How To Cook Frozen French Fries On The Grill

How To Cook Frozen French Fries On The Grill

Grilling is one of the most common techniques to cook food. It is not only an advancement of this new era but has been generously used by the people of ancient times too. However, nowadays there have been much improvements in the method itself to allow human ease. You can grill multiple types of food items on the grill. Whether it be seafood, meat, chicken, pork, or veggies. However, cooking French fries on grill might sound absurd.

To get you out of this confusion, the answer is surely simple. You can easily cook French fries on the grill. Apart from cooking fries on the grill, grilling food is simple until you follow all the necessary precautions and measures. To grill food, you have to always preheat your grill well. However, preheating temperature can surely vary according to food as some food items require more preheated grill while some are okay with the ordinary or medium preheated grill.

Apart from preheating the grill, you will also have to season your grill whenever you are grilling any food directly on the grill. This is because seasoning the grill will prevent your food from sticking on the grill and will also decrease the friction between the food and the grill. It will enhance the penetration of the heat and spices in your food. Similarly, preheating the grill will ensure that the food is cooked well and in time.

Guide On How To Cook Frozen French Fries On The Grill

As said above that people rarely opt for grilling fries on the grill hence, you should have all the necessary information when you aim to grill fries so that you don’t end up making any mistake or error. Following are the steps you can follow to cook frozen French fries on the grill.

·        Step 1: Prepare Your Grill

The first step which involves cooking French fries on the grill is preparing your grill. To do so, set up your grill on medium high heat and also make sure that you have an indirect heating zone.

·        Step 2: Defrosting

The next step is to defrost the frozen fries. To defrost your fries, place them on the defrosting zone or the indirect heating zone for approximately 5 minutes and cover the grill with its lid. After 5 minutes check if the fries are defrosted or not. For checking this, grab the fries with spatula or tong and check for its flexibility. If the fries is flexible its defrosted but if its stiff it need more time.

After the defrosting step is done, move to the next step.

·        Step 3: The Grilling

After the fries have defrosted, place them on the grill where its heated. Now allow them to cook. After every 3 to 5 minutes flip over one of the fries to check if its golden brown and crispy. If it has these characteristics then flip over and allow the other side to cook well. Allow them to grill and cook for another 3 to 5 minutes and look for the crispy texture and golden brown color.

·        Step 4: Add Some Flavor

Don’t serve bland fries. Rather choose flavors and spices which you can incorporate in the fries. We have one solution for you. Take a pan and place it on the heated grill. Put some garlic butter and allow it to melt. Then add some parmesan cheese into this pan. Take the fries and place them into this pan and top with some more parmesan cheese. Allow the parmesan cheese to melt and sprinkle some green onion over before serving hot grilled fries topped with parmesan cheese, garlic butter an spring onions.

Benefits Of Eating French Fries

We all will surely admit the fact that French fries is our guilty pressure. We might think of the calories associated with it but will never skip eating when we have them in front of us. But don’t your worry, we have some health benefits associated with French fries which will shock you.

·        Immune Function

French fries may support your immune function and contribute to healthy immune system. This is associated with vitamin C found in potatoes. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which fights with free radicals and support and enhance our immune function. In addition to this, vitamin C also helps in normal development of body, wound healing and repair and growth of connective tissues. Since it is not stored in body being a water-soluble vitamin, we have to ensure that we take sufficient amounts of vitamins C.

·        Brain Development

Potatoes are well saturated with vitamins. Amongst all these vitamins, vitamin B6 is also one of those vitamins which potatoes are saturated with. Vitamin B6 are needed for proper development of brain specially in pregnant women than in men and non-pregnant women. Hence, consuming grilled fries with less oil can be a good way to consume vitamin B6 in a healthy way.

·        Reduce Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is generally harmful for our body as it deteriorates fighting capacity of our body. Potatoes have substances like carotenoids, caffeic acid and anthocyanin which help our body fight oxidative stress without damaging or causing harm to our immune system. Potatoes successfully remove oxidative stress in a healthy way to cause less harm to our body as oxidative stress contributes to number of diseases which are chronic in nature such as heart attack, diabetes and hypertension.


Conclusively, cooking French fries on a grill is simple and a healthy way to eat froes with minimum oil. However, to add flavor to your fries you can use cheese, garlic, butter or garlic butter in combination. In addition to this, you just have to follow simple steps to ensure that the fries are completely cooked and not uncooked.

One should opt for grilling fries rather than deep frying as its an easy and simple method to cook food. Apart from this, it allows us to have multiple benefits mentioned above.


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