How to Cook Frozen Crab Rangoon in Air Fryer

Learn How to Cook Frozen Crab Rangoon in Air Fryer Perfectly

Wondering how to cook frozen crab Rangoon in air fryer with top efficiency? We offer help with your Rangoon recipe. In this article, you’ll get all sorts of assistance with the cooking process. We’ll make the steps simple to follow.

Apart from the recipe, we’ll talk about the best air fryers and many more details. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to cook frozen crab Rangoon perfectly and know a lot about air fryers. Besides, we’ll provide you a video to learn about the crab Rangoon recipe.

In the next section, we’ll start by providing the background of frozen crab Rangoon food items. Then, we’ll follow the ingredients and cooking recipe accordingly. The ingredients list isn’t extensive, and we recommend you to have all items on hand before cooking.

The Crab Rangoon in Air Fryer Basics

Crab Rangoon come from crab meats. But, there’s more to know about the crab Rangoon recipe.

In some restaurants and places globally, people serve crab Rangoon with cheese, sauce, and many more.

Crabmeat can be challenging to process. So, the best practice is to use an air fryer for cooking frozen crab Rangoon.

The Cooking Process for Frozen Crab Rangoon in Air Fryer

You need many ingredients to cook frozen crab Rangoon in an air fryer. The list can be extensive.


  1.     Crab Meat
  2.     Cheese
  3.     Green Onions
  4.     Sauce
  5.    Olive Oil Spray
  6.    Wonton Wrappers

So, in total, you require six ingredients to cook frozen crab Rangoon.

Steps for Air Frying Frozen Crab Rangoon

Early Mixing the Ingredients

At first, you do the mixing. So, mix the sauce, crab meat, cheese, and onions. Make it a squishy texture. Wait for the mixture to rest for a while.

Next, you’ll need to preheat the air fryer at 100 degrees Celsius. In the meanwhile, put the mixture within the wonton wrappers.

Now, you can spray the olive oil into the wonton wrappers and proceed to cook.

Air Frying Frozen Crab Rangoon

So, following the previous steps, you can make as many wonton wrappers and place them on the air fryer. For better cooking, place no more than 12-15 pieces at a time.

Now with a temperature of 150-200 degrees Celsius, cook the crab Rangoon for 5 minutes. Next, turn the sides of the Rangoons and cook for another five minutes.

In this way, you can cook 15 pieces of frozen crab Rangoon within ten minutes only. If we take the early preparation into count, then the total time is 15 minutes.

Servings and Final Seasonings

We assume that you’ve now got cooked crab Rangoon on your plate. So, it’s time for the seasonings.

So, you can serve with extra sauce material with the Crab Meat and make the dish appealing for everyone.

Additional Tips for Frozen Crab Rangoon Recipe

We’ve got some additional tips for Frozen Crab Rangoon Recipe. Follow them to achieve an appealing recipe.

Wonton Wrappers Structure

Wonton Wrapper is better in the square shape. So, when you prepare the wrappers, mold them in a square shape

Besides, keep space to fill in the wrapper with the mix of meat and onions.

Cooking Time for Frozen Crab Rangoon

The cooking time should be 10 minutes or some additional minutes.

If you don’t achieve the brown texture, cook for 2-3 extra minutes to get it crispy and brown on the surface.

Add Sauce

If you add fish sauce before cooking and serve with additional light sauce after cooking, the taste will be unique and minty.

Why Should You Cook Crab Rangoon in an Air Fryer

Air fryers come to us with multiple benefits. With efficiency, air fryers are much compatible with cooking appliances in our daily lives.

Texture on Frozen Crab Rangoon Air Fryer

Air Fryers don’t deep-fry food items. However, the heated air circulation contributes to an easy crispy texture on the food surface.

Air Fryers are best known for their heat generation from a direct heat source.

Space Saver

Air Fryers have a uniform size. So, whatever brand you prefer, it’s evident that air fryers don’t take much from your kitchen space.

One of the compatible features is the easy preheating capability of an air fryer. With these options, air fryers benefit a lot for the cookers.

Frozen Crab Rangoon with Fried Rice

A Fried Rice recipe is straightforward. You need a bit of oil and some rice. However, for the detailed cooking steps, follow the instructions below.

Fried Rice Recipe

You can add eggs, vegetables with rice to serve with Crab Rangoon

So, once you have the ingredients, mix them up properly, and cook in an air fryer for 10 minutes.

The temperature for cooking fried rice is better in the range of 250-300 degrees Fahrenheit. So, after 10 minutes, serve the fried rice with the previously cooked Frozen Crab Rangoon.

Final Thoughts

So, we find that cooking frozen crab Rangoon is easy with an air fryer. However, for the best results, you can use Nuwave Air Fryers or other air fryers with large capacity.

Besides, large air fryers can allow you to cook heavy loads of frozen foods at once. While cooking frozen crab Rangoon, it’s the best practice to defrost the food item before placing them on the air fryer.

Anyways, we’ve got an informational video to recommend. The video will have a unique frozen crab Rangoon recipe. So, feel free to watch the video. Finally, we recommend one last thing. It’s to add a bit of creativity to make your recipe unique.

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