How To Prevent Rust On Stainless Steel Grill

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How To Prevent Rust On Stainless Steel Grill

How To Prevent Rust On Stainless Steel Grill? Grilling food is the tastiest way to cook it. There are better options to cook food items, especially the non veg dishes, than grilling it. However, grilling food isn’t limited to giving a smoky flavor. It carries special feelings that people share while arranging BBQ parties. They love to grill and enjoy each other’s company. So we can say grilling is one of the main attractions of Christmas, birthday, and thanksgiving parties. 

But as soon as the party ends, you are left with messy grills coated with grease, leftover food, and fats. These nasty-looking grills must be cleaned before you put them back into the store. Otherwise, the grills are most likely to get rusted and unsuitable to be used. So in this article, we will be guiding you to prevent rust on your stainless steel grill. We will also guide you through ways to clean the grills if they turn rusty. So give it a read as you can pick some effective life hacks to keep the job easy and the grills rust-free. 

Causes Of Rust On Stainless Steel Grills 

No doubt stainless steel grills are made with superior quality material protecting them from harsh weather conditions. However, corrosion is unpreventable. Even if you keep the grill with all the required care, there are chances of rusting, and with a careless attitude with the grills, rusting will be a must-to occur circumstance. There are plenty of reasons why a stainless steel grill can turn rusty.

  1. If you are habitual to leaving the grill uncleaned after the party ends, then the grease and leftover food are dried on the grates, causing messy and rusty grills over a short period. 
  2. The grills are likely to take rust if placed in a wet place for longer. If the grills are left at that part of their house where it takes rainwater and moisture, the oxidation results in a rusty grill. 
  3. The stainless-steel grills are subjected to wear if used frequently. It causes the protective layer to finish, and the grills are open to facing weather conditions. Eventually, the grills start to take rust. 

Measures To Prevent Rust On Stainless Steel Grill

The stainless-steel grills can indeed take rust if not handled properly. But you can take measures to prevent corrosion. 

Firstly, keep the grill at a dry place all the time; it’s vital to keep the grills dry because the more moisture it will get moisture, the more are the chances of oxidation on the grills to cause rusting. To keep the grills dry, wipe off all the water from the grills after washing, wrap it in a sheet, and seal it using a rubber band or binding tape. 

Secondly, make cleaning the grills a part of your BBQ event. Simplifying it, clean the grill after every use. It will take away all the grease and leftover food from the grill and keep it mess-free. The cleaner the grills, the slower it will wear off. So I must wash and wipe the grill after cooking food. 

Another thing that you can practice on the grills is that coal is a layer of cooking oil using a brush. It will prevent water from reaching the steel and eliminate the chances of oxidation on the grills. It will also keep them moisturized until the next use. 

Cleaning Rusty Grills 

If you were not lucky enough to read the measures on time and the grill has turned rusty, then read out the following ways in which you can clear all the rust from the grills and make them usable again. 

  1. Use baking soda to clean the grills as it is considered a perfect cleaning agent. 
  2. Mix two parts of vinegar in one part of salt and spray it on the grills. Leave them in a plastic bag overnight and wipe the grills using a microfibre cloth. 
  3. Use the wire brush to scratch the rust from your grills. However, use the brush cautiously as it might also scratch the stainless steel layer. 

These three ways are most common to clean rusty grills, and most people successfully clean their grills using these methods. So just give it a try before considering a new grill purchase. 

Two Cleaning Techniques To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Racks

The astonishing thing about stainless steel barbecue grates is they can endure extreme hotness and are rust and consumption safe. They are easy to clean and look new when you are finished.

These are two of the best methodologies you can take to keep your meshes clean. You can use either one of the two techniques mentioned below to clean your stainless steel grill racks. It all depends on the products you have available with you at home. 

Method 1 — The Burn, Brush, and Rinse 

Try not to set your barbecue ablaze. You wrap the meshes with aluminium foil, close the top and wrench up your barbecue to a high hotness temperature (500 to 550 °F) for roughly 15 minutes.

The food and oil staying on your mesh will be singed off and become fragile. Use a quality scrubber or barbecue brush to remove the excess carbon.

Then, at that point, you can hose off any leftover garbage and build up. You are prepared for the following grill.

You might see a comparative procedure online where you put the meshes in your home broiler to consume them by setting the stove to the “cleaning” mode. This is an ill-conceived notion. The smoke can set off your smoke alarm, smoke is never great in a house, and there is a particular chance of an oil fire in your stove.

Method 2 — Soaking

Splashing your meshes is a simple method for releasing the consumed carbon and oil. You will need a huge compartment to house the meshes inside a water container for this.

  • Use an enormous plastic tub to hold your meshes.
  • Pour in ½ cup of solid-fluid dish cleanser, fill the tub with enough boiling water to cover the meshes with no less than a few inches of water. (Ensure the meshes are cold, or you’ll dissolve the tub!)
  • Mix in ¼ cup of baking soda until broken down and the water is frothy.
  • Drop in the meshes and drench for 1 to 2 hours. You can leave them short-term assuming you have the opportunity.
  • Scour with an uncompromising engineered clean cushion. Keep away from steel scour cushions as pieces can sever and track down their direction into your food.
  • Flush the barbecues with a hose, and you are prepared to begin barbecuing
  • To buy a plastic tub, you can get it by utilizing a large yard garbage sack. Be certain if there are no breaks. The dark water will stain all that it contacts.


Keeping your grill clean is very important as rusty grills can contaminate your food and even land you in hospital. It’s not a challenge to keep the grills rust-free if you clean them routinely and after every use. Keep all the instructions in mind, and your grills will cook for years.