competitiveness show by creating cornhole or spikeball tournaments. If you have a lot of people at the party, make sure there are plenty of other games like lawn darts or bocce ball that they can play to stay occupied while they wait for their game in the tournament.


In addition to this, consider having some form of water activity. If you like on a lake, river, or ocean, take your friends out on the water to relax and have fun. Teach them how to tube, water ski, or wakeboard if you have a boat. If you don’t have access to any of these, consider using a pool or even a waterslide to have fun. Although it may sound stupid, a bunch of adults on a kiddie waterslide would actually be a lot of fun!


Rest Area


After a day full of activities and food, there is no doubt that your guests will need to rest and relax at some point, especially if they have been in the sun. To help them get their energy back before having more activities, consider investing in some form of Ins’TenT. By giving your guests a covered place to relax, you are able to ensure that the sun will stay off of them. Not to mention, the covering acts as protection in case of inclement weather and can also be where you are able to house your food away from bugs and pests.


Overall, when planning for your next barbecue, make sure that you keep many things in mind. Consider investing in a new grill or smoker and make different meals. Start making new sides and let yourself be creative when in the kitchen. Give your guests lots of activities to stay busy and to grow their appetites. Finally, make sure that you have a safe place to allow your guests to rest when they get tired. By doing all of these things you will no doubt have the best barbecue around!