How to Cook Chips in a Tower Air Fryer

Chips are something that is equally popular in all parts of the world. They are extremely delicious and both adults and kids love them anything else. However, concerns have arisen about the unhealthiness of the packaged and deep-fried chips. You can avoid the packaged chips while still persisting in the craving for the chips by utilizing an air fryer. Let’s see how to cook chips in a tower air fryer.

Making chips and cooking them for perfection is a bit tricky. But the right air fryer can help you to make it easier. You can use a tower air fryer to easily prepare the chips. Keep going through the article to find out a detailed guide on cooking chips in the air fryer.

Why Cook the Chips in Air Fryer?

There are a lot of advantages of preparing the chips in the air fryer. Let’s see some of the top reasons why you should prepare the chips in the air fryer.

  1. The top benefit of the air-fried chips is they are healthy compared to the packaged ones. Instead of deep frying them submerging in the oil, air fryers require only a few sprays of the oil. That means they are low in calories and fats.
  2. The air fryer chips recipe is fool-proof. While cooking the same thing on the stovetop or oven, there are chances of failure. But while cooking in the air fryer, there are low chances of burning the ingredient.
  3. Air fryers let you cook the chips in quick order. Compared to the other method of making them, air fryers are almost two times faster.
  4. Compared to the other ways of preparing the chis, you will end up with perfectly cooked and crispy chips every time with the air fryer.

How to cook chips in a tower air fryer

The below guide will let you know how to cook the chips in the Tower air fryer. You can also utilize the same steps for cooking the chips in the air fryers manufactured by the other brands.

Step 1: Prepare the Potatoes

The first thing you need to do is to prepare the potatoes. Begin with peeling potatoes using a peeler or knife. Once you are done with peeling, rinse them in the cold water for washing. After that, let the potatoes dry in the air. If you want to dry them quickly, use a clean dishcloth or kitchen roll or some paper towels. Then cut the potatoes in a chips-like shape as you prefer.

The next thing you need to do is to coat the chips with your favorite seasoning that may include salt, paprika, mixed herbs, and others. Apart from the usual salt and pepper, you can use other variations as you desire.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

The next thing you need to do is to preheat the device. Begin with positioning the air fryer on a flat and heat-resistant surface. There should be an electric outlet nearby on which you will require connecting the air fryer. After that, turn on the device and preheat the air fryer at the 200 F temperature for around 2 to 3 minutes. Preheating assures crispiness while decreasing the chances of sogginess.

Step 3: Add the Chips to the Basket

The next thing you need to do is to add the chips to the air fryer basket. Take out the basket of the air fryer and put as many chips as you can in a single layer. Don’t add a lot of chips at once as this will cause uneven cooking. Instead, cook the chips in smaller batches to assure proper cooking. You may utilize an air fryer rack by stacking the chips in multiple layers without blocking the air circulation.

Step 4: Time to Cook

Now you can adjust the cooking duration and the temperature. They will require around 20 minutes to cook and the temperature will be the same as preheating temperature. Adjust the time and temp, and let them cook for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, pause the cooking and remove the air fryer basket to shake them.

Shaking the basket will help to rotate the chips for perfect cooking on both sides. Then put back the air fryer basket and cook for the next 10 minutes. Note that the cooking time may vary depending on the air fryer and potato you are using. So, make sure to check the ingredient frequently to take them off at the right time.

Step 5: Complete the Cooking

When you are close to the cooking duration, check how they have cooked. If you find them cooked thoroughly and crispy you can stop the cooking. Else, put them back and check periodically until they are done. Be aware of overcooking the food as it can cause burning the chips. Once they are done, carefully remove the basket by holding it from the handle.

Put the air fryer basket on a heat-resistant surface and wait for a while to let the food cool down. Touching the food or the basket instantly is not recommended as the air fryer will be very hot. After waiting for a while, you can remove the food from the serving plates. That’s it your air-fried chips are ready. Now you can serve them with favorite dipping or anything else.

Can I cook the Chips without Oil?

Yes, you can cook the chips without oil. However, you may not find them perfectly crispy without the oil. So, it is recommended to use just a few sprays to crisp up better. If you are concerned about your healthiness, you can consider using low-calorie oil. Make sure to shake the chips at least once while cooking to assure an even and crispy outcome.


Chips are one of the very few snacks that are widespread in every corner of the world. Now you can prepare healthy and fresh chips from the comfort of the home by using an air fryer. We hope that the above recipe and information about utilizing an air fryer for cooking the chips will be helpful for you.

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