Char Broil Performance 650 Review

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If you are a grill master at home, propane gas grills are some of the best home grills you can invest in. The Char Broil Performance 650 is one of the highly acclaimed propane gas grills in the market today. It utilizes simple propane gas tanks for maximum heat output on the evenly spaced burners to allow even heat distribution without cold spots.

The brand that makes the Char Broil Performance 650 grill has been very enthusiastic about its performance. Before you invest in this large grill for your patio or backyard, here is a comprehensive, unbiased review on this kitchen appliance.

The size and design

The first thing you notice about the performance 650 s the size and design. It is built using solid stainless steel material with metallic side shelves for added prepping space. It weighs 127 pounds out of the box, which is lighter when compared to other grills of its size. While this can be an indication that the stainless steel grade used is lower than other models in its category, it is a good bargain for a high-end grill in its price range. Apart from the grade of stainless steel material used, this grill comes in modern design that you will love having in your back yard. The side shelves are a plus, and so is the attractive lid. It also comes with a lot of storage space under the main cooking surface. This allows you to turn your grill into a one-stop-shop for all your grilling items.

This grill gives you 650 square inches of cooking space, enough to grill 35 burgers or 25 steaks. This is the perfect grill for anyone who often hosts large groups, making the Char Broil performance 650 one of the largest grills in the market for its price range.

Multiple burners

The performance 650 comes with multiple burners to offer you more cooking space and options. It comes with a maximum of six burners that use propane gas. The burners are evenly spaced to prevent the possibility of having a cold or hot area on the grill. Each of the burners can be controlled independently. This allows you to apply more heat on one part of the grill without burning food on other parts of the grill.

Multiple burners also allow you to create different cooking zones for different foods. The six burners produce 60000 BTUs of heat in total and 10000 BTUs of heat per burner. Additionally, this grill also comes with an extra 10000 BTUs side burner. It is covered with a lid, making it perfect for making sauces, boiling water and frying some foods. When the side burner is not in use, you can use this side space as a prepping area.

The sixth burner in the Performance 650 is for direct heat searing. If you love seared steak, this grill is the perfect choice as it comes with a searing section. This extra burner gives the 650 an advantage over most of its competitors.

Huge grill space

As mentioned earlier, the Performance 650 comes with a cooking area that measures 650 square inches. With this space and a 60000 BTU heat output performance, you get a heat coverage of close to 100 BTUs per square inch. This is a near-perfect heating ability for a grill this size.

The large cooking space allows you to cook different foods at the same time. You can have your steak, fish, and vegetables on the same grill on different heat zones. A large cooking space makes it easier for you to serve multiple people per grilling round. This ensures you do not spend the whole day behind a grill when hosting.

Swing back rack

The Char Broil Performance 650 comes with 280 square inches space in the form of a swing back rack. This allows you to swing it back or completely remove it when not in use. This gives even more space to prep your meals or place your grilling tools. As a warming rack, it comes in handy when you need to keep some food warm as you prepare other meals to serve together.


If you are the kind of person who prefers to have all your grilling equipment in one place, Performance 650 comes with ample storage space for your grilling tools. It features a two-door cabinet that gives you the right amount of space for opening and closing while grilling. The storage space can be used for utensils and extra plates, or anything else that you want nearby to make grilling more convenient for you.

The grates

The Performance 650 comes with cast-iron grates made with the perfect thickness for maximum heat retention and even heat distribution. This ensures your food cooks evenly inside out and eliminates the guesswork when it comes to heat management through the grates. Cast iron grates are also very long lasting and can be seasoned to non-stick for easy cleaning. This material also reduces the chances of burning your food.

Ease of cleaning

Every part on the Char Broil Performance 650 is porcelain enamel coated. This ensures that dirt and debris fall off quickly as opposed to sticking on the grill. You can clean this grill using a wet grill rag that can be used for light scrubbing. Ensure you wash this grill at least once a month, even though most grills are recommended to be cleaned once a week.

Inbuilt thermometer

This grill comes with an inbuilt thermometer located on the lid. This can make it hard to read the temperature when the lid is opened. This is one of the main disadvantages of this grill. However, this is not a problem for most people.

An electric ignition

The Performance 650 comes with an electric ignition that works just fine. It will start your grill with the first try, which is one of the best features of Char Broil grills. The brand is one of the pioneers for grill electric ignition systems.


The Char Broil Performance 650 is a state of the art grill available at an affordable price. Compared to other models in the same price range, the 650 is a worthy bargain. It gives you all the features you will find in more expensive categories. It is undoubtedly one of the best value grills in the market today.