How to Cook Chicken in Kalorik Air Fryer

How to Cook Chicken in Kalorik Air Fryer

We will guide you on how you can cook chicken in the Kalorik air fryer. If you have this air fryer in your home then it is a positive point because you can cook the chicken in very little time. Before using this machine, it is imperative to know how to cook chicken in a Kalorik air fryer.

Things Needed to Start the Job

First, you need to take all the things in your kitchen. Here are the material and things needed to cook chicken In the Kaloraik air fryer.

  • Take 8 chickens’ legs which are about 3lb or 1.5 kg.
  • Take one teaspoon paprika
  • Take one teaspoon onion powder
  • Take one teaspoon garlic powder
  • Take one teaspoon of pepper
  • Take one teaspoon of salt
  • Take one teaspoon Italian seasoning

The milk and water added to it are used to make the chicken soft while the hot sauce is added to make a good taste of the fried chicken. You can add sauce according to your taste but not worry about the spiciness because it does not taste spicier most of the time.

How to Cook Chicken in Kalorik Air Fryer?

Now mix all the powders and add adds half of the spice into the chicken. Mix it with your hands. Marinade for 1 hour or longer. The more time it will get for marinade makes good taste. Now take a bowl or a plastic bag and one cup flour, 1/2 cup cornstarch and the rest of the spice mixture. Mix all the materials well.

Now take 2 eggs and break them in a bowl and add 1 teaspoon hot sauce, 2 teaspoon milk and 1 teaspoon water. Mix well all the things then coat chicken in egg mixture then in flour mixture. It will help the flour to stick on chicken pieces.

Place the chicken pieces on the tray so that flour can absorb. Do the same thing with all the pieces. Spray or brush olive oil to coat the chicken lightly. Now place the chicken in the Kaloraik air fryer.

Now set them at 390-degree Fahrenheit and leave them to cook for 25 minutes. When half of the cooking time passes then flip the chickens and spray some oil on them.

Once you cooked the chicken, use a thermometer to ensure that your chicken is cooked to 165-degree Fahrenheit.

Now the fried chicken pieces are ready to serve. They are crispy and you can enjoy the taste.

Things to Keep in Mind

Some people I have seen that they overlap the chicken pieces but it is not recommended because it will cook one side that is open to the air but the other side remains uncooked. To avoid it, you should set the chicken in a single layer without touching each other.

Use the oil is imperative because if you do not use any oil then, it can cause dried flour spots. You can use any canola or vegetable oil for fried chicken.

You should also keep a keen eye on the time because it is vital for cooking. Make sure that it reached a temperature of 165 Fahrenheit, but it goes up to 180-degree Fahrenheit in some cases.

It is best to serve the chicken at the same time because if you eat on the next day, it will not give you the same taste.

Different Types of Air Fryers

The most common type of air fryer on the market is the basket-type air fryer. It looks like a funky coffee maker with a detachable basket. This air fryer has the only function of air frying. You can also find boxy multi-function air fryers in the marketplaces.

Air frying is only one of the things they do (among slow cooking, dehydrating, and roasting). They also carry more food than basket-type air fryers. So, you should be very careful about the type of air fryer you are using. But for this recipe of cooking chicken, you must use a Kalorik air fryer.

How does Kalorik Air Fryer work?

Your air fryer is like an incredible convection stove. It is small, mighty, and you can heat, broil, or roast in it. You cannot deep fry in it.

Heat rises, so in a routine oven, the top rack is always the warmest spot, which leads to irregular doneness. It is also why a lot of cookie recipes tell you to switch baking sheets from top to bottom side and back to front halfway through roasting.

In a convection oven, however, fans blow hot air throughout so the heat is equalized all over the oven. Air fryers are not exactly like convection stoves; their airflow is devised to replicate the heat circulation of deep-frying more closely in hot fat. But for our purposes, the convection oven resemblance is good enough.

Important Tips While Using an Air Fryer

  • Must have a grill in the air fryer. It allows hot air to circulate across the foodstuff and helps the food from sitting in excess oil.
  • Air fryers are loud so when it is running, you will hear humming fans.
  • It is easy to rotate because browning requires you to take off the basket and rearrange the food around every few minutes.
  • It is good to pull out the basket for a moment. You can do this at any point in the cooking practice. No need to turn off the machine because it automatically shuts off when the linen basket is out.
  • Food cooks fast in Kalorik air fryer because it is one of the best attributes of the air fryer. The fewer food in the basket, the shorter the cooking time. But if there will be more food, the longer it will be taken to cook the chicken.
  • You may need a somewhat lower temperature. A lot of air fryer instructions call for lower temperatures than their traditional counterparts. Once again, air fryers get hot very quickly and move that hot air throughout, so a slightly lower temperature will help keep food from getting crispy on the outside, while still being appropriately cooked from the inside.


If you are looking for fried chicken pieces then Kalorik air fryer is the best machine for you. I recommend the readers to try it and enjoy the worthy taste of the chicken.


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