How to Stop a Charcoal Grill

Guide on How to Stop a Charcoal Grill

You’re out in the backyard grilling up a storm, and suddenly you realize that your charcoal grill has been going for way too long. You have to put it out now! In this article, we will teach you how to stop a charcoal grill in the easiest and quickest way.

Stopping a Charcoal Grill

When utilizing a charcoal grill, the optimal method to extinguish it or to remove your coals involves entirely shutting the vents located at the bottom of the kettle.

Along with closing the vents you also have to close the damper on the lid to cut off the oxygen supply to the coals. It may cause the coals to be extinguished. Well! How long it may take depends on how much coal you still have left.

This technique will make the grill able to hold its temperature for a while because the heat from the coals will take a while to cool down. As the coals completely get cold, then you may open the vents on the bottom of the kettle. And hang the lid on the side of the kettle with the help of a lid hook to let the grill cool down quickly.

Once your grill has cooled down you may put your cover on.

We are going to discuss some of the common methods of stopping your charcoal grill along with the material you may need for them.

How to Stop a Charcoal Grill Quickly and Safely

Generally, there are two methods of putting a charcoal grill down. It can be either with patience or you may do it quickly. Of course, one way is not better than the other, and it is a matter of preference.

You can either play it safe and wait for 48 hours or you may also speed up the process carefully within 10 to 15 minutes.

Well, here are some of the common and easy methods to shut down your grill quickly.

  • Shut it down
  • Clean the grill
  • Dispose of ashes and charcoal

1- Shut the grill down

When you are all set to put your grill off, first you have to close its lid, so that it smothers the flames. For this, close any ventilation ports present in the lid and put it on your grill. Allow the lid to sit until the grill’s completely cool. The whole process of cooling may take almost 48 hours.

If you do not like to wait and like a quick process, it’s a very long time to wait.

Have to extinguish your charcoal grill quickly? You would certainly want to try this. Your charcoal grill can cool down quickly simply by removing the briquettes from the grill.

With the help of gloves and long tongs, you can easily take out the charcoal briquettes one by one. And then drop them into a metal bucket of cold water. However, the ash may be scooped out by using a spoon or a metal scoop. After removing, place it into a separate metal container.

Keep in mind that when you are done, place your hot tongs on a non-flammable surface.

2- Clean the grill

Once your grill is cleaned from the bigger mess like briquettes and ash, you may easily sweep the remains of ashes out of the grill. Take your grill brush with some water and get ready to scrub the grill.

Soap might be optional, but if there has been a while that your grill was completely cleaned, then you have to take some. Get the removed grates of the grill and brush them with the grill brush. You can also use water if needed, as it helps in loosening up the stuck-on food and residues.

Then scrub the rest of the grill with the brush. While cleaning around the vents you have to be very careful as build-up may obstruct ventilation during the next grilling session. In addition, if you are using soap to clean your grill, wash it thoroughly when it is cleaned. Now you may let it dry.

Once your grill gets dry, toss the recovered charcoal into the grill if you are going to use it again soon. So that they will be ready for the next time your grill is fired up.

Close the grill and place the cover on as your grill is ready to go.

3- Dispose of Ashes and Charcoal

In case you are looking for a quick method of stopping the charcoal grill, then you have to skip the above-mentioned methods.

Once the 48 hours are up you can easily and safely remove the ashes and briquettes of charcoal if you do not use the water method for disposing of them. Take a large piece of aluminum foil ready even before removing the ashes and the charcoal. Now carefully get the ash out of the grill with the help of a metal scoop and sit it in the foil.

In case any briquettes can be saved and then used later, you can set them aside for now. As your charcoal grill has been free of charcoal and ash, wrap up the foil firmly and dispose of it in a metal container.

Do not use plastic containers because even the smallest hint of an ember may cause the plastic to melt and cause major problems.

What you may need for stopping your charcoal grill?

Depending on which method you will use, the following is the list of materials you may need for putting your charcoal grill off.

  • Grill brush
  • Aluminum foil
  • Grill tongs
  • Metal scooper
  • Metal bucket of water
  • Heat Proof gloves
  • Metal spoon

Final thoughts

Now you know how to stop a charcoal grill, use the methods with care and caution for putting your grill off. In case you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this blog post, please feel free to write in the comment section below. I will be happy to answer them as soon as possible! Thank You.


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