Should Air Fryer Steam?

Should the air fryer steam? It is normal for the air fryer to produce steam while cooking some varieties of food. Keep going through the article to find out a bit more about this topic.

An air fryer is a completely different appliance compared to the other process of cooking out there. The device allows you to cook things more efficiently compared to the other cooking methods. With the help of the air fryer, you can easily cook your food within the shortest time. There are a lot of other benefits of the device.

An air fryer is a unique machine that allows you to cook food efficiently and healthily. Usually, there are not many issues with the device. But sometimes you can encounter a variety of issues while utilizing the device. In the below part of the article, we will let you whether an air fryer should steam or not.

Should Air Fryer Steam?

Before you know should air fryer steam, the first thing you need to be aware of is how the air fryer work. The air fryer is something that uses a technology known as rapid air circulation. As the name recommends, the air fryer basically uses hot air circulation to cook your food. It has fan and heating elements which make the work of producing the heat and circulating it around the basket.

Because of such technology, you don’t need to worry much about the fire, steam, or smoke while cooking in the air fryer. However, the cooking appliance is not the only thing that can produce these things. They can be sometimes produced by your food too or some other related reasons.

While cooking some specific varieties of foods, it is common for the air fryer to produce some steams. However, this happens mostly when you cook food that includes water. While cooking dry food, like toasting the food, you shouldn’t see any steam in the air fryer. Make sure that the air fryer is not producing smoke. Sometimes the air fryer produces white smoke which you might mistake as steam.

Air fryers usually produce white smoke when you are cooking something fatty. Especially, while cooking meats with fat, steam may occur. The fat from the meat can fall off from it and then gather in the below pan of the air fryer. The fat can later start burning which causes the fire. Note that the fat only burns when you cook the food at a higher temperature. So, this shouldn’t always happen while cooking fat-rich foods.

Some Other Reasons Behind the Smoke

The smoke can also occur in the air fryer for a variety of other reasons. As an example, if there is grease from previous cooking, it may also start burning because when gets reheated. This can produce a white smell coming out from the air fryer. Another reason can be using too much oil in the air fryer. Air fryers can cook at considerably high temperatures. When you use an oil that has a low smoke point, it may start burning in the high heat.

In such a case, you should consider changing the cooking oil. There are a lot of different types of cooking oil that you can consider using on the air fryer. Make sure to select the oil based on your smoke point. Some of the oil with high smoke points include avocado oil, canola oil, grapeseed oil, safflower oil, corn oil, etc. Especially, the avocado oil will the best choice as it has a very high smoke point, which is around 400 F.

Sometimes the dirty heating element may also cause the burning issue. Especially, if you leave it uncleaned for a long time, the remaining grease and the food particles may cause the burning. In this case, you will require cleaning the heating element and removing the old grease and the food particles. Another thing you should watch for is the batter in the air fryer. They might also burn some time and start the smoke.

What to Do to Prevent Smoke in the Air Fryer?

The air fryer usually shouldn’t produce smoke. But if you still see the smoke, you shouldn’t be worried much. That is because chances are high that it is not going to cause a fire. Moreover, there is no other risk of the smoke coming out of the air fryer that is produced from cooking the high-fat food. So, if your air fryer is occasionally producing smoke, then you shouldn’t be worried about it much. Keep cooking your food without any hesitation.

But if your air fryer is producing the smoke regularly, then you should be worried. You need to find out the reason first to solve it. What we want to mean is you will require troubleshooting the issue to find out why the smoke is coming out. After finding out the reason, you will require solving it. In the meantime, you should stop using the air fryer as it may lead to other malfunctions.

If you have no clue, you should call the customer support of the air fryer. They will definitely help you. Furthermore, if you are under warranty coverage, they might help you to solve the issue for free. Even if the air fryer is not under warranty coverage, you should be able to get it repaired at a little cost.

To avoid such issues because of mismanagement, we will recommend you to keep proper maintenance of the device. Make sure to clean the basket properly after every cooking session. On the other hand, cleaning the pan that contains the oil should be cleaned once in a while.


The air fryer is an excellent cooking appliance that allows you to cook food easily, healthy, and fast. If you think your air fryer is producing steam while cooking, you shouldn’t be worried about it much. However, the steam is only produced on rare occasions and you might be thinking of the smoke as the steam. In case of the smoke, you should find out the reason behind it and then solve it following the above guide.

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