How Long to Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer

Burritos, a favored snack packed with a savory mixture often containing various meats and other components, are widely available from numerous brands. Though they usually come precooked, treating them like uncooked food when heating them up enhances their taste significantly. A top method for preparing frozen burritos is by using an air fryer. Continue reading to discover the optimal duration for cooking frozen burritos in an air fryer.

The below paragraphs will let you know everything about the preparation of the frozen burritos in an air fryer. We will discuss how long it takes, how to prepare it, and how to reheat the leftovers. Keep reading the article to be a pro burritos maker with the air fryer.

So, How Long it Really Takes?

The frozen burritos in the air fryer typically require less time when compared to the other methods of preparation. It typically takes around 20 minutes. That’s the highest time and it will take around 12 to 15 minutes for some of the models of the air fryer. You will require around 30 to 40 minutes to prepare the same thing in the oven. That means an air fryer takes only half of the time to prepare the food.

Note that some people recommend thawing the frozen burritos for a while before putting them in the air fryer. However, it is not mandatory. The above-mentioned time doesn’t include the time for thawing. Moreover, the time may vary a bit depending on the filling of the burritos and some other factors.

Another thing we want to let you know is that the above-mentioned time is for the single serves. If you are going to prepare multiple batches, then the time will also multiply.

How to Cook Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer?

After preparing the frozen burritos for the first time in the air fryer, you will never want to use your oven for preparing it again. That is because the air fryer method is impressively first while also require minimal effort. Don’t know how to prepare the frozen burritos in an air fryer? Well, we can help. Check out the below steps on how to cook frozen burritos in the air fryer.

Step 1: Decide How Many of Them You Want to Cook

The first thing you need to decide is how much of the frozen burritos you will prepare. Are you preparing a lot of them for your family or a party? Or, you want to simply make a few pieces for yourself? If you are preparing large serves, make sure that you have enough time for this as you will require cooking in smaller batches.

Step 2: Put them in the basket

Now take out the frozen burritos from the refrigerator. Wait a while if you want to thaw. If you prefer to go without thawing, add them in the buck. Make sure to add in a single layer. Never put them on one another. As we mentioned earlier, adding multiple layers will cause uneven cooking. Some parts will be overcooked while the others will be undercooked. So, cook in batches if you require preparing a lot.

Step 3: Make the Air Fryer Ready

Turn on your air fryer by connecting to electricity. Press the on/off button if required. Then set the temperature to 400 degrees and let the machine preheat for around 5 minutes. Preheating is not mandatory but this will help you assure better crispiness on the outside. It can also decrease the cooking time. After waiting for the time, you can now put the basket in the air fryer.

Step 4: Let it Cook

The next thing you need to do is to sit and wait. If you preheat the device, it will take around 15 minutes to cook. Without preheating, this will be around 20 minutes. So, leave the machine for around 5 minutes and then come back to check the condition.

Step 5: Flip after 5 minutes

Once you begin the cooking, wait around 5 minutes and open up the bucket and carefully flip the burritos. Do this again after 5 minutes to assure proper and even cooking. Make sure to check how much they have cooked. Based on the capability of the machine, the food may require more or less time.

Step 6: Complete the cooking

Take the burritos out if you find them cooked properly. If not, you can wait for a few more minutes. Make sure to check frequently as there are chances of burning them by overcooking.

How to Reheat Frozen Burritos in Air Fryer?

Prepared a lot of them and ended up with leftovers? Well, don’t thaw them away. Food them in the refrigerator in a sealed box. You can also wrap foils on them to prevent moisture and air circulation. Then reheat them in the air fryer whenever you want to enjoy them. Here is the process of reheating the frozen burritos in the air fryer.

  1. Begin with preheating the air fryer at 350 degrees for a while.
  2. Add the leftover frozen burritos to the air fryer bucket.
  3. Let them cook for around 2 to 3 minutes and flip the side.
  4. The frozen burritos should be ready within less than 5 minutes.

Some users find that the leftover frozen burritos reheated in the air fryer taste even better. It also takes half of the time or less to reheat them in the air fryer compared to the microwave or other ways of reheating. To get the best taste, make sure to store them properly. The moisture and air circulation can take over the flavor and taste of your burritos. So, storing them in the right way is very crucial.


Burrito is a Mexican delicacy that is now also becoming popular in other parts of the world. They are available precooked and frozen in most of the super shops out there. We hope that you will find the above guides and information about the frozen burritos helpful and effective.

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