How To Slow Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

How To Slow Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

Grilling is one of the most common yet the most traditional methods to cook food. It has been continuously used for the ancient times and is still used up till now. There are multiple methods of grilling. In addition to this, multiple types of grills have also been developed to aid in the process of grilling. The multiple types of grills include charcoal grills, electric grills, gas grills and wood pellet grills.

You can grill multiple types of food on a charcoal grill. The food items include chicken, meat, seafood, and many other types of food items too. In addition to this, you can also cook ribs on a charcoal grill. Although cooking ribs on a charcoal grill requires time but its all worth the taste. The process to grill food is same as that of any other. You have to prepare the grill before grilling the food. You have to preheat your grill before you intend to grill your food. In addition to this, you should also season your grill well before you grill the food.

You can use any type of spice to marinate your food prior to grilling. There are multiple spices you can use to cook the ribs on charcoal grill. The most general types of spices used include kosher salt, cayenne pepper and black pepper. In addition to this, you can add or subtract the spices as per your needs.

There are many side dishes you can serve with the slow cooked rib. The side dishes include mashed potatoes, steamed veggies and many other dishes too.

Guide On How To Slow Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

While cooking on a grill, one of the key measures you have to look after is the internal temperature. Your food will be cooked best from the inside when the internal temperature rises to a specific value which is the optimum temperature. There are many recipes to slow cook ribs on a charcoal grill but following is one of the most common recipes to do so.

Prepare The Ribs

The first step to slow cook ribs on a charcoal grill is to prepare your ribs and make them ready to be grilled. Ignite the fire and wait for the temperature of the grill to rise up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. During this time, prepare your ribs. To prepare your ribs, remove the underlying silver skin by the help of knife. You can also use a butter knife for this process. Next, give your ribs a good rub with any seasoning available.

You can also make your own customized seasoning. The seasoning can have spices like kosher salt, pepper, paprika, and cayenne pepper.

Grill The Ribs

The next step is to grill the ribs. For this step, place the ribs on the grill with foil. You have to cook the ribs over this indirect heat for almost 2 hours. During this time, you can rotate the ribs for every 30 minutes to allow the whole surface to be cooked. In addition to this, after 1.5 to 2 hours, pack your ribs tightly in the foil and let it cook for 30 more minutes. This way all the juices will be locked inside the ribs and the juiciness will also sustain.

Saucing and Unwrapping

The next step is to unwrap and sauce the ribs. Unwrap the ribs and remove them from the foil. At this stage you can directly cut and serve the ribs. However, if you want charred ribs then you can place them directly over the heat and grill them for 15 minutes approximately. However, if you want your ribs to be saucy then you can surely top up the ribs with barbecue sauce and heat them over direct heat for 2 to 3 minutes building up the sauce gradually.

Advantages Of Using Charcoal Grill

Although there are many types of grills available but charcoal grill is one of the most common types of grills. It is one of the grills which was used first and foremost and is still used today to aid in the grilling process.

Following are the advantages of using charcoal grills and the reason why it is preferred amongst other grills.


Charcoal grills is preferred above any other grills due to its taste. Charcoal grills provide commendable taste to your food items which cannot be achieved through any other food. In addition to this, over 71 percent Americans prefer using charcoal grills due to the taste it provides to the food above the regular gas and electric grills.

Amazing Control

Charcoal grills provide amazing control over the food which is not achievable by any other grilling methods. You can surely move your food to the other side of the grill to provide it indirect heat but it will continue to absorb flavors to render the smoky taste and odor.

In addition to this, you can get a good quality thermometer when using the charcoal grill. The thermometer will aid you in recording the internal temperature of your food. The internal temperature will indicate that your food is ready or not.

Easy Transportation

You obviously do not want your grill to stay idle at a place. Rather you want your grill to be portable so you can have a good barbecue night where ever you want. Hence, you should surely invest in charcoal grill as it is easy to use and potable as well.

Hotter Grill

This is an underestimated fact that charcoal grills are hotter and produce good flames. However, there is absolutely no doubt in this fact that charcoal grills produce high flames. These will render you crispy and crunchy food from outside and soft and tender food from the inside.


Conclusively, using charcoal grills to cook ribs is much easy. You do not need much or many equipment to do so. Just prepare your ribs, throw them on the grill and baste with sauce of your choice. In addition to this, charcoal grill is preferred over other grills due to its added advantages mentioned above.


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