Best Juicer Without Pulp in 2024

If you are not pulp lovers, you are at the right place. Although many of us like to enjoy pulpy drinks and they have the reason for it. As it is believed that straining the pulp means you have thrown the nutritional value of your drink out of the cup. That is somehow true, but it never means that you need to have the pulpy juice against your choice.

The powerful juicer machines available in the market today are ready to provide you a pulp-free juice full of minerals and vitamins, you are intending to get from your cup of juice. They are capable of producing smoother juice in less time involving less preparation and cleaning.

Top 3 best juicers without pulp

To introduce you to the best juicer without pulp we have picked up a few of the top machines that without wasting the healthy nutrients, shake the well so well that you obtain the smoother drink out of them within seconds. Below is a comparison presented for your interest of some of the best products to have quick pulp-free juicing.

Hamilton Beach 67850 Premium Juicer

Serving for around 110 years, Hamilton Beach has been one of the leading names for kitchen appliances. Their market share is about selling near 34 million products every year.


The model on the top of our list is an amazing combination of strength, beauty, and economy. The quotation ”The better, the pricier” does not apply anymore in the market. This premium juicer offers you a powerful juicing experience with its low and high-speed control backed by a 1.1 hp motor. The feature ensures maximum extraction from a variety of fruits and leafy greens equally.

Moreover, its 3 inches wide chute can absorb whole the fruit and cuts the prep time to none, further it runs with a dense beet that just takes a few seconds to provide your the smoother juice without pulp.

Furthermore, 40 oz. BPA-free pitcher and bigger pulp bin allow you to keep juicing for long and the froth separator ensures to produce a smoother yield. The juicing area is packed with a strainer that finally stops any pulpy element.

Above all, the model enjoys a huge customer liking that is direct proof of its up-to-the-mark performance. Irrelevant of what a manufacturer claims about its product, what matters is the review of the end customer.


  • Pulp free juicing
  • Powerful two-speed control
  • BPA-free 40 oz. Pitcher
  • Foam separator
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Cleaning brush included


  • Clogging may be caused if unpeeled fruits are inserted
  • You may need to hold it while juicing at high speed

Breville Heavy-Grade Polymer Juice Fountain Plus

Beautiful silver-colored fountain plus incorporates the heavy grade polymer structure that ensures safe juicing with confidence. It will take just 5 seconds to provide you an 8 oz. cup of fresh juice enriched with healthy enzymes.


The model comes to you with a scrubbing brush that allows a speedy clean-up of the filter mesh. A sharp Italian-made cutting disk crushes everything to provide you a smoother juicing experience.

Similarly, the machine produces 30 percent more yield because of its central feeding feature. The model is designed to provide a drink containing 40 percent more nutritional value than any other machine.

Furthermore, the pitcher included in the package has measurement marks on its outer wall so that you can prepare as much as you want up to 1 liter of maximum at a time. You can clean most of its parts on the dishwasher’s top-shelf.

Another safety feature ensures the machine does not start unless you lock it properly. The interlocking safety arm does not allow the operation without proper locking.


  • Stainless steel sharp cutting disk
  • Wider feed chute
  • Measurement marked jug
  • Dual speed control
  • Heavy grade polymer built-up
  • Cleaning tool and froth separator included


  • Heavy commercial use can decrease its life

AICOOK Juicer Machine

“Customer comes first”. AICOOK says that we design and manufacture each of our products keeping our slogan in mind. The brand carries a throughout quality control to provide what they promise.


The model under review intakes a whole apple or a full hand of kales through its 3 inches wide chute. Its powerful crushing system provides you 26 percent more product which is full of nutritions up to 36 percent more than other juicers.

Moreover, the model incorporates a 3 level speed control with a maximum of 18000 rpm so that you can juice the hard fruits and soft leafy greens equally without clogging. From lower to higher speed it ensures a pulp-free smoother juicing with lesser prep time and easy cleaning.

Similarly, the safety aspect of the machine is also wonderful. The parts which are supposed to be exposed to the juice are completely BPA-free. The machine comes to you with a specially designed cleaning that makes cleaning a breeze.

Furthermore, it has a two-stage operation safety system. At the first point, the system does not allow the machine to run unless it is locked properly. Later, it has an auto shut down feature in case of overload. Its non-slip feet support the high power operation without worries.

Above all, AICOOK offers a 2+1 years warranty and lifetime customer support with its products to secure your investment.


  • Dual-stage safety protection
  • High speed 3 level operation
  • More yield with more nutritions
  • BPA free parts
  • Non-slip feet
  • 3 years warranty cover


  • Some customers feel that comparatively, it is not easy to clean

Final Thoughts

The nutritional value of the pulp is admitted but you do not need to drink what you don’t like. Pick the best pulp-free juicer and it will convert everything to a smoother drink that suits your choice. In the best juicer without pulp, there is a powerful juicing system that is further followed by manual straining, and the result is a complete pulp-free juice enriched with necessary healthy enzymes.

We have tried to compare the best out best and keeping the different aspects of good shopping, we found the Hamilton Beach 67850 Premium Juicer the top product for having a quick and healthy pulp-free juice for your daily needs.


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