How To Use Tefal Air Fryer

How To Use Tefal Air Fryer Like A Pro

Are you curious about how to operate an air fryer? There’s no need to worry if the thought leaves you perplexed, because that’s the exact topic we’re diving into today! Venturing into the world of air frying for the first time can be both thrilling and daunting. You certainly don’t want to damage your brand-new device or end up with your first meal being disappointingly soggy. In this guide, we will offer some tips on how to utilize your air fryer effectively, ensuring you avoid the common beginner errors. Follow this link for more detailed guidance on using your air fryer.

I know you’re excited, so let’s dive right in!

How To Use Tefal Air Fryer: Rookie Mistakes to Avoid

did to file air fryer is a revolutionary cooker that will change your life. But to ensure that you get the most there is to get out of your new Tefal Smart Air Fryer, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind. These include:

How To Use Your Tefal Air Fryer Basket

If you have experience with deep fryers, then you are already leaps and bounds ahead of where I was when I began. When you fry food it is important for you to allow whatever it is that is cooking it, (whether oil in the case of a deep fryer or hot air from the air fryer) to pass through each product on all sides.

To do this, it is recommended that you shake your basket or flip your food items at least once (mostly mid-way in most recipes) throughout the cooking process to ensure that your food cooks properly. As I said when I began, I didn’t know this so my first batch of fries was more a French Fry cake. Side note: I still ate it with pride, but I learned from that mistake and now, you will too.

Never Overpack Your Air Fryer Basket!

This tip goes hand in hand with the to we mentioned above. If you are already familiar with how a fryer typically works, this is something you would already know. But I didn’t. So, my very first-time air frying pizza pockets, I threw them all in for my entire family in one batch. In my defense that was exactly how I did the fries and those work perfectly with just shaking.

With most other foods, however, if you pile them on top of each other what will happen is that the other sections will crisp, and the parts layered on top of each other will steam and become soggy. Trust me this is not what you want.

The Correct Way To Pack Your Basket

To avoid this, it is recommended that you pack them in your fryer in a single layer. That way the hot air that circulates throughout the air fryer will be able to go through your food effectively. The more room that you leave for the air to travel through the air fryer, the crispier whatever you are cooking will be!

If you are cooking for the whole family or in bulk, it is better to plan out more time to cook them in batches instead of over-packing the fryer basket.

How To Use Oil In Your Tefal Air Fryer!

Luckily, this was not a mistake that I made but I think it deserves a spot on this list as to new air fryer users it can be a learning curve to understand how the air fryer fries without oil. Think of the air fryer as a mini convection oven. You would not put a ton of oil in your convection oven as the oven is known to cook your food using dry cooking methods such as roasting or baking.

Though technically your air fryer isn’t baking, a little spritz of oil can produce the same delectable crisp you would achieve if you had left the product in your convection oven for twice the time. A major reason for purchasing the air fryer for most of us is to cut back on the amount of oil we ingest from fried foods. So, be sure to keep that in mind as you reach for your bottle of oil.

Ensure That You Properly Maintain Your Tefal Air Fryer!

It can be easy to convince yourself that there is no need to clean your air fryer frequently as you aren’t using a ton of oil. This is especially true when all you may have prepared is a quick hot pocket or French fries that tend to not leave a ton of fat behind unlike chicken wings for example. What we often don’t realize, however, is that even your lowly hot pocket will leave a residue in your air fryer that may look like nothing now but will build up over time.

Cleaning For Foods High In Fat

For foods high in fat, it becomes a bit more obvious that a clean is needed as they often times dispel melted fat or grease for you to dispose of from the air fryer. Regardless of what you prepare, however, it is recommended that you use a clean damp cloth to wipe down your air fryer after it has cooked. Warm water works best here.

Pro – tip: for an easier clean-up is to lay some aluminum foil or parchment paper in your fryer basket before you begin cooking. That way, after you are done you can simply toss out the paper and do a quick wipe.

How To Use Your Tefal Air Fryer For Other Cooking Methods

The last thing I want to discuss with you before letting you dive into using your Tefal Air Fryer is not being afraid to push your air fryer to its full potential. As we mentioned previously your air fryer is more a mini convection oven than a mere fryer.


Under the right conditions, your Tefal air fryer can steam, roast, bake, dehydrate, and, of course, air fry to name a few. So ensure that you experiment with new or familiar recipes that you would generally make in your oven to significantly reduce the cooking time and give you the crispiness that your heart desires. See you in the next one!


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