How To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter

How To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter

How To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter? “Would I be able to top off a Bic lighter from the top?” is an inquiry that is heard a ton with individuals that are planning for crises. Since it is not difficult to store a jar of butane in your crisis supplies, and since butane and Bic lighters are so cheap, having the option to top off Bic lighters would be an immense advantage in crisis readiness.

The uplifting news is true, you can top off a Bic lighter from the top. What’s more, it is so easy. Since the BIC is intended to be expendable, you should be mindful so as not to break any of the parts as you are dismantling the Bic lighter, or you should buy another one. In this article you will learn how to refill a Bic grill lighter.

Topping off A Bic Lighter From The Top

There are some genuine benefits to topping off your Bic lighter from the top. Topping off it from the base, albeit compelling, changes the lighter a piece from how it came from the industrial facility.

Anyway when you top off the Bic from the base, you never need to dismantle the lighter again, until you want to supplant the stone. What’s more, the rock will last a few years under weighty use.  How To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter? 

If you are interested to top of your Bic grill lighter, then this article is the one for you. To top of the lighter, the following are the means to take:

Security First To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter

  • Twofold check to ensure that your Bic lighter is empty. If this is true you can keep flicking the flash wheel until it no longer makes a fire.
  • Use the screwdriver to remove the “hood” of the Bic lighter. The “hood” is the metal that encompasses the lighter beneath the fire. (Make sure to hold every one of the parts together.)

Remove The Safeguard Watch

  • This is the metal safeguard that covers the focal point of the flash wheel that you go to make a sparkle. You remove this by embedding the screwdriver under it and prying it off. Be cautious so you break nothing (be delicate).
  • Likewise, pry away from you since this part will in general take off. This is the one section you don’t have to keep or supplant. It is an irritation more than being valuable.

Remove The Sparkle To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter

  • This wheel squeezes into pivots that can break. If you are delicate you can remove this flash wheel without breaking the pivots.

Remove The Rock And The Stone Spring To Refill A Bic Grill Lighter

  • This will be self-evident and easy to do. Again be mindful so as not to lose them. Assuming that the stone is looking great, reuse it.
  • If not when you set up things back you will supplant it. 
  • Assuming you look you will see the fire agent. Turn it counter-clockwise eight times.
  • You should see the “fork”. This controls the arrival of butane coming from the gas tank. Embed the wire or fixed paper cut under the fork to keep it open.

The Floating Tank To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Years ago, your grill’s propane tank was nothing more than a tank. An Over Fill Prevention (OPD) Device is included in modern propane tanks, as the government requires for safety. This avoids the propane tank from being overfilled.

Fuel Hose And Regulator

The regulator regulates the quantity of fuel that may flow to your grill since the outside of a propane tank or your gasoline line is significantly larger than you require for grilling. A flexible hose with an O-ring creates an airtight seal between the regulator and the tank (or natural gas line). Regulators are pre-customize by the manufacturer and should not be changed. You’ll find a little vent hole in the center of your regulator if you look closely.

Valves Of Control To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Controlling the fuel flow to the burner is exactly what the controls accomplish. You will install a control valve on each burner on your barbecue. The valve is made up of numerous components that you can tailor to a variety of conditions. You cannot repair a faulty control valve, and if necessary, you should replace the entire machine. Remove the control pipe from your grill and check it before proceeding. Like other sections of your grill, Insects love to crawl in and build their nests here. The orifice is in the center of it all. The orifice, which regulates the flow of fuel, might clog. If it is, use a tiny wire to clear out.

Burners To Replace Burner On Uniflame Gas Grill

Burners come in a variety of forms, sizes, and materials, depending on your grill. The material that the burner is constructed of will determine how long it will endure. Aluminize steel is there on the low end because it is less expensive, but cast brass and stainless steel are utilize on the high end. Low-end burners will normally last approximately three years under normal circumstances. Because the burner is there within the grill, it is prone to be covered in scorch grease and eroding fast. To avoid difficulties, inspect and clean your burner regularly. You will need to replace the burner if it is broken or highly rusted. If feasible, choose a burner that is the same size and form as the original but made of a higher-quality metal. Otherwise, make sure the control valves and venturi tubes are clear and aligned. Ensure that the fuel supply is never interrupted.

Top Off The Lighter With Butane

  • To do this supplement the butane can spout on the open fork and press until the lighter is topped off.
  • When the lighter is topped off you will need to pull the paper clasp or wire out to close the fork.
  • Turn the fire agent back to where it was before you began. Since you turned it counter-clockwise eight to ten turns you will turn it clockwise a similar number of turns once more.
  • Embed back the stone spring and the rock into the lighter.
  • Set up the sparkle wheel back. Again be mindful so as not to harm the pivots.
  • Reinstall the lighter hood back on.

You have now successfully refilled the Bic grill lighter and it is as good as new to use. Continue to do this process every time your lighter runs low on fluid. 


After following all the instructions in the order that they are mentioned, you will be aware about how to refill a Bic grill lighter. It is an easy task to perform and you needn’t hesitate to do it. Make sure to read all the instructions and keep in account all the safety precautions before you start to prevent any damage from happening. 

This method will prove to be cheap and efficient in comparison to hiring someone to do it for you. The Bic lighter will last long as well and you will save money in the long term.


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