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Pitt Boss Grill: The Best Quality Grills For Less

The Pitt Boss Grill combined elements from two iconic designs: the early 20th-century fireless cooking stove and the traditional tailgate grill. This grill was designed for convenience, featuring a removable reservoir for easy charcoal reloads after each use, and a slanted front panel to enhance air circulation. It also boasted a large, stylish handle for comfortable transportation and top-mounted vents to prevent the loss of hot air.

Fans of Pitt Boss Grill will be happy to hear that the company has announced its newest model, which will be released in time for the grilling season. Most of the new features focus on making the grill more portable and easier to use than previous models, with a larger side table. The company has also added several new cooking surfaces, including a smoker with adjustable temperature and humidity settings.

The Pitt Boss Grill

But the hardest part was figuring out how to pack it in the vehicle with a bunch of other camping gear. We went with the chest-height “old-fashioned” slide-top grill, which folds down easily. The system didn’t quite fit in the interior compartment of my car—I had to fold the grill down by hand and awkwardly maneuver the top panel into the compartment, while the lower grill panned out toward the rear seat. But I was still able to put the device in the trunk of the rental car and stow it in a corner of the back seat. The grill kept its heat for two hours, and I was able to cook a simple hamburger and rice dish inside with little problem. (I also tried to cook pork chops, but the meat overcooked after just two minutes.

Fireless Cookstove

Historically, fireless cookstoves, also called earth stoves, have been used to cook over low heat for hours without using up wood, charcoal, or other fuel. Such devices essentially burn straight through dirt, twigs, and other loose soil in the ground without igniting the air. The classic fireless cookstove can produce a brown, smoky fire by “burning the wood, twigs, or other fuel with hot coals under a mantle of charcoal that burns without emitting smoke.” But there’s a reason these types of cookstoves are not well-known to more modern fireless cookstove enthusiasts: These kinds of fireless cookstoves produce good, flavorful results only under very specific conditions. Lacking a smoky burn and with limited storage space, most fireless cookstoves were largely forgotten.

Tailgating Grill

As a tailgating grill, the Gris-Gris Rocket was a departure from its competition. The Gris-Gris Rocket was a natural-gas-fueled appliance that seemed made to grill whole turkeys—although it took a while to char them. The grill was designed to burn hot, but not as hot as the standard natural gas Weber grill. The Gris-Gris Rocket had side vents, a front-mounted handle, and easy-to-clean nonstick surfaces. Like most natural-gas grills of its day, the grill was designed to be extremely compact and easily portable. There are many reasons a natural gas grill is much easier to clean and maintain than its charcoal counterpart. “Natural gas is light and odorless, so it doesn’t give off any fumes,” explains McDonald.

Detachable Reservoir

The Pitt Boss Grill’s clever design was also its downfall. In reality, this was an actual sauce pan that had been sectioned into two separate pieces: a lid and an insulating piece. The top section was either removable, or it had to be caged in an aluminum stand (if you were brave enough to look for it on eBay). This design problem was illustrated in action after someone left the grill outside, in the rain, for six hours. Once water got in the bottom compartment, the bottom shelf quickly started to sizzle, and the top melted, leaving them with a well-done steak. Top-Mounted Ventilators the Pitt Boss Grill’s first problem was that it didn’t vent well, especially if you weren’t using a lid.

Angled Front Panel

A lot of the early electric grills were designed for stationary grills in bars and restaurants. The rounded off edges of these grills, with their tightly spaced individual handles, make transporting them awkward. To make them more portable, most of these early designs included at least one, and often multiple side panels. Advertisement The angled front panel on the Pitt Boss Grill keeps the fireless cookstove form but allows for a wider mouth for easier cooking. The angled panel also helps deflect heat that would otherwise escape from the grill. The angled grill’s surface is also textured, which, when combined with the wide mouth, makes food cook more evenly.

Large, Decorative Handle

The standard model of the Pitt Boss Grill came with a lidded grill holder that held a built-in charcoal holder. Additional models were available with the separate inserts that permitted keeping a variety of types of food and other items hot while cooking. Since the tray held the grill’s sole charcoal insert, customers had to remove the food and other grilling items before using the tray. As a result, the food inevitably got scorched. In fact, a few owners reported the tray turning so hot that they were forced to re-light the food themselves before eating. Buyers who had trouble with the grill’s “one-shot grilling” concept solved the problem by using a single attached burner.

Top-Mounted Vents

While many tailgating grills leave a great deal of air flow available at the top of the unit, the grill at the top of the pedestal lid has to operate as a big-enough chimney, while still providing enough airflow for grilling meats. The top-mounted vent system was good, allowing me to build up a good-size, steady, steady-burning fire on one side, while keeping heat contained on the other side. In order to keep the top-mounted vent plates from becoming too hot to touch, I created a removable grill cover that kept the coals below the grill surface and allowed for air to move between the interior and the top of the grill. I had some very pleasant roasting experiences on the top-mounted grill.

Pitt Boss

The grill’s grill-top was made of cast iron, and it came with a removable crumb pan for easier cleanup. The cooking surface was relatively shallow, but this didn’t seem to impact the quality of the grilling—the cast iron was durable and flexible. The thermometer mounted on the grill had a large, easy-to-read green dial for setting the desired heat. This specific Pitt Boss model was top-mounted, which meant that even if you weren’t holding the hot grill on your lap, the thermometer would still tell you the temperature of the grill. Like the previous grill on this list, the Pitt Boss Grill has a separate low burner, making it easy to light a charcoal or wood fire without a prolonged initial preparation.

Are Pit Boss Grills Any Good

“The Pit Boss grill is the only grill that we currently have in our ‘Grill Show’ inventory that is true to its name. We have seen a number of similar products come and go, and all of them were really gimmicky. This, however, is no gimmick. It is absolutely great. This is a true portable, fireless cookstove-style grill, with a terrific top-mounted cooking surface. We are selling dozens of them at a time, and we have really started to turn some heads with the Pit Boss grill. They are now our most popular grill!” – Eldridge Tire & Lube, El Paso, TX Why It’s Great: Pit Boss Grills took what everyone thought was the perfect grill and simplified it to a sleek, no-frills form. It’s no exaggeration to say that this grill was the fireless grill that just about everyone wanted.

Are Pit Boss Grills Made in China

Answer is No, until just recently many American tailgating fans would have never heard of the Pitt Boss Grill. We may not all be aware of a company called Pit Boss Grills, but their flagship model, the well-reviewed Century Mowhawk, was the first American-made grill we tested, and it is the inspiration for the Pitt Boss Grill. Pit Boss’s popularity in America is somewhat surprising, given the excellent quality of their machines.

Is Pit Boss as Good as Traeger

The Traeger’s real advantage, though, was its branding. Traeger’s marketing wizards had found a way to merge one of the last great regional products (hay-fired pellet grills) with a popular 20th-century classic (the flame-thrower cooker). As a result, there are now thousands of Traeger cookers in American kitchens, many from lesser-known makers that turned out to be inferior. Traeger also perfected a design that made the charcoal and firewood smoking process fast, efficient, and easy. There were also a number of competing blazes on the market, but few could compete with the flagship product of its maker. Ultimately, the Traeger’s downfall was lack of marketing know-how.

Is Traeger a Grill or Smoker

“Traeger is synonymous with wood pellet cooking,” says Brandon Hixson, marketing manager for Traeger Grills. Wood pellets contain carbon, or CO2, which is released into the atmosphere when burned. “It’s not a burning. It’s not a fire.” Wood pellets are similar to charcoal, he explains, and they make a perfect fuel for the grill because they don’t smolder. Instead, they smoulder, and they release all the CO2 released as they do. “They’re like an open flame,” says Hixson. “They don’t smolder and release CO2; they just burn.” And there are no burns—never a burn. As mentioned above, wood pellets are similar to charcoal; they are like an open flame and release CO2. “It’s not a burning; it’s not a fire,” says Hixson. “It just smoulders, releasing all the CO2.

Do Pit Boss Grills Have Wifi

The market for premium grills with GPS-tracking abilities has exploded in recent years. The Pit Boss Grill, a 10.5-inch model, offers up to 18 hours of burn time on a single charge. Pit Boss also offers a hookup for a WiFi-based system, which allows the grill to be operated remotely via a smartphone app, so people at the tailgate can monitor and adjust the grill from anywhere. However, the Pit Boss grill doesn’t offer GPS tracking. Electric Grill Company Tools The many cooking possibilities with electric grills can be a bit overwhelming, and so electric grills were among the first to show up in the market. The Electric Grill Company offers several of their electrically powered models, including the Hobart Pellet Fuel Electric Grill, which can use pellets, charcoal, or wood chips as fuel.

Can You Cook on the Smoke Setting on a Pit Boss

Pit Boss brought a new user-friendly, multifunctioning cooktop to the party. Instead of cooking directly over coals, Pit Boss uses the five-zone heat exchanger built into the face of the grill. No longer would you have to balance a cast iron skillet atop your gas grill to cook your steaks: Pit Boss allowed you to directly position your foods and fry pans directly over the grill’s burners. And with the right combination of weather conditions, Pit Boss could get up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Man Cave Cooking: Slab Smoker, Coyote Grills, Gas-Fired Grills Gas grills are more popular than ever. But the right gas grill is more than just a grill; it’s a personal project, and it’s fun to make it yours.

Who Makes Pit Boss

In the mid-1990s, when the Pitt Boss Grill was first introduced, barbecue fans were spending an increasing amount of time at the gas station or hot-dog stand, grilling and drinking beer. German supplier MAHLE Brakes purchased Pitt Boss in 2007, re-branding it as Pit Boss and introducing new products over the years. Currently, Pit Boss produces a line of electric grills, under the Switchfire name, along with gas grills under the Charterfire and Gasland brands. The Pit Boss brand is now owned by OSRAM, the lighting giant that also makes lighting fixtures for a wide range of customers, including McDonald’s and NFL stadiums.

Is Pit Boss Made by Traeger

Although the name is similar, Traeger is not affiliated with the Pitt Boss Grill. The company makes high-quality outdoor wood-burning pellet grills for smokers, smokers, and the grill on its site, which is not the same as the model at The Traeger Grills used to be sold exclusively at Lowe’s but can now be purchased online at several different sites, including, but without much hassle if you have a Traeger for sale in your area. Traeger makes grills, smokers, and pellet-grill accessories, but the company does not directly sell outdoor wood-burning cookstoves. Noisy, Despite the Modern Technology Don’t go outside to grill until you make sure the unit is turned off and the lid is fully closed.

Who Makes the Pit Boss Grill

The Pit Boss grill was designed by Pittsburgh designer Steven Etzel. He was a fan of fireless cookstoves and tailgating grills, and wanted to combine the two. The result, the Pit Boss Grill, was first sold in 1996 by Standard USA of Palm Springs, California. “We sold a few of these, and they seemed pretty great, so we produced a prototype and got another distributor to jump on board,” says Jim Caswell, founder of Standard USA. That’s how the Pitt Boss Grill, and all of Standard USA’s products, arrived on the market, but the grill was unpopular with some retailers. “It was well-designed, with good dimensions, and it was kind of a light product, but it lacked a lot of heat control,” says Caswell.

How Long will a Pit Boss Pellet Grill Last

While it is very early to evaluate the steel of the Pellet Grill, it appears that it will retain its coolness for a long time — after a single season, a side-by-side comparison of wood-fired and pellet-fired grills showed that the combination of low-and-slow cooking and low-and-slow venting resulted in nearly identical results in their longevity. Pellet Grill Reviews Who’s Right for the Pellet Grill? The versatility and efficiency of the Pellet Grill makes it a great choice for home cooks looking to step up their cooking game without going all-out on gas or charcoal grills. It’s perfect for pitmasters looking for a different way to cook brisket, steak, or other slow-cooked meats.

What Pellet Grill is Easiest to Clean

The Pellet Grill isn’t just a charcoal grill, but it can be used to grill any kind of meat or seafood. The $249 Pellet Grill isn’t just a charcoal grill, but it can be used to grill any kind of meat or seafood. You can also build your own barbecue masterpiece for less than $100. The Pellet Grill consists of a rotating base covered in a natural bamboo charcoal briquette that can easily hold up to two days of grill use. The base can also cook on its own with nothing underneath. The Pellet Grill consists of a rotating base covered in a natural bamboo charcoal briquette that can easily hold up to two days of grill use. The base can also cook on its own with nothing underneath. Each barbecue element is heat-resistant, and the surface is easy to wipe clean.

How Do You Grill Steak on a Pellet Grill

The tank inside the grill—usually called the bag or basket—that held the charcoal was set aside for the first few uses. This was where you added the charcoal. Then you flipped the nozzle to make sure that it had a fire going. (If it didn’t, don’t keep trying—just add a bit more charcoal.) Then you inserted the nozzle back in the basket and flipped it to make sure the hot air was flowing, followed by a quick final flip to turn the handle the other way to turn the grill over. Finally, you remove the basket to turn the unit over so that the flame-supplied air line is on the bottom of the unit. Step 4: Add the Meat In his first season, this setup worked great. But in later seasons, the pellet grill’s first couple of seasons of cooking proved the occasional false start.


Because no one’s going to buy a complete cooktop-and-grill-in-one kit just to grill some chicken wings, buying a unit that includes its own burner and keeps things clean and convenient is smart. You can use any kind of grate on a single- or double-burner. Best of all, it can all be assembled in a single trip: You simply set up the grill, insert the grate into its hole, then flip it over on its back, align the burners, put the unit on the grate, and screw it into place. We’d stick with a burner with an easy-to-access vent — the combustible gas burners on our top-rated Weber Kettle Grills really should have that feature — but we’re also not crazy about the long-runner-style of burners on our top pick.

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