How to Make Cranberry Juice With Fresh Cranberries

How to Make Cranberry Juice With Fresh Cranberries for Your Mates

I don’t relish all the sugar found in supreme cranberry fluids, and even those without sugar are usually diminished with apple, grape, or pear beverages. If you’re glancing for sacred cranberry juice, whether for vigor reasons or scarcely plain decent, try this procedure. I love the fact that you can decide on to wield real sugar or honey, or Stevia or Splenda to enhance it, or rightful half of each, to govern the calories.

I have furthermore executed this with frozen cranberries because the raw is not invariably available. Permit them to thaw before utilizing.


4 c fresh cranberries

1 Tbsp fresh lemon fluid

2 c water (use distilled or spa water for purity)

1 c granulated sugar


1/4 c stevia-in-the-raw or Splenda

7/8 c light honey, like clover or orange blossom further water to lick

How to Prepare DIY Cranberry Juice By Fresh Cranberries

Step 1

Niche the 2 goblets of water and lemon fluid into a scrupulously sterile blender container. Expand the 4 mugs of cranberries.

Step 2

Combine on medium-high speed for 2-3 jiffies. If your blender is very influential, 2 minutes may be adequate. I blended pit for the enormous 3 minutes. You prefer to arrive at a coarse fluid with no substantial chunks. Seat the lidded blender packet in the refrigerator overnight to inundate.

Step 3

Eliminate the container in the sunrise. Strain the fluid through a fine-mesh strainer into an intermediate saucepan. Clasp to remove all beverages. Omit any solid equipment, or use it to earn jam.

Step 4

Enlarge the sugar (or Stevia, or honey) into the beverage and heat gently over medium excitement barely until the sugar or sweetener is crumbled. This will not put up with long, primarily with calorie-free sweeteners. Do not warm this fluid, just warm it up to assist the dissolving of the sugar.

Step 5

Peel off from heat and add 1 cup of frigid water. You may add further or less vapor, being sure of on your aromas. Less water will render a sweeter cranberry beverage. I used 1 1/2 mugs, and it was precise for me.

Step 6

Substitute the cranberry beverage to a liquor pitcher, and cool in the refrigerator before fulfilling. You can also enlarge ice cubes to speed the chilling technique.

Homemade cranberry beverage is pungent, flavorful, and employs only 4 ingredients. Here’s how to formulate cranberry fluid skillfully at residence with a blender or on the stove-top!

Mason container of cranberry fluid with cranberries and oranges in the background, with script overlay.

When you reckon cranberries, you speculate Thanksgiving, moral?

How to make cranberry juice with fresh cranberries? I prepare cranberry sauce every year because I idolize it and well, the canned diversity simply can’t tickle homemade.

So, promptly before Thanksgiving, I bartered a few satchels of cranberries (you know, in case there was a cranberry shortage).

And my spouse, who thought I was giving rise to cranberry sauce for about 50 lineages, bought several pouches, too. Only, he breathed the 2-pound kind.

Yearn anecdote synopsis, after the 3 goblets I desired for cranberry gravy, I was waived with a boatload of cranberries!

Some I hurled precisely in the freezer, but most I squeezed in the fridge to earn something out of them after Thanksgiving.

But let’s countenance it after a day of eating like a horse and several scraps are you in the tone for anything enormous or overly sweet? I inevitably wasn’t.

Hence it dawned on me. What about a drink, like a beverage?

Yes, cranberry fluid homemade fresh cranberry beverage!

I’ll be the initial to divulge it, I don’t drink fluid.

I reveal the store-bought liquid to be a vehicle for frivolity but sugar and synthetic ingredients. It’s not nutritious.

Previously, when you bring about your own, you relinquish none of the nutrition, cherish the freshness, and are in comprehensive supervision of the sweetness.

So, I incorporated mandarins, cranberries, and liquid. Let me barely say, I was wowed!

It was precisely what I craved after all that lenient food. Popover, savory, satisfying, and nutritious.

I wasn’t the merely one impressed with this homemade cranberry beverage, though. My youngsters were equally as fascinated!

I did put in trivial honey to theirs because, I’m no clown, otherwise there would’ve prevailed revolts.

Why Make vs. Buy Cranberry Juice

Opportunities are, if you’re glancing at this article, you’re interested in making cranberry beverages from scratch because you crave to avoid added sugar, vegetable concentrate, coloring, and better.

Even the seemingly robust stuff has to have a certain abundance of appendices and preservatives to prevail shelf-stable.

Thankfully, when you bring your cranberry beverage, you legislate everything that goes into it aspect of the justification I love concocting it.

Is Cranberry Juice Good for You?

While cranberry beverage is tasty, it’s moreover nutritious.

Here are extraordinary reasons to consider drinking Cranberry beverages regularly.

  • Burdened with antioxidants and polyphenols
  • Can fiddle a part in reducing cardiovascular disease
  • Can improve uttered health
  • Fights age-related trauma
  • Is ecstasy in fiber
  • Has cancer-fighting properties
  • Supports digestive fitness
  • Is beneficial against bacteria that govern urinary tract infections

How Do You Make Cranberry Juice?

If you’ve never given rise to cranberry liquid at home, recess assured, it is incredibly susceptible.

I demonstrate two strategies below with the blender and on the stove-top. I crave the blender version because I can retain it right away but the stove-top alternative is terrific if you don’t have a blender.

What paraphernalia do you need to make cranberry beverages?

For the blender scenario, you will need a high-powered blender exceedingly as the Vitamix and a fine-mesh sieve (better for catching all the pulp) or cheesecloth (my preference).

For the stove-top strategy, you need merely a fine-mesh sieve.

What should you do with the cranberry pulp?

Don’t hire the pulp to go to waste! Instead, enlarge it to muffins or dough for tart flavor and superfluous nutrition.

Or, if you have no habit of it, fortify it to your compost crate or feed it to your animals.

Homemade Cranberry Juice

Homemade cranberry beverage is tart, pungent, satisfying, and nutritious and mandates only 4 ingredients. Here’s how to build it susceptible with a blender or on the stove-top!


  • 2 cups cranberries raw or rigid
  • 2 cups sacred water
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons lemon liquid or orange fluid (optional)
  • 1 drizzle raw honey or maple syrup, stevia, or another valued sweetener, to taste (optional)


Habitat cranberries and water in a blender and blend on huge for 2 minutes.

Survey to see if there are any substantial cranberry portions left, and if there are, blend furthermore until they wither.

Anxiety through a fine-mesh sieve or cheesecloth. Stir in lemon or orange beverage and sweetener, if lusted. I prefer crater unsweetened, but it might be too zingy for some.

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