Why Gas Grill Flame Is Low

Gas Grill Flame Is Low

Why Gas Grill Flame Is Low? The gas grill is a suitable option to grill your food as it provides hot flames that roast the food evenly.

Cooking on gas grills requires the heat generated by a flame, but it creates hurdles to ineffective cooking if the gas flame is low. This article will explain why gas grill flame is lacking and how to deal with this to make your gas grill like new again.

What Is A Gas Grill

Before starting with the reason and solution, let’s have a look at what gas grills are. If you like grilling food, you must have used a gas grill, but for newbies, gas grills are powered with propane gas that burns to provide heat for grilling. It prevents the coal smell in food and is suitable for people who dislike coal-smelling food after grilling.

Reasons For Low Gas Flame

With time, gas grills start losing flames, and there is no more effective grilling. It’s annoying, especially when you have guests at home. So have a look at the following possible reasons for a low gas flame:

Kinked Gas Hose with clogs

One of the most superficial reasons for a low flame grill is a kinked gas pipe. It can block the gas way and cause the gas flame to fail to burn. It occurs if you have so many rings in the gas pipes or place the grill at an odd position. Straightening the gas pipes is the only solution to this. It will unblock the gas passage, and it will reach the burner fully.

Furthermore, if the gas pipes have clogs, then they may have been developed due to unused gas pipes over a long period. Spider webs and other debris are the main reasons for a clogged gas pipe. You can clean the pipe by disassembling it from the burner and regulator and soaking it into soaped water. It will clear out all the debris and clean the gas pipe.

Issues With Grills Burner

There are chances that the burner might have blockages that are causing low or no flames. These blockages occur with grease and dripping fat from food that was grilled previously. All of it seals of thee ting holes that pass gas to form the flames. So keeping the burner holes clean is essential to keep the fire high and heated.

Ineffective Fuel Supply

The inadequate gas supply to the burner can be another reason for low flames. Remember, when the flames are burning low, it indicates that the gas cylinder is running out. Although it feels like the cylinder still has some gas, it’s either the weight of the cylinder itself or the gas is not enough to flow with pressure.

Cleaning the grill holds same importance as does cooking the food. Dirty grill has many drawbacks but at the same time it is not hygienic to cook on a dirty grill which has not been cleaned past months. Grills which are stocked up with residues of past food do not transfer the flame and heat promptly to the food. In addition to this, grill stocked up with past food residues suck up the flavour of your food. The food flavours tend to be sucked up and hence, your food becomes bland.

You can easily use the ordinary oven cleaner to clean your gas grill. You just need to take small amount of oven cleaner on a cloth and continue scrubbing the grill with the cloth. One can also use dishwashing gloves to scrub the grill. This will surely require time but you will have to be gentle during the process as going rough can leave marks on your grill and roughen the surface.

You can also use grease or slight amount of oil with the oven cleaner. In addition to this, ensure to end up washing the grill and then drying it. You can also coat or brush the grill with slight amount of oil.

Way To Improve Gas Flame

Follow the tips below that may help you improve the gas flames and make is like new again:

Bypass Mode

The regulator that is screwed on the propane tank regulates the gas supply from the tank to the burner. It has a safety mechanism that automatically shuts off the gas supply if it detects some leak. It can also trip if the gas tank is turned on while one of the burners is also operating. To solve this issue, turn off all the burners and the gas tank, then wait for a while before turning on the gas tank again. Operate the burners, and you will find a higher flame.

Check For Gas Leaks

If the regulator is frequently tripping, then there must be a gas leak that needs to be fixed. For this, you have to shut off the gas valve on the tank and remove the regulator. Dip the pipe into soap water and attach it back to the tank. Make sure that the burners are off. Turn on the gas supply from the tank and see if there are any bubbles on the pipe. You can easily detect any leaks there. Consider replacing the gas pipe if there are any leaks.

Regulator Replacement of Gas Grill Flame Is Low

Replacing the regulator is another solution. With time the regulator wears off and can not be repair. If the pipe is ok and there are no issues with the burner, then the regulator is the only thing having problems. Always purchase the regulator from an authorized retailer that will provide you with the guarantee.


Following the steps above will most likely solve your problem. These are the common issues every gas grill owner faces and could be solve quickly. Once your gas grill starts operating well again, remember to keep the hose debris-free and clean the burner holes that give the flame.  It is never too difficult to use gas grill without proper instructions. So do it as per the instructions.


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