Should Air Fryer Make Noise?

Should the air fryer make noise? A perfect air fryer should not make more noise than the average air conditioner which is around 65db. If your air fryer has a functional issue, it may rarely make some noise. The mechanism of an air fryer is that a fan runs continuously which generates heat. And the food is baked with the help of heat. Then air fryer makes a natural sound while running.

If the sound comes from a different source instead of the fan, then here is your concern. In this article, we will let you know what causes noise in air fryers and what the remedy is. So keep reading the rest of the article to learn how to prevent the annoying noise of air fryers.

Should Air Fryer Make Noise?

Air fryers are a modern innovation in the cooking process. Because it allows you to prepare food in less time and with less oil. Imagine, you bought an air fryer to make your cooking easier. But when he came home and started cooking, the terrifying sound started. This will disrupt the cooking environment which you do not want.

However, the popularity of air fryers is indeed increasing day by day. There are enough reasons behind it. Its specialty has fascinated people so much that it has helped millions in the kitchen room. Every good thing has some disadvantages. Air fryers are no exception. One of the important issues is that the air fryer produces more noise than the standard range.

There are many reasons why air fryers make noise. Not every model of air fryer is the same. So their function quality is also different. Such as there are some brands whose products make a little more noise and the rest are less so. Now you need to know the source of loudness in your air fryer and take action accordingly.

What Causes Air Fryer Noise?

There can be a lot of reasons for air fryer noise. Moreover, it is difficult to say exactly why electric devices do not work. However, if an important kitchen appliance like your air fryer creates an extra noise, the possible reasons behind it may be as follows.

The Operation

Needless to say, the way an air fryer operates is itself responsible for generating noise. It has a rotating fan which is its most important component. This is because it allows the rest of the components of the device to cool.

Besides cooking in an air fryer requires a lot of heat. To generate this heat the fan rotates at high speeds resulting in noise along the line. Now you need to make sure this sound is only coming from the fan. Otherwise, it may be a cause for concern for you.

Loose Mechanisms

Another important reason behind air fryers creating extra noise is loose components. This is so subtle that having a part loose inside or outside the device is the cause of the loud noise. If this happens to you, you need to check the inside of the air fryer machine. If you are unable to do this, contact a well-known mechanic.

Device Model

We have already given some ideas about this. The amount of sound from an air fryer depends on the model. Although there are some cool air fryers we don’t have a headache with them. Generally, air fryer manufacturers do not spell air fryers that sound above 65 decibels.

But personal experience proves that cool air fryers are not always available everywhere. So we recommend that if you have any issues with Noise, find out the details of the model before buying the air fryer. Then decide which model is right for you.

Loose Debris

Loose or movable debris is largely responsible for the sound in the air fryer. It is made up of components and small particles of food over time. This can happen if for some reason small chips fall through the air fryer basket. Even oil coagulation can cause this problem. When the air fryer starts, air circulation can cause these small parts to rotate. As a result, the inner edges of the device are likely to bounce and create an annoying sound.

In addition to the above four reasons, dirt stains can irritate your air fryer to make the sound. When the air fryer is not cleaned regularly, the dirt slowly accumulates. This may cause your device to be affected and show poor performance.

How Do I Check the Amount of Air Fryer Noise?

Now if you have any noise in your air fryer, you should check its level. As we have said before, the normal noise level of an air fryer is up to 60-65 decibels. But more than that, you need to understand that there is something wrong with the device. Now you can use any sound measuring device to check the level of this noise.

Moreover, there are currently a variety of sound measurement apps that display results very effectively. To install a well-rated app from Google Play Store on your mobile. First, measure the general noise level of your kitchen room. This may sound ridiculous to you.

But if the location of your home is in a crowded place then it will be recorded along with it. As a result, it will not be possible to measure the actual loudness of the device. Now turn on your air fryer and measure the unit in decibels of its noise level.

What to Do to Prevent Air Fryer Noise?

You can follow the ideas below to prevent the sound of the air fryer:

  • When you feel your air fryer is creating excessive sound, all you have to do is open the whole device. Then check where the loose parts are located. Now fix or tighten them. If you feel comfortable doing it yourself, you can do it. Or you can take the support of expert or customer care.
  • Thoroughly clean the entire air fryer. Because not cleaning can cause bad noise from oil-fat.
  • After all, if the noise is not reduced in any way, you can buy a new one


If your air fryer is functioning well then there is no question of making extra noise. However, if you find that it is a source of the disturbance, contact an expert. Hopefully, this article has helped you with the cause of air fryer noise and its solution.


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