4 Ways Restaurants Can Better Serve Customers in 2024

The global service sector experienced significant disruptions due to the pandemic. Specifically, restaurants were hit hard by the stringent lockdown and social distancing measures that were put in place at the virus outbreak’s onset. According to Insider in 2020, more than 100,000 eateries were forced to close permanently, including many that had been operating for more than ten years.

4 Ways Restaurants Can Better Serve Customers

As the pandemic subsides, restaurants all over the country have adapted their services and practices to serve their customers better. This includes a change in trends and how they approach their responsibilities as part of the service industry. Here are some of the ways restaurants are trying to cater to their patrons better in 2024:

Added attention to food hygiene

The Covid-19 virus is highly transmissible and more people are becoming wary of the way their meals are prepared. To foster greater confidence in their services, many restaurants have made a point to increase their attention to food hygiene and keep their establishment as pristine as possible. Many places have started to source their ingredients from trusted sellers to ensure that their products are up to par with FDA standards. There has also been an increase in sanitation policies for employees. This includes ensuring that every workstation is as clean as possible. Our article on ‘How to Clean a Flat Top Grill’ highlights how a good disinfecting agent can prevent cross-contamination and bacteria from building. Of course, there are and should be additional cleaning methods on top of the usual rudimentary ones since the pandemic began.

Change in floor plans

Another way that restaurants have adapted to cater to their customers better is by changing their floor plans. Because of capacity and social distancing restrictions, establishments found a loophole by offering al fresco dining options. A feature by The Guardian highlights how this has been a saving grace for stores all over the world to continue being able to serve diners. Not only does this make eating out safe, but it ensures that patrons will lessen their likelihood of contracting the virus in an enclosed space. Many restaurants have rehauled their floor plan to include an outdoor seating area while other locations have set up tables right outside their stores.

Increased delivery options

For those who prefer to eat at home due to safety concerns, another option restaurants are leaning into is utilizing a delivery service. While chain corporations typically have their own in-house riders, some establishments are making use of third-party apps such as GrubHub. However, a post on food delivery services by AskMoney explains how these companies actually tend to undercut profits from restaurants. Many establishments have to pay a premium that can reach up to 30% of a customer’s bill. While delivery has become the most popular option for dining during the pandemic, restaurants need to be careful that they don’t rely too heavily on this service. Post-pandemic it has become even more important to provide a good service while also staying afloat.

Contactless services

The pandemic also saw a rise in contactless options for everything from buying necessities to technologically-manned information booths. The restaurant industry is no different as they have integrated different digital mediums to decrease interaction between diners and employees. This increases safety and lessens the transmission of the virus. CNBC explains that QR codes removed the need for physical menus. Cashless payment options like credit cards and electronic wallets also saw a rise in popularity. Not only do these contactless alternatives prove to be more convenient for customers, but it also makes operations more efficient.

2024 shows the ways restaurants are adapting in a post-pandemic world. Establishments all over the country are doing their part in creating a better experience for their patrons while also adhering to the many trends that Covid-19 imposed on the industry.

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