Best Sushi Rice Brands in 2024

Top 5 Sushi Rice Brands for Creating Sticky, Sweet Sushi Rice

Before we dive into identifying the top sushi rice brands, let’s explore the journey of the sushi recipe and its transformation throughout the years. Initially, during the Second Century A.D. in China, fishermen utilized rice to preserve fish during transport. The fish was consumed as needed, and the rice was discarded. Upon reaching Japan, locals saw value in the rice and began to eat it along with the fish. By the late 17th Century, a Japanese chef innovatively shortened the rice fermentation period by flavoring it with wine vinegar and paired it with the fish. From the 17th Century through the 19th Century, the recipe evolved significantly, culminating in a presentation where the fish is now served enveloped by rice instead of being placed atop.

In Los Angeles, the first shop was inaugurated in a Japanese populated area and then it became famous across the country. Transformation of sushi led by many sushi masters across history. Now there are many places where you can get high-quality sushi. The main question is how the sushi tastes so good in restaurants? Because they source the highest quality rice from most legitimate places. Your homemade sushi will taste like the restaurant one if you are going to read in this article for the best sushi rice brands.

Japanese Sushi Rice Brands

Koshihikari and Mochigome are the two types of Japanese Sushi Rice Brands that are used for cooking in Japan. The first one is a Japonica rice that is grown in Japan exclusively. This kind of rice is versatile and can be used in several kinds of Japanese dishes especially in sushi. It has a well-balanced flavor because of its stickiness and soft texture.

If we talk about the second one it’s ideally used would be to make desserts such as mocha.

Nutritional information about Sushi

Sushi is commonly considered as a healthy and low-calorie option but it heavily depends upon what type and style of sushi you are going to eat. Sushi does not have a standard recipe like some other dishes, different chefs around the world prepare it differently so calories may also vary from roll to roll. Certain chefs put mayonnaise on top of every roll which increases the number of calories because they prefer taste over nutrition.

Fish is already healthy which is inside the sushi roll because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and protein. To make it healthier we have to choose smartly between the brands of sushi rice. If your goal is to lose weight or you are just a health-conscious person then you can opt for low calorie and gluten-free products. In making the list of top 5 Sushi Rice Brands I have considered each thing from extra protein to fewer calories and gluten freeness.

How long does sushi rice last?

Freshness is everything when it comes to sushi rice. You can’t simply grab a bag of sushi rice from the grocery store and expect it to taste as fresh and flavorful as the rice you get at a sushi restaurant. If you want to make good sushi at home, you have to start by making the rice at home, and to do that, you have to start with high-quality sushi rice. The good news is that you can make sushi rice at home with very little effort, whether you’re using a rice cooker or stovetop. Sushi rice will last anywhere like a normal rice, so besure to place it in the fridge if you have any left overs that you don’t want to eat. Just like any other rice products, it will start to dry out over time therefore it’s best to eat it the same day it’s prepared.

What is the best Sushi Rice Brand?

There are so many brands that claim to have the most legitimate Japanese rice but not all of them have. It’s very difficult to meet the quality and procedure of producing Japanese rice and few sushi rice brands can fulfill the expectations. Now I am going to help search the best sushi rice brands accessible online and outside japan.

Check out the 5 best Sushi Brands below:

1-Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice

To make delicious and legitimate Japanese Tamanishiki is the prime choice. The rice is reaped from the plantations situated in Montana Farms, California. The reason behind their excellent flavor and appearance is the mixture of two verities of rice strains named Yumegokichi and Koshihikari. Its stickiness came from its short grains which make it to grip the fish, vegetables, and meat very easily.

It is used across the world especially in Japanese restaurants because of its taste and quality. It can be bought in a package of four, two, or one. People in the United States will appreciate the fact that it’s coming from California.


  • Short-grain rice Perfect for sushi
  • Packaging available in four, two or one
  • From California all-natural


  • GMO ingredients are available and not guaranteed as organic
  • An airtight container is needed to keep them fresh.

The above-explained things about the product are research-based and below are the feedbacks from real customers. This will also help you in your buying decision:


  • Dryness
    • Some customers complain about dryness due to the older crop. It irritated them while making sushi.
  • Perfect texture and Excellent quality
    • Most of the customers reviewed it as having the best quality and perfect flavor and texture.


There are so many reasons to buy Tamanishiki Super Premium Short Grain Rice right away. Maybe because it’s not certified as organic and the presence of GMO ingredients some people are hesitant towards buying it. But for most of them, it’s a must-buy option and will be an ideal choice.


2-Lundberg Family Farms Organic Sushi Rice

Since 1937, the Lundberg Family Farms is committed to providing the best quality rice. Generations by generations have maintained a high standard, which is highly admirable. Quality insurance team inspects them twice a year so that they can maintain the quality and taste. They are known for locally growing and harvesting the vegan and organic products.

Non-GMO project verification and USDA organic certification make stand out from the crowd. It contains dietary fiber and also it’s a quite low caloric option which makes it beneficial for your nutrition. In several kinds of authentic sushi making it can be used and people with digestive problems its an ideal choice because it is gluten-free.



  • Six packages inside
  • California made and 100% organic
  • Low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium


  • Sometimes rice may arrive past the expiration date
  • To prevent insects repackaging needed


The above-explained things about the product are research-based and below are the feedbacks from real customers. This will also help you in your buying decision:

  • Delicious and stick enough for Sushi
    • Most of the customers reviewed it as very delicious and sticky to make the perfect sushi.
  • Difficult to prepare
    • A customer makes the recipe again and again but he didn’t get it right.
  • Insects
    • A lady found brown insects in the package so she was unhappy about it.


It’s perfect for the people who can be vegan, gluten-sensitive, or health-conscious. But for some people, it can be a hustle to repackage it again and again. Also, people who received it after the expiration date will find it difficult to purchase it again.


3-Nishiki Medium Grain Rice

If you are in search of medium grain rice which is from the USA then the right choice for is Nishiki Medium Grain rice. It is famous around the world fro making Shushi rice. In the paddy fields of California, it is cultivated, and JFC International retail them. The quality and taste of this brand are extremely famous between the people who love sushi.

To mill the rice the makers, use a new technique named musenmai to accomplish perfection. In this process, tapioca is drawn out from the rice and then covered by liquid brine. No more rinsing required because when you remove brine water you will get perfectly cleaned rice. You will not need second rinsing for cooking, so the water is saved and that’s the right thing to do.

This sushi rice is free from salt, cholesterol, and fat, which makes it a very option for your diet. It gives you 33 grams of carbohydrate and also has quite a lot of dietary fiber. You have to store them in an airtight container so the bugs and other pests will not find their way inside.



  • Variety of options in Packaging
  • Prepared with ease
  • Free from sodium, fat, and cholesterol
  • Contains 3 grams of iron


  • Available only in medium grain instead of small grain
  • An airtight container is required to keep free it from bugs


The above-explained things about the product are research-based and below are the feedbacks from real customers. This will also help you in your buying decision:

  • Worth every penny
    • Most of the customers rated them as the most valuable to the money brand. Also, even the Japanese people liked them.
  • Rice bugs
    • A customer found rice bugs in the package even when it was sealed. He was unsatisfied with the product.
  • Old rice
    • A customer got a one or two-year-old package. He said he used them earlier from the market it was good enough but maybe this seller has done something wrong.


Some people are hesitant towards this product because it comes only in medium grain rather than small grain and also they have to carefully put in an airtight container to keep its safe.  Otherwise, it’s a perfect choice because it contains dietary fiber and iron which makes it a healthy option.


4-Kukoho Sushi Rice

Another high-grade sushi rice brand that is grown and harvested under perfect conditions to provide high-quality crops Koda farms introduced it in 1963 and comes under the big roof of Koda. Koda’s family owned it from the last three generations. Even though the cultivating rights for this crop are reserved by the Koda family but this crop is also raised by some independent farmers. Japonica rice varieties are grown in California by this Japanese rice brand.

Sushi rice, rice pudding, rice balls, and more dishes can be prepared by this medium grain rice brand. During the preparation phase, it plumps up and turns out quite sticky. Easy preparation and less time consumption are also benefits of choosing this brand of sushi rice. It is gluten-free which makes it a healthier option for gluten-sensitive and health-conscious people. It’s available in premium grade 5lb packaging.



  • Can be used in sweet and savory dishes
  • Simple to cook and can be prepared in only 15 minutes
  • Incredible source of sticky rice
  • Can last a while if bought in a large amount


  • Available only in medium grain instead of small grain
  • Not certified as organic and non-vegetarian


The above-explained things about the product are research-based and below are the feedbacks from real customers. This will also help you in your buying decision:


  • Great for Sushi and Onigiri
    • Customers made different recipes with this rice and they tasted good in each one of them.
  • Best for stovetop cook and rice maker
    • Customers prepared these rice on the stove and also on rice maker and they came out perfect every time.


It’s the right choice for those who want simple and quick to cook rice. It’s also very versatile because it can be used in savory as well as sweet dishes because of its sweet flavor. But some people will not go for it is not a vegetarian product and also not certified as organic.


5-Riceselect sushi rice

A research company in California named RiceTec makes these excellent quality sushi rice. The aesthetic appearance of these rice catches the attention of everyone. Sushi as well as desserts such as rice pudding can be prepared by the rice of this brand because it offers sweet flavor. It can grip ingredients like vegetables, meat, and fish because of its soft and sticky texture.

This rice brand is ecofriendly because it arrives in durable containers that are recyclable and BPA-free. If you are one of those who watch what you eat then this product is ideal for you because it’s a non-GMO product. As it is certified Kosher and gluten-free so it meets several dietary needs. Low levels of cholesterol, sodium, and fat are the additional benefits of this product.


  • It arrives with an airtight jar that is BPA- free
  • No unnecessary additives are added
  • It contains fewer calories with extra protein
  • Required 20 minutes to be prepared


  • May not have enough rice for some because of its smaller packaging
  • Depending on the cooking method may not form perfectly


The above-explained things about the product are research-based and below are the feedbacks from real customers. This will also help you in your buying decision:

  • Best sushi rice
    • Many customers liked these very much because they taste good and very easy and quick to prepare.
  • Too dry, not sticky
    • A customer found it dry and not stick so he couldn’t make it tasteful.

People who have bigger families will not go for it because of its smaller packaging. But it can be a good choice for other people because it comes in an airtight jar that is BPA-free and also can be used afterward. Gym going person can be happy with it because it contains fewer calories and has extra protein than its competitors.




As explained above these are one of the best rice brands in the industry if you are going to make sushi. Every product has positive and negative aspects. Some have medium grain size rather than small and on the other hand, some are healthier to eat than others.

So how one person chooses from these five brands. So it depends if you are looking for small grain rice then Riceselect, Lundberg Family Farms, and Tamanishiki Super Premium are the best choices. If your target is to lose weight then Riceselect is the best choice. If you are gluten sensitive or you are just health conscious then Nishiki and Lundberg Family Farms are the best choices. Maybe kukoho is not very healthy but it has the most tasteful rice. (Read more stuff at GuideDeCuisine.Com)


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