How to Reheat Food in Air Fryer

The air fryer can be the best way to reheat your food. Compared to the traditional way of reheating, the air fryer allows you to reheat the food more easily and quickly. As per some of the users, reheating in it can even sometimes offer you a better taste of the food. However, you should follow some conventional rules to get the best result while reheating the food in the air fryer.

So, how to reheat food in an air fryer in the best way? The below pieces of the paragraph will let you know the most accurate ways of doing so. In addition, you will also find some tips to get the best out of your air fryer. So, keep reading the article with proper concentration.

Can you Reheat Food in Air Fryer?

To save time and effort, a lot of us know to prepare cooking foods in large batches and reheat them before eating. However, the traditional method of reheating food can sometimes be as messy and time-consuming as preparing it. You will glad to know that an air fryer can help you to make the entire process easier and faster.

In case you don’t know, the air fryer is a countertop kitchen appliance that works like your oven. They can help you to fry things without requiring any sort of oil or cooking liquid. The top of the device consists of a fan and heating elements. They produce hot airs which help to fry the food you put in the basket.

The mechanism of the air fryer allows you to fry the food quickly, evenly, and consistently. That means better taste and visual appearance compared to the usual way. As a result, the device can be an excellent alternative to reheat and prepare your food without using oil.

How to Reheat Food in Air Fryer

The method of reheating food in the air fryer will depend on what you are preparing. Typically, different dishes require different amounts of time for reheating adequately. Here are the steps that you should follow for reheating food on the device. Make sure to customize the procedure based on your needs.

Step 1: Thaw the Food

The first thing we want you to do is to thaw the food. Placing the frozen foods directly on the air fryer is not recommended. Instead, take enough time to thaw the food completely. You can either put them in the microwave or simply leave them on the countertop for reheating for enough time. Or, you may also thaw them in the refrigerator overnight.

Step 2: Turn on the Air Fryer

Connect the air fryer with the electricity. Then, turn on the air fryer and preheat it at 400 degrees. Wait for around 5 minutes to preheat. Afterward, add the ingredients (your leftover) into the air fryer basket and put it into device carefully.

Step 3: Reduce Temperature

Once after adding the basket to the air fryer, lower the heat a bit. The heat should be around 350 degrees and cook the food around three minutes. After waiting for three minutes, you can pull out the basket and check it. If it requires, you can heat it for a few more minutes to get the preferred result.

Step 4: Complete the Reheating

Check within one- or two-minutes intervals to be assured about the cooking. Once they are done, carefully remove the food from the basket and turn off its switch. You will want to clean the machine after cooking. Make sure to wait for it to cool down before cleaning.

If you are going to reheat a large amount of food, make sure to prepare them in smaller quantities. Putting all the food in the fryer at once damage the machine. Moreover, it will not also able to cook the food evenly and take a huge amount of time due to overfilling.

What are the Best Foods to Reheat in the Air Fryer?

You can reheat a variety of food in the air fryer. However, some foods will reheat well in the fryer while others may not do well. You can reheat most types of fast foods items in the air fryer. These include Chicken Wings, Chicken Wings, French Fries, Burgers, etc. You can also reheat donuts, tacos, dumplings, fish fingers, vegetables, and onion rings.

To tell the truth, your air fryer is versatile enough to reheat almost any food. However, there are some specific items you shouldn’t even try to reheat in the air fryer. These include stews, pasta, soup, and anything like these. Foods that includes water or sauce might not become along well while reheating in the air fryer.

Tips for Your the Air Fryers

Here are some tips that will help you to unlock the maximum potential of your air fryer.

  1. Add a small amount of oil while preparing the food in the air fryer. This will help to preserve and moisture of the food. Just a teaspoon of oil is enough to make your food better, crispier, and more flavorful result.
  2. The air fryers can do much more than you can ever think of. What it means is you can do a lot of things in the air fryer. You may search for the recipes or get a recipe book to achieve the maximum potential of the air fryer.
  3. Make sure to check the food frequently while air frying. This will ensure that you are not burning it.
  4. Make sure the shake and turn the food frequently while air frying. This will ensure you better and more even cooking.
  5. Never fill the air fryer’s basket with food. You will end up with uneven cooking and burnt food. Cook in smaller batches to get the preferred result from the air fryer.


The air fryer is a cool kitchen appliance that can help you to cook foods with ease in the quickest time. As we discussed in the article, you can also utilize the tool to reheat the food. Make sure to follow the tips and the guideline of the write-up to get the best result.

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