How to Cook Chicken in a Barrel

The Barrel is the top option for preparing chicken, commonly utilized in numerous households and dining establishments. It is renowned for its abilities to retain moisture, capture heat, and infuse delightful taste while cooking.

The most amazing thing about the barrel is that it saves time more than 40% in cooking than the traditional smokers and cookers. This is all done without sitting by the side of preparing food.  Whenever you want to cook smoking meat of chicken, this barrel ensures the guarantee the easy and quick cooking in barrel with delicious taste and great experience. Nowadays, the barrel is available in all sizes allowing you to select the ideal one for best cooking.

The barrel is amazingly easy to use and easy to maintain. The highly recommended area for the placement of the barrel is the stones which make the covering of the floor completely. The cooking in barrel takes you from zero chicken BBQ to super taste. The first thing that must be kept in mind while beginning to use is that never place the barrel directly on dry surfaces such as dry grass and wood desk.  In this article, we tell you the steps involved in how to cook the chicken.

The Wonderful Advantage of Cooking in a Barrel

There are so many surprising characteristics of barrels that add to the advantage of having cooked in the barrel. The most versatile, most wanted, best tasting, a best seller on the marketplace. The best advantage is the facility of outdoor cooking at picnic points with having fun by taking no stress and continuous monitoring. It just gives the outstanding tasty cooked result of the chicken.

It doesn’t take any time to think about the doubt in the quality of the barrel. Just go to the marketplace have a search which one design you have to buy. It cooks the yummiest chicken with no hassle and Basle.

The barrel offers you the ideal size for hanging the chicken. It designs having a capacity of a 30-gallon container of drum shape. It easily handles the escape of airflow consistently. It also provides hanging hooks to hang the chicken on all sides smoothly. It doesn’t require any assembling of the box of the barrel. Just feel go out of the bound of assembling on the surface. Highly portable and recommended for parties and many more events.

Steps for Cooking the Chicken in a Barrel

The surface of the recent model of the barrel is coated with steel material that makes it sturdier and thicker and efficiently capturing of the heat. The enamel steel coating surface made its long-lasting durability. The steal made it protected from corrosion and rust from rain.

Items need for cooking:

  1. Whole Chicken
  2. Spices
  3. Barrel
  4. Pot
  5. Water
  6. Vinegar

Follow these steps for the delicious chicken

Step 1 (Prepare the chicken)

Wash the chicken for 2-3 minutes by applying vinegar. Dry the chicken. Apply your favorite spices by rubbing them on the side of the chicken. Carefully rub spices on both in and outside of the chicken. For the marinating left the chicken for almost 30 minutes at room temperature.

Step 2 (Placing of the barrel)

The setting of the barrel is quite easy and quick.  Put stone and sand under the barrel. Make it possible don’t place the barrel on a smooth surface like bricks. It causes burning the bricks. Keep adjusting the vent cap on the air intake part of the barrel. The vent is placed on the bottom. Let them vent to be halfway open for escaping the wind.

Step 3 (Light the Barrel)

Put the starter cube (Weber paraffin) of chimney or newspaper to light the coals. Burn the coals for 15 to 20 minutes. Adjust the basket of the barrel by dumping it inside the barrel. Set the heat to the adjustable level. Adjust the base of the barrel. Burn the coals for another 10 minutes to convert the coals into ash. Open the lid and coals immediately turn into ash. Put the ash of coals in the basket on the cold coals.

Step 4 (Select the style of cooking in a barrel)

From the above instruction after lit the barrel. Now choose the style of chicken either hanging on a high frame or grate of medium heat. For hanging the chicken place the hooks in such a way through the cavity of the neck going into the breast of the chicken. Set the hooks on the hanging point of the barrel on the high frame and hang the chicken in the cooker. The burning of the coals gives enough heat. Close the lid after hanging the chicken.

Step 5 (Adjust cooking temperature)

On starting the cooking of chicken the temperature inside the barrel is between 270°F to 320°F. The thermometer of the barrel showed the temperature between 210°F to 250°F.

Step 6 (Let’s cook the chicken)

Cook the chicken approximately for 30 to 80 minutes. Cook the thick chicken on for 90 minutes and when hung on the frame. The internal temperature of the chicken would be more than 165°F.   Take away the chicken from the house of the barrel. Now it ready yummy, favorable juicy chicken!

Important Items That You Need to Know

  1. Take some good measures to lid the barren. The cap of the vent is set too tight and prevents the escaping of the air. The vent system keeps regulating temperature. Don’t bend the vent because it will create a problem. The mallets of rubber flat it again.
  2. The burning of the coals creates the smell in the chicken and tastes yummy.
  3. After starting the cooker than relax the cooker to make sure the elements on the right track.
  4. Keep the ribs high some inches on the coal. Cut the long ribs of cutting. Leave a small gap in the lid to allow the flow of air to high the heat flame. Closely watch out the heat to avoid any burning of chicken. The setting of the temperature of heat gets some time rise in hardly 2 to 3 minutes.



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