How to Make Chicken Not Stick to Grill?

Learn How to Make Chicken Not Stick to Grill?

Cooking chicken on a grill can sometimes be difficult, especially when the meat adheres to the grill. Whenever food clings to the grill grates, it can rip, disintegrate, and completely spoil its appearance. It’s important to know the method to prevent chicken from sticking to the grill. Although this issue affects many of us, often, we overlook it. Additionally, grilling has the potential to dry out the chicken, yet, that issue is relatively straightforward to solve.

With some simple and easy tricks, you can easily prevent your meat from getting stuck to the grill. Along with it, you also required a little bit of preparation for it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss in detail how you can prevent your chicken from getting stuck to the grill.

How to Make Chicken Not Stick to Grill

To deal with this issue, first of all, you have to understand why does meat or chicken stick to the grill? So, let’s get started with this one.

Why does Chicken Stick to the Grill Grates?

Some of the main reasons for sticking chicken to the grill grates might be that the meat is not hot enough. Or maybe the grates of your grill are dirty or do not have enough oil as a lubricant.

When you take it in scientific terms, the chicken sticks when the proteins in the meat make bonds with the metal of the grill grates. It can only be undone as the outer layer of the chicken begins to dry and gets some grill marks.

In addition, when your meat or chicken has very rich seasonings and sauces on it, then the sugar content of it may turn to carbon as you cook it, and then it sticks to the grill grates.

How can you prevent it?

Here are some of the methods that you can apply to prevent your chicken from getting stuck to the grates of the grill.

1- Oil your Meat 

You may often think of oil as a lubricant for your cooking surfaces including grills, but most people forget that this is just one-half of the equation.

Applying or seasoning a thin layer of oil to the chicken can surely help you in ensuring that the flesh of it does not get stuck to the grill surface or grates. You can use paper towels to gently pat down your chicken.

First season the chicken with your desired seasoning and then you have to use a grill brush to apply a thin layer of olive oil to the chicken. After that, put it on the grill. In case your chicken has skin on it, then place that layer on the grill first. The reason behind this is that the side may have less meat that can easily adhere to the grill grates.

As you have to leave this side to cook or grill for a few minutes, the other side of the chicken must have begun to dry a little. That in turn makes it less likely to get stuck to the grill grates whenever you turn it.

Grill the chicken for about 4 to 5 minutes from each side before then turning. Cook for another 4 to 5 minutes from the other side. In case your chicken still sticks to the grill, just allow it to cook for another 30 to 50 seconds.

2- Clean the Grill 

Cleaning the grill after every use is a chore that everyone does not want to do. But remember that with every cooking or grilling your grill may develop several layers of dirt and chemicals on it. This dirt and chemicals can impact your meat and food on every additional cooking.

Your grill grates are made up of compromised metal that is pitted with pores. With every additional use, these pores clog up and generate additional surface area for your chicken to stick to.

Allow the grill to cool down for some time after every cooking, but you still have to clean it when it is fairly warm. It is because the oils and dirt get a bit looser when the grill is warm enough. Clean it with the help of a scrub pad and soapy water.

Make sure that you permit the grates to dry out completely before you put them into the grill. On the other hand, you may leave them prone to easily developing rust.

3- Use Oil with a High Smoking Point 

When a lot of guides tell you to season your grates with oil, remember that that’s only half of the story. You know that it is very effective when you use oil that has a high smoking point.

Oils that are at the lower end of the scale may smoke up before hitting the targeted temperature of 400 degrees F. It means that they turn to carbon and generate the building agents. It can cause your chicken to stick to the grill grates or surface.

Oils such as sunflower and palm oil may have smoking points of about 450 degrees F, which might be ideal for barbecue grilling. Moreover, canola oil also has a high smoking point that is about 400 degrees F.

4- Preheat the Grill

When you are all ready to place chicken on the grill grates the right way, it is recommended to always allow your grill to heat up. You have to heat the grill to your target temperature well before putting meat on it.

It might be fun to hear that amazing sizzling noise as you place the chicken on the grill’s surface. But in reality, it is much more than just that. Whenever the chicken touches the hot surface of the grill, it will certainly create steam. It helps in preventing the proteins in the flesh from bonding with the metal of the grill grates.

Final thoughts

We hope that you know how to make chicken not stick to Grill. Now you can go ahead and enjoy your summer barbecue in the backyard with family. Just remember to use oil with a high smoking point, preheat the grill, and clean it after every use.


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