How To Use Traeger Grill

Using A Traeger Grill

How To Use Traeger Grill? Purchased a pristine Traeger barbecue, yet don’t have the foggiest idea of how to fire it up? Assuming you are new to barbecuing or are more used to gas or electric barbecues, changing to a Traeger can be somewhat nerve-wracking. But, while you may observe beginning Traeger barbecues, these machines are among awesome out there.

Other than utilizing a Traeger barbecue for getting ready burger patties, cooking succulent ribs, and barbecuing steaks, you can likewise use them to smoke frankfurters, cheddar, and even spices and flavours. In any case, before getting that far, you want to know the 101 on Traeger start up and gathering.

If you’ve never utilized this sort of barbecue, let this article be your Traeger barbecue manual. We will tell you the best way to begin a Traeger barbecue, use it the correct way, and deal with it for the long stretch. Since there’s a ton of ground to cover, we should begin! Read ahead to find out how to use a Traeger grill. 

What Is A Traeger Grill

How about we start with the presentations. The Traeger is a wood pellet barbecue.

To use it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted container to a focal chamber utilizing a drill. Then, at that point, it is lit by a hot metal pole. This component runs on power, so you want to connect it before use.

The use of wood pellets to deliver heat/smoke has the extra advantage of injecting your meat or veggies with a choice of Smokey flavour. This character can be adjusted relying upon the sort of pellets you use.

It additionally gives exact, advanced temperature control as the controller is incorporated with meat thermometers. This implies that you can set the ideal temperature by picking a setting on the dial. Traeger barbecue gathering directions are not difficult to follow.

More About Traeger Grill

This is basically known as a wood pellet grill. In this type of grill, pellets are made with the help of side mounted hopper that is found in the central burn chamber with the help of an auger. After that it is ignited with the help of a hot metal rod.  The main purpose of this mechanism is that it run on electricity, there is need to plug it always. The thing it offers are precise answers, digital temperature control that is integrated with the help of meat thermometers.

To put it, Traeger barbecues are a lot easier to use when contrasted with antiquated charcoal barbecues. They additionally provide you with the advantages of one of a kind smoke-imbued meat, joined with simple temperature control. This settles on it as an extraordinary decision for barbecue beginners!

How To Use Traeger Grill

There are 2 main ways of beginning a Traeger barbecue, contingent upon the model you are utilizing. A Traeger not touching off can be fixed by following these means.

This is known to be an electric grill whose function is to burn woof for the purpose of heating, along with this the Timberline there is an addition in the phenomenal flavor that helps to cook whatever the meat is, either fish, chicken, ribs or even slabs of beef and also of that of pork.

  • For Closed-Lid Models

This might be the least complex method for setting up your barbecue. Look at your model number to check whether this model applies to your barbecue.

At the point when you are ready to barbecue or smoke, set your Traeger barbecue to the favoured temperature, utilizing the handle on the control board.

Preheat the barbecue for 15 minutes with the cover shut to bring it down to temperature.

Then, at that point, open your barbecue top and add food, as the unit is ready for use!

  • For Open-Lid Models

To begin, collect the barbecue as indicated by the make and model, as trained by the maker in the manual.

In case you are lighting your barbecue, take out the barbecue grates, oil channel container, and hotness. This will make any Traeger barbecue investigating and other beginning up issues simple to manage.

Start by connecting your barbecue to an electrical attachment or outlet. This is because the interior fan, indoor regulator, and igniter are completely fuelled by power.

Add the wood pellets to your barbecue’s container. This is the huge metal box connected to the fundamental body of the barbecue. Assuming that your Traeger ran out of pellets while cooking, you can add more from the container.

Then, at that point, preheat your barbecue. To do this, open the barbecue’s top and switch it on. This should be possible by flipping the power change found on your unit’s control board to the ‘On’ setting.

Then, at that point, search for the Traeger smoke setting. There is a little temperature control dial on the barbecue’s control board. For example, the Traeger Pro 780 smoke setting.

Turn the handle on the dial to the Smoke setting. If your barbecue doesn’t have this choice, set the Traeger smoke setting temp to between 160F (71C) and 200F (93C).


A Traeger is a novel kind of barbecue, as it consolidates the skill of an electric barbecue with the character and smokiness of an antiquated charcoal barbecue. Regardless of whether you use hickory, maple, or Applewood woodchips, you can be certain that your food will have an incredible cleared out flavour.

The initial step to finishing this is realizing how to begin a Traeger barbecue. When you move that, you can take your barbecuing to a higher level with this astounding unit! Thus, using Traeger grill is not a difficult task and one can get the right flavor of food by using it! It is indeed the best pellet grill. 


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