How To Use Power Air Fryer Xl

Deciding If The Power Air Fryer Xl is Right For You & Learning How To Use Power Air Fryer Xl

Are you trying to figure out if the Power Air Fryer Xl fits your needs? Then, you’re in the right place. As the trend towards healthier cooking options grows, air fryers are increasingly becoming a popular choice. Therefore, if you’re among those considering purchasing an air fryer, here’s a guide to help you select the ideal air fryer that meets your requirements.

Top Three Factors To Consider When Determining If The Power Air Fryer Xl Is Right For You

When determining if the Power Air Fryer Xl is right for you, be sure to consider


If you have limited kitchen space, then selecting small air fryers that will fit on the countertop is very important. When buying an air fryer, check for the dimension of the model that you are planning to buy and make sure that they fit your kitchen or anywhere you want to store your air fryer.


Know how much food you will be making in your household. If you run a large household, opting for air fryers that have large capacities is your best option. Regular sizes of air fryers often have capacities of 3.7 quarts while larger air fryers can hold as much as 5.8 to 6 capacities. If you are planning to use the air fryer for four or more people, then opting for large-size air fryers is your best option.

How To Use The Features of Power Air Fryer Xl:

Different models come with a wide variety of features. Before buying your air fryer, make sure that you decide on which features you want to have in your air fryer. Whether you opt for air fryers with digital or manual controls is a matter of personal preference. While manual air fryers come with simple control knobs, air fryers with digital controls may come with pre-set cooking functions as well as timers. If you are going to use your air fryer to cook different kinds of foods, then you may opt for the air fryer with a pre-set digital cooking function. If you are mainly going to use it to air fry food, then the manual air fryer is your best bet.

How To Use Power Air Fryer Xl?

While air fryers are a very innovative kitchen appliance, you still need to do certain preparations to optimize your air fryer. Below is a list of air frying preps that you can follow to successfully create delicious dishes using your air fryer.

Put your air fryer on a stable surface:

For safety purposes, place your air fryer on a stable and heat-resistant surface. Moreover, make sure that there are at least five inches of space behind the air fryer for ventilation.

Spray oil on food before adding to Power Air Fryer Xl:

Most recipes designed for air fryers require a small amount of oil. Brushing oil on food can often lead to using more oil than necessary. Instead, use an oil spray bottle to conveniently coat your food with oil. There are many types of cooking oil that you can spray on your food but vegetable oil or olive oil always works for air fryers due to their high burning point.

Preheat the Power Air Fryer Xl:

Preheat the air fryer if recommended by your model. In general, preheating the air fryer requires only about 5 minutes but make sure to read your air fryer manual just to make sure that this step is indeed necessary or not.

Slice food into portions that will fit the air fryer:

When cooking with the air fryer, make sure that you slice food into portions that will fit inside the fryer basket. Moreover, make sure that you do not overcrowd the air fryer basket. Creating spaces in between your food allows the air to properly circulate your food for even browning.

How to use proper breading for Power Air Fryer Xl:

When air frying food, make sure that you use the right breading. When breading your food, make sure that you coat it first with flour, eggs, and breadcrumbs before misting or spraying it with cooking oil.

Always remember to monitor your food:

In most cases, people tend to forget about this part. Monitoring your food by opening the fryer basket and checking halfway through the cooking time is important so that you don’t burn your food. This is also crucial when you are cooking frozen foods.

Different food requires different cooking techniques:

It is crucial to take note that different kinds of foods require different cooking techniques in your air fryer. For instance, vegetables needed to be shaken vigorously or halfway through the cooking time.

Always start with a clean air fryer:

When cooking naturally greasy foods, make sure that you start with a clean air fryer. Remove any oil that has been stuck at the bottom of the air fryer. During the cooking process, make sure that you also empty the frying basket of oil halfway through the cooking time as excess oil can cause too much smoke that can even burn your food.

Create an aluminum sling:

Getting your air fryer accessories in and out of the air fryer basket can be difficult especially when the air fryer is hot. To facilitate the transfer, you can use a long aluminum foil folded into a sling and placing it at the bottom of the baking dish so that you can easily lift it once the cooking time ends.

Bottom Line

The Power Air Fryer Xl is great for large families or people who don’t want to do a whole lot of batches. The extra-large cooking chambers help its users not only cooking more food but save on time while doing so. So, if you generally cook a lot of food at once and are thinking of buying an air fryer, the Power Air Fryer Xl may just be right for you.

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