Wedding Table Decoration: Fashionable Ideas and Style Directions

A wedding is one of the most important and solemn events in life for most people, so you want to make this day perfect. To achieve this result, you need to pay attention to every little detail. This applies not only to the outfits of the newlyweds, the choice of the place of painting, ordering a wedding vow on writing services, or the behavior of the holiday, but also the correct design of the wedding table. It is at this table that the guests will spend most of the evening. It is essential to think over the decor in advance to support the general idea of ​​the holiday.

Ideas for Wedding Table Decor

Recently, it has been popular to decorate a wedding celebration in a single style, which can be traced in colors, decorative elements, and all kinds of decorations for the table, cars, and the banquet hall.

The table plays an essential role in creating a festive atmosphere. To emphasize the chosen theme of the wedding, you need to consider a large number of different details and nuances that must be present when decorating the table. The best place to start is by choosing a color palette. It is selected following the time of the year in which the festive event will be held:

  1. Winter. Artificially snow-covered twigs, vases with selected compositions, as well as a variety of snowflakes or cones may be present on the table. White is suitable as the primary color, calm shades of blue will also fit in;
  2. Autumn. Tables and banquet hall can be decorated with compositions of fallen leaves. Branches with ripe red rowan trees are suitable as additional elements. The color palette of an autumn wedding consists of the following shades: golden, tea, marsala, orange, beige, chocolate, yellow;
  3. Spring. This time of the year represents the awakening after a long winter sleep. Therefore, twigs with still unblown leaves may be present on the tables. For late spring, the selection of table decorations is much more extensive. A variety of spring flowers are allowed here;
  4. Summer. This is harvest time so that the wedding table can contain different wildflowers and exciting compositions of dried flowers, ears, and fruits. The following colors are suitable for decorating a summer wedding: turquoise, raspberry, burgundy, light green, peach.

Also Worth Remembering

For the wedding celebration to make a positive impression on the guests, and also to be remembered by everyone for many years, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules when decorating the festive table:

  • if the decoration for the table consists of fresh flowers or fresh fruit, then it is best to start making it on the eve of the celebration. This will keep the decor presentable throughout the entire banquet;
  • wedding decor on the tables should be in moderation. If you force them all the free space, then there is a high probability that it will look tasteless;
  • each element that is used for table setting must support the overall style and concept of the celebration. These items include tablecloths, bottles, napkins, cutlery, dishes;
  • all wedding table decor elements and composing sets cannot be too high and cumbersome. Each guest should have a good view of the newly-made spouses, as well as food on the tables;
  • when choosing candles, flowers, and other decorative elements that have a peculiar smell, you should prefer calm, light aromas.

You should not choose too bright shades as the primary color for decorating the wedding table because guests will begin to feel a headache and a feeling of discomfort at the end of the evening.


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