How Long to Cook Brats in an Air Fryer?

Brats are something that is equally tasty and healthy. Nowadays, they are available frozen in the stores and all you need to do is to cook them for enjoying. And, an air fryer can be the best way to cook your brats in the quickest time with minimal effort. You don’t even require using oils to prepare brats with a crispy outside and tender inside. Let’s see how long to cook brats in an Air Fryer and how to cook it.

You can take this article as your guide to make the best air-fried brats that will impress your family members. Below, you will find step by step guide along with information like cooking duration, temperature, etc. So, keep going through the article and become an air-fryer pro.

How Long to Cook Brats in an Air Fryer?

While purchasing the Frozen brats, you will find them from a variety of brands. There are also different types and sizes of brats. Besides, the cooking time may also vary depending on the air fryer’s capacity. Based on all these factors the cooking time of the brats in the air fryer may vary a bit. Typically, they typically require around 12 to 15 minutes to be fully cooked in an air fryer. If you want their exterior to be a bit crispier, you can consider cooking them for a few extra minutes.

The preparation time of the brat in the air fryer is a lot less compared to the oven and deep-frying. As the time may vary a bit, you should frequently check the brats during the cooking period. You may be confused about the time during the first few batches but later you will grasp how much time they are requiring for cooking the brats.

How to Cook Brats in an Air Fryer?

The brats can be easily preferred in the air fryer. Especially, if you are already familiar with the device, you can effortlessly cook them. However, if you have no prior experience, we will recommend you to follow the below steps. They will help you to perfectly cook the brats in the air fryer.

Step 1: Preheat the Machine

Begin with putting the air fryer on a flat and open surface near an electric outlet. Then connect it to the electricity and turn it on. After that, press the start button to turn on the machine to start it if required. After that, press the preheat option in the preset if it is available. If there is no such option, you need to set the temperature and time manually for the preheating.

Use the temperature and time control button set 350 degrees F and 5 minutes cooking time. Make use of the temperature and time control knob to adjust the setting.

Step 2: Add the Brats in the Air Fryer

Bring out the brats from the air fryer. You don’t need to thaw them unless they are stuck on one another. Then take out the air fryer basket if the preheating is complete. Be careful as it will be pretty hot. Put the basket on a temperature-resistant surface and put the brats in it. Shape them in a single layer to get an even and consistent outcome.

Make sure that you are not adding much of the brats at once as it will cause uneven cooking.  If you have a lot of the brats to prepare, cook them in smaller batches to be assured of quality cooking. You may also employ an air fryer rack that lets you stack the food inside the appliance. This allows you to prepare a lot of ingredients at once.

Step 3: Time to Cook

Note that you don’t need to add any oil for the brats as the fat in the food will work as the oil. Now put back the basket and it is time to cook the brats. Then set the temperature and time for cooking. Although You do not need to adjust the temp as it will be the same as preheating temperature. Change the cooking time by using the air fryer button to 12 minutes.

Note that the cooking time may vary a bit as we said earlier. Typically, the cooking takes around 12 to 15 minutes. If you find the food is not well-cooked after 12 minutes, you can put back the air fryer for cooking few more minutes until perfection. Let the food cook once you have set everything accordingly.

Step 4: Complete the Cooking

You may flip the brats in the halftime to assure further even cooking. Once you are close to the cooking time, begin checking the food frequently. If they are properly cooked, you can turn off the machine and take off the air fryer basket. Make sure to do this entire step carefully by carrying the basket from the handle.

After taking it out, put the air fryer basket on a heat-resistant surface. Then wait a few minutes to let the food cool down. After that, you can use a non-metal tong to move the food on the serving plate. Using non-metal is important as the metal can damage the non-stick coating of the air fryer basket. That’s it; the brats are now ready to serve.

What to Serve with Brats?

Well, there are a lot of options for you. What you should serve depends on whether you are taking the brats as a snack or meal. Some of the side dishes that go well with the fried brats include sauerkraut, coleslaw, roasted peppers and onions, cucumber salad, potato salad, and other salads. You may also consider adding condiments like mustard sauce, ketchup, pickle relish, etc.


Juicy inside with crispy outside, brats are something that makes a great meal for any moment. They are also pretty healthy. If you want to cook the brats in the easiest way, consider the above air fryer method we have discussed. Compared to the other cooking technique, this is faster, more efficient, easier, and require fewer efforts. We can pretty much assure you that you will love the air-fried brats.

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