How to Stop a Grill Fire

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How to Stop a Grill Fire with Proven Ways

General Overview

So you and your friends or relatives or coworkers want to have a little party after getting an achievement or just want to have fun in the backyard of your house by barbequing.

But suddenly there is an accident reported on your TV or your online local media saying that a group of people burned down their home or got injured because of the fire attack caused by the grill.

The long-awaited little party you probably have planned for days or months vanished all of a sudden. It gets canceled. You think that the accident could have fallen on you too. After thorough consideration, you and your friend agree to stop the little party.

Wouldn’t that be no fun at all?

I mean, if there is a way for you to prevent or even handle the accident which might happen at your little party, why don’t you still hold the event?

When you know how to handle things the right way, isn’t the outcome of the tragedy would be far less than when you not doing it?

A little party that involves barbequing is must prepared meticulously. Since the grill, you used to roast the meat needs so much fire, then you have to be careful with your action when igniting up the fire on the grill.

One mistake or error would make a great loss in your surroundings, whether it’s a living thing or a non-living thing. Fire eats up everything until it becomes ashes.

However, we humans are never set free from mistakes. There are always mistakes we do in every walk of things we did. But don’t be pessimistic.

We can learn from the mistakes and prevent the mistakes from happening. Or we can also learn from it so we can deal with the problems, figuring out what and how to solve when the problem occurs.

While you are confused about what to do to stop the fire from your grill, I will give you proven ways how you can take of the fire problem in your grill below.

What You Have to Prepare 

Here are 3 simple resources of lists to help you in case fire ignited from your grill are:

  1. An extinguisher;
  2. A baking soda and,
  3. Sand or special salt.

You also need to prepare your smartphone or any phone with the ability to call.

And why should we need a phone in a situation that could endanger our life?

It is because fire substances can easily spread around, just in case the fire does spread and your backyard or house is in danger, immediately call a local firefighter department nearby.

So why do you need to prepare those 3 just in case your barbeque party doesn’t go well?

The 3 of the resources would highly reduce the fire coming out within the grill and lessen the damages that could have resulted from the fire to your grill.

Don’t Use Water to Stop The Fire from The Grill

Unlike water, using water to stop the fire on the grill would make the situation much worse than ever. Why, isn’t water winning against fire?

Stopping fire from a grill doesn’t require you to have some basic element knowledge you got from games or movies. Like water defeats fire, fire defeats wind, wind defeats water, and the list goes and on and on.

Since the grill has the oil within the equipment to ignite the fire when barbecuing and when the fire is become worse and goes out from the grill, the oil will stay still within the equipment.

Not many people are aware of this. So if you try to extinguish the fire from the grill using water, it will not match because oil and water substance are not getting along with each other.

The result is the fire will spill over everywhere around the grill.

Remember, since there is still oil within the grill when the fire rampages, you can never use water to extinguish the fire. Oil and water are never merged when combined.

Steps You Can Do to Stop The Fire from The Grill

  • First of all, try to reach the grill knob with extra care. Don’t be hesitate.
  • After you have reached the grill knob with a safe, turn off the burner button located on your grill (the button can be located vary depending on the grill models available on the market).
  • So you have successfully reached the grill now and turned off the burner, what you want to do next is to evacuate the barbeque meat or vegetables or any other food on the grill away.
  • Next, you need to cover up the fire using baking soda, a special salt, or sand. It will make sure the fire is extinguished gradually from the grill.
  • All the steps above are done and now you can seal the lid and other grill vents to reduce the oxygen buffing up the fire.
  • If the propane tank is badly affected by the fire, just leave it be. Use your extinguisher as your last resort before calling the local firefighter department in your area when things go worse quickly.

What You Can Do to Prevent The Fire

Clean your grill regularly to ensure that the fire wouldn’t become worse when you go up barbecuing with your friends, family, or relatives. In addition, you will also want to check the firebox inside your grill to make sure it’s not going to cause you a problem in the latter.


Whenever you want to use your grill before barbecuing or even do some other cooking using your grill, you want to prepare the things that I have said above and make sure you follow every step as this would greatly help you to combat the fire which rampaging on your grilling equipment. If the situation or the fire gets worse, don’t hesitate to immediately call the local fire department nearby. That is how to stop the fire from your girl with proven ways.