Do Air Fryers Smell Up Your House?

Understanding Your Air Fryer: Do Air Fryers Smell Up Your House?

If you are thinking of buying an air fryer but wonder do air fryers smell up your house? This post will answer your questions. If you’ve enjoyed browsing food blogs for new tasty recipes recently, I’m guessing you’ve heard of the air fryer, which has steadily gained popularity over recent months.

While quite a few variations of air fryers have been introduced, the Philips Airfryer claims to be the most popular because it can fry food with very little plus it drains the excess fat from your food while cooking. A high-speed mechanical fan circulates hot air around food coated in a thin layer of oil via an air fryer, instead of submerging it in unhealthy amounts of oil as is done with deep-frying machines. By doing so, you produce a layer of crispy, tasty food that is traditionally found in fried dishes, but with about 75 percent less fat.

Do Air Fryers Smell Up Your House?

With an air fryer, unlike with a traditional fryer, the air actually does most of the work. Therefore, your house won’t smell like the local food trash bin after you are done cooking. Your hair and clothes will also be spared since your home won’t resemble a fried food joint during lunch rush!

Additional Benefits of The Air Fryer

Frying fries is a snap with an air fryer

Because air fryers ensure that heat and air circulate all around the food, they are ideal for cooking frozen foods like fries and veggies. The name suggests that air fryers can be used to fry; however, they can also be used to bake, grill, or roast certain foods, such as chicken, turkey, steak, and other meats quickly. Due to the way they are built, air fryers also lock in the juices and flavors of the ingredients, which makes them especially tasty.

It Is Possible To Save Hundreds Of Calories

Foods that are deep-fried are delicious, but because of the way they are prepared, they are also excessively calorie-filled and unhealthy. With the use of 70-80% fewer calories and fat than frying in oil, air fryers are healthier for your heart, waistline, and just about everything else in your body. When using an air fryer, however, you do not need very much vegetable oil or canola oil. In fact, a traditional fried chicken recipe calls for about one tablespoon of either (or about 120 calories). How about this? The majority of air fryers do not come with a separate compartment for oil, so you can dress your food how you want and use whatever oil you wish.

Your time and space will be saved

When you buy a new appliance for your kitchen, how do you know that you’re saving time or space? Both can be done with an air fryer. An air fryer can fit into even the tiniest of kitchens, due to its size being comparable to a coffee maker. A variety of dishes can also be prepared in 30 minutes or less with the device, including roasted tomatoes, crispy spring rolls, salmon with roasted tomatoes and pesto as well as Thai inspired chicken wings. Even a whole chicken can be cooked in less than an hour with some models!

Those who prepare frozen foods will benefit from this product

Due to the fact that air fryers are most effective when cooking frozen foods, air fryers are perfect for cooks who use frozen food as part of their meal preparation. Moreover, since an air fryer is particularly good at quickly cooking food, it makes sense to use it by parents with children who enjoy fish sticks, croquettes, dumplings, or the like.

Air Fryers Are Safer Than Deep Frying

It is much safer to use an air fryer instead of a conventional deep fryer. A self-contained air fryer does not expose your hands, arms, or face to burning oil when it is cooking. Air fryers will also eliminate the need for a large vat of hot oil to cool in the kitchen. So, they are safer for families with young children and pets.

Do Air Fryers Mess Up Your House

Most air fryers have dishwasher-safe parts, which makes them extremely easy to clean. Some of the parts are nonstick coated, so they are easy to wash by hand or in a dishwasher even if one isn’t available.

With Air Fryers Pizza is an option, too

With the Philips Avance XL Airfryer pizza pan accessory, you can make a pizza and other delicious fried food staples in a matter of minutes. A non-stick surface makes cleaning the pizza pan effortless just like other air fryer parts.

They Create Delicious Desserts

So far, we’ve mentioned air fryers as tools for preparing mostly savory dishes, but they are also great for making (relatively) healthy sweet treats. Among the desserts Philips’ Airfryer can cook in less than an hour are chocolate fondue, apple pie, and steamed nut cake. Plus, what else? Additionally, the device is capable of making a variety of muffins using a muffin cup accessory.

Gordon Ramsay Approves It

Gordon Ramsay is renowned for his outspoken opinions about food, so his endorsement of the air fryer (in particular, the Philips model) makes a lot of sense. In addition to making the dishes taste great, the appliance’s TurboStar technology makes the food super tender. Among the videos Gordon has on YouTube are ones in which he shows you how you can easily make a variety of dishes such as eggs, bacon with BBQ glaze, turkey sliders and steak in an air fryer that you can make at home.


Certainly it’s not sealed like a pressure cooker, but what if I wanted something compact for a late night snack in my bedroom without going downstairs to the kitchen? But, I don’t want the bedroom to smell like cooking, so can an air fryer do the job? For your purposes, it won’t work. Air circulates in the room, so whatever you cook is likely to spread throughout. Unlike a deep fryer, it will not smell greasy. What you will get is the smell of delicious food being prepared.

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