How to make Frozen Onion Rings in Air Fryer

How to make frozen onion rings in air fryer? Well, it is impressively easy. The reason behind making onion rings in the air fryer is that it produces crispy and real fried texture on the food exterior. Making onion rings in your air fryer is super easy to do if you can cook in the right way. Onion rings are very well-known evening snacks.

They are usually made with onions, batter or bread crumbs and it is full of amazing crispy taste. Onion rings are healthy food and super easy to ready within 8 minutes in the air fryer. Just grab the budget-friendly pack of frozen onion rings and put it in the air fryer. The rest of the work will be done by the air fryer itself for you.

We often fail to make perfect onion rings. It happens for not having the right idea about time and temperature. In this guide, we will share with you that how to make frozen onion rings in air fryer and how long it does take to cook and how much temperature it needs. Keep reading the whole article if you are really interested to make the best onion rings in the air fryer.

Why Make the Frozen Onion Rings in Air Fryer?

There are many ways of making onion rings. Some people like to cook in the oven or some people prefer to eat fried in deep fat oil. Among them, there are few people conscious that air fryers can be used to cook competently. Fried foods provide us with lots of fat. We know that high temperatures used for frying food induce the oxidation of cholesterol. Cholesterol oxidation products are formed which are associated with heart disease and many modern chronic diseases.

An air fryer is a healthy substitute for regular deep fryers while maintaining the taste of fried foods that we are love. Air fryers use hot air to remove the moisture from food and this creates crispy and tasty onion rings. Now, the second aspect of air fryer’s that it takes less time to cook compared to the other methods. Besides, there is no possibility of burning food in the air fryer due to having an option like timer. Because of those benefits, it is very easy to prepare onion rings in the air fryer.

How to Make Frozen Onion Rings in Air Fryer?

There are few things to know if you want to make the best-frozen onion rings. We are going to share with you some unique tips, tricks and secrets so that you can make this at home as well. Check out the steps given below in this article to find the idea of preparing onion rings.

Step 1: Decide How Much You Want to Cook

The first thing you have to decide is the number of onion rings. Do you want to make onion rings for yourself? Or do you want to make it in large numbers for your family? For single-serve, you will be able to make it in the first batch. For family or friends, you have to make several batches and it will take a little bit more time.

Step 2: Preheat the Air Fryer

Choose a flat place in your kitchen area and position the air fryer. One thing to keep in mind is that always retain the air fryer machine a little bit away from the wall and water. It reduces the chances of any mishap. Before start preparing any foods in the air fryer, preheating is very important. If the air fryer is not heated in a good way, the onion rings cannot be edible as expected. Now, attach the air fryer machine to a suitable electric exit. After doing this, you should turn on the air fryer machine.

For perfect preheating, the ideal temperature is 400 F and the maximum cooking time duration should be around 2 to 3 minutes. But, if you are in hurry you can avoid this step. However, by doing preheating the onion rings are getting more crunchy and tasteful. So, preheat properly and get ready for the next process.

Step 3: Put Them in the Basket

At this stage, take the frozen onion rings out from the fridge or refrigerator. Sometimes the frozen onion rings are a bit hard. After taking them out of the fridge, leave them at room temperature so that their hardness decreases a little bit. Now remove the air fryer basket and organize the frozen onion rings one as well as another in a single layer as many as you can. When the layer is complete, insert them into the air fryer within a short time. Because we don’t want to spoil the heat that is made inside the air fryer.

Note that, never frozen onion rings be added into multiple layers. Since this will make them stick to each other and will not cook well from all sides. Therefore, you can miss the exact taste of the onion rings as well.  So, you should avoid this kind of risk. If you have to be cooked in large amounts, you can arrange them in some small batches. For those, who are looking to cook more onions ring at once, they can use a high capacity rack. Then they can finish making the onion rings quickly.

Step 4: Adjust Time and Temperature

Remind that, no oil is required to cook onion rings. Although, you can spray some oil for your satisfaction. Now it’s time to bake them and set the cooking temperature and cooking period. There is no requirement to adjust the temperature again because you have already set it once. Just change the time and reset it to 8 minutes.

Another most important thing, this time is not fixed. It can vary according to onion rings quantity. So be aware of that. Normally, the frozen onion rings don’t take more than 8 to 10 minutes. If you feel that the food is not done on time, then you can roast it for few more minutes.

Step 5: Complete the Cook

In the middle of cooking, you should flip the onion rings. This process helps the onion rings to cook evenly at all angles. When you are close to the cooking time, check them repeatedly until getting perfection. In the meantime, if required to cook the next batch you can keep it ready.

When you will find the onion rings are sharp brown color, then take out the basket bowl from the air fryer device. Wait some time to cool the basket. After finishing the cooking procedure, you could add some cheese or sauce. Finally, it’s ready to serve.


Onion rings are a delicious snack that everybody loves to eat at any time. If you want to make frozen onion rings faster and efficiently, follow the above-mentioned steps. We hope, you will make this recipe interesting on your first trial and enjoy it with your friends and family.

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