Largest Size Air Fryer

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Best Large Capacity Air Fryer Reviews

As most people would agree, fried foods can be unhealthy, but they are also very delicious. If you and your family love the crispy and tasty feel of fried foods but hate the calories involved, an air fryer may be the solution you need. Air fryers present a healthy way of enjoying your favorite fried meals guilt-free.

Air fryers use hot air in the place of oil to cook your favorite meals while giving them the same taste, aroma and crispy feel. As a result, these versatile kitchen appliances have become increasingly common in the market, with large capacity air fryers on high demand.

If you are looking for a large-capacity air fryer, this article has all the information you need, including recommendations for the largest size air fryer in the market.

COSORI Air Fryer

Make the healthy choice today with this state of the art air fryer. Food cooked in a Cosori air fryer contains up to 85% less fat than traditionally fried foods without losing the delicious tastes and crispy textures. Rapid air circulation cooks your food more quickly than ovens and with a minuscule amount of oil compared to deep-fried foods.

Designed in California, it comes in a user-friendly design with indicator lights, clear tick marks, and a non-slip dial, ensuring you will never have trouble selecting the settings you want. The matte material will leave no stains while the square air fryer with a slimmer footprint within a compact frame fits perfectly in your kitchen.

This is a safe and easy to clean air fryer that is ETL listed, BPA free, and featuring auto shut-off protection. The removable nonstick-coated basket is dishwasher safe.

GoWISE USA GW44800-O Deluxe 12.7-Quarts 15-in-1 Electric Air Fryer Oven 

this family-sized & space saver fryer comes in 12.7 quarts of cooking space, making it one of the largest on the market, while still compact enough to fit easily on your countertop. The 3 rack levels allow you to prepare family-sized quantities or control how fast and crispy your food cooks.

It also features a built-in rotisserie for preparing whole roasts, tenderloins, racks of Kababs, and even a whole chicken. Get crispy, tender meats, perfectly blackened fish, and expertly roasted vegetables with this fast and easy to use GoWISE air fryer oven’s built-in rotisserie.

It includes everything you will need to make a homemade meal with ease. Accessories include a rotisserie tong, rotisserie rod, oven rack, drip pan, skewer rotisserie, rotisserie cage, rotisserie steak cage, shallow mesh basket, and two mesh trays.

It comes with easy to read, simple to use controls display with 15 presets to take the guesswork out of cooking times and temperatures. Whether you ook for convenience or to impress, this fryer allows you to display your kitchen skills without ever having to turn on the range. The icing on the cake is the stainless-steel interior and remove-able, non-stick drip pan that is easy to clean.

Philips Starfish Technology XL Digital Airfryer

The Philips Starfish XL air fryer uses a rapid air technology that circulates hot air with speed and precision to cook food evenly. It comes with a smart preset button that memorizes the setting for your favorite food and features non-slip feet. The large 2.65-pounds cooking capacity is perfect for feeding 4 people.

The digital touchscreen interface lets you easily customize the setting to cook your food exactly as you want.

The removable nonstick drawer and food basket are dishwasher safe.

What is the largest size air fryer you can buy?

In simple terms, a large size air fryer is one that has the capacity to feed a family of four or more people in one cook cycle. Numerous air fryers can fit this criterion. Currently, the largest size air fryer in the market comes in a 31.7 quarts cooking capacity. However, this is a very large size and uncommon for most households.

The best large-capacity air fryer for 4 to 10 people should have a capacity of 7 to 12 quarts.

With the largest air fryer in the market, you can do so much more than just sir fry foods. Most of these large capacity fryers come with multi-purpose cooking functions that allow them to be used as toasters, ovens, pressure cookers and even dehydrators. They look like classic toast oven in their appearance.

They take up space

When considering investing in the largest size air fryer in the market, you need to consider your kitchen counter space. This is because large air fryers can take up significant counter space. If you do not have a lot of kitchen counter space, you can go for compact air fryers with larger cooking capacities. This way, you will not use too much counter space and still be able to prepare meals for the whole family in one go.

Large air fryers are versatile.

When you invest in a large capacity air fryer, you enjoy the versatility to use different cooking methods. Some large size air fryers can roast, bake, broil, toast and warm, with some doubling up as pressure cookers.

Air fryers are created with the ability to prepare meals in half the time used by conventional cooking methods. This way, you can enjoy healthy, tasty and nutritious meals in no time, making them perfect for busy households.

Hands-free meal prepping

If you are a busy person who barely has time to prepare meals, large size air fryers can be the kitchen aid you need. It requires minimal human effort to get meals ready. Once you load the food in the air fryer basket, you only need to set a timer and leave the dryer to do the rest. Once the food is ready, the timer goes off, and the air fryer shuts off. You only come back to server the ready meal.

Bottom line

Investing in the largest size air fryer is one of the best things you can do for your family. While large size air fryers may be expensive than smaller counterparts, the versatility, ease of use and convenience they offer is exactly what you need in your kitchen.