Best Air Fryer Roast Pork Recipe

Across the Pacific and in Eastern Asia, pork stands out as a widely favored food. Statistical data show that China leads the world in pork consumption. There exists a variety of methods for preparing, serving, and consuming pork that differ from one region to another.

Roast pork is the 15th most demanded food of British cuisine, which means about 65 percent of the public prefers to eat roast pork. If we talk about the United States of America, a single person consumes around 50 pounds of pork every year.

Among the countless options, we have chosen a six-person recipe to share with you that is simple and easy to cook, though, you get a flavorsome meal with it.

Best Air Fryer Roast Pork Recipe (Crispy Crackling)

The best way to cook the tender inside and crispy outside, delicious roast pork, is to cook it with the air fryer. The reason behind this is that the cooking method is quite simple and hassle-free as well as the taste is incredible. The crispy crackling tastes out of the world and the meat is succulent and tender inside.

The recipe we are going to share with you contains about 483 calories with 82 grams of protein.

How to cook the best air fryer Roast Pork

You do not need many ingredients for cooking. According to the traditional style, the salt and oil rub is sufficient enough but if you need it to be a bit more spicy and flavorsome, you can use your favorite seasoning or can simply rub the skin with additional spices such as garlic powder and black pepper.

If you want to cook the larger batch of roast pork, all that you need to do is to increase the ingredients rationally. The standard cooking time for 1 lb of pork is around 25 minutes, which means for a 2 lb quantity, you need the cooking time of up to 50 minutes and the same rational increase according to the increased quantity.

If you use frozen meat for cooking, the cooking time increases remarkably. Moreover, the frozen meat releases water, because of which that crackling can not be made up. Though, you still get well-cooked tender meat.


  • 1 tablespoon salt (kosher salt)
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 pounds pork meat (Preferably loin or any other roast)

That is all that you need for cooking a delicious roast pork dinner. Let’s proceed now to the easy recipe.


Take a sharp knife and cut the rind of the pork with all care. Score it all through. Take care of the fact that the knife should not cut the meat. Being tough, cutting the rind will take a little effort that is why you will have to work very carefully with the sharp knife.

Sprinkle the olive oil spreading it all over the surface. Rub it with hands so that the oil will be applied evenly all around.

Similarly, pour the salt all over and rub it the same way. Do not apply hard rubbing because if you rub it hard the oil layer can be vanished at all, which you do not want to be.

Once done, turn towards the air fryer, and preheat it to 360°F. If your air fryer displays the temperature in centigrade units, please select a 180°C temperature for preheating.

Place half of the meat in the air fryer basket and let it be cooked for around 25 minutes. Similarly, repeat the cooking time with the second half. Make sure that you have sprayed the basket or tray of your air fryer with the cooking spray.

Using the digital food thermometer is the modern way to check if your food is cooked or not. You can also use your intelligence to check so. Though, if you have a thermometer, check the internal temperature of the meat. If you find it as much as 145°F, it means your roast is ready for taking out of the air fryer.

Once it is well-cooked, take the roast out and let it stabilized for about 10 minutes. Do not forget to cover it with kitchen foil.

Once the said time is gone, your tasty roast pork is ready to grace your dinner plate. If you find the crackling less crispy, you can repeat the cooking for another 10 minutes before letting it rest. You can also use some seasoning with the recommended roast rub before cooking if you prefer.


There can be a lot of serving options and side dishes to be served with the crispy roast pork. It will mainly depend on your choice and taste, but we can suggest a few servings to choose from, such as;

The colorful carrot rice or the diced potatoes (roast) will add a lot to the flavor. Similarly, you can use the sauteed red cabbage to be served with it. Creamy potatoes (mashed) will be another great idea as well.

Steam the mixed veggies and serve with the roast pork, the combination will not disappoint you.

Yogurt sauce (chilled) is a refreshing option for dipping. You can also use other sauces according to your taste to enhance the flavor.

 Health Benefits

As compared to other red meats, pork is highly enriched with thiamine, which serves immunity as well as bodily functions as a whole. You receive a sufficient quantity of different vitamins, and minerals along with the necessary protein by eating pork. Some of the minerals it contains can be names as; zinc, selenium, phosphorus, and iron, etc.

 Possible Health Risks

If you are affected by fatty liver disease, you should avoid eating pork as it contains a high level of saturated fats as the other meats do.

Final Thoughts

Roast pork with your air fryer is the simpler and easier way to cook pork. You can serve delicious food to your family or friends delicious food within lesser time without getting tired. All that you need to do is to score the rind and season the skin, and it is ready to put in the air fryer. You will not any interesting scenes from your favorite movies while cooking it.

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