How Long to Cook a Ham on the Grill

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How Long to Cook a Ham on the Grill

Are you curious to know how long to cook a ham on the grill? Well, The length of time it will take to cook a ham on the grill depends on the size and type of ham that you are cooking. Most country-style hams will take about two and half hours to cook, but this number can vary depending on the size and how thick it is cut. 

Here we are going to tell you how long to cook a ham on the grill and what you have to do for it. Along with it, we will also try to answer all the queries asked by the public related to ham grilling. 

How Long to Cook a Ham on the Grill

All you need to cook a perfect ham in less time is proper guidance. Here are some of the instructions you have to follow while cooking ham on the grill.

  • The initial step you will have to take is to prepare the grill and then heat it. The best way to cook a ham on the grill is to use indirect heat. This is where you will place the meat at some distance from the heating element of your grill.
  • Once your ham has been placed on the grill, cover it with a piece of tin foil and allow it to cook for about two hours. Now, remember that this amount of time can vary from one type of ham to another and also depends on its size. 
  • As you notice that your ham has achieved medium doneness, uncover it and turn the heat up to achieve a brown color.

If you want a faster option, try grilling a boneless ham chop. This will take only an hour or so to cook in total, as long as your grill’s temperature stays at around 350 degrees F.

Do not leave your cooked food unattended while grilling. And make sure to monitor your food while it’s cooking. So, that you don’t burn it or undercook it by getting distracted with another task.

How long does it take you to grill a pre-cooked ham?

It may take almost 15 to 20 minutes per pound of a pre-cooked ham. It is assumed when you are using a pre-cooked ham and then cooking or grilling it between 225 to 250 degrees F. Most of the hams weigh in the 7 to 8-pound range. So ham of this size when not precooked will take about 2 to 3 hours to be fully heated and cooked through. 

What are the different ways to cook the hams?

Hams are great meat on any summer day. You can make ham in many ways. You have to either grill ham or boil it with vegetables, or you can cook it along with some other recipes. But, if you have never cooked ham before, you should start from the basic step and then go slowly to other steps. 

You can buy a low-cost, pre-seasoned, or pre-cooked ham at most grocery stores or supermarkets near you. You already know that pre-cooked ham is easy to cook but sometimes additional cooking time is required. 

How long will it take? The temperature of the oven and ham also decides how long it takes to be ready in the oven. If your oven is too hot then it takes a maximum time of one hour. To cook a ham in an oven, you need to preheat the oven at 325 degrees F. If your oven is not so hot then it may take more than one hour to cook a ham in your oven.

How to cook ham to be served at a party?

If you are having a big party, nothing can be better than the delicious recipe of grilled ham with cheese. To prepare it, all you need is cheddar cheese and butter and that too very little amount of it. Take ½ cup of butter and spread on the surface where you will apply your ham slices. 

This will add extra flavor to your food items and keep them moist. Spread another layer of butter over cheese slices before they are applied over the ham slices. This is the best way to cook ham and cheese together.

Now, heat your grill for ten minutes at a high temperature and then reduce the temperature by 20 degrees. Then place your ham on the grill for about 15 minutes. Your ham will be ready in about half an hour if you have taken it out of the oven and it is partially cooked. 

Once it gets a little crispy in color then you can apply cheese over it again. So that both the cheese and ham melts perfectly with each other. Let it cook for a few more minutes until you get a golden brown color on both sides. This tasty grilled ham with cheese will be ready within 45 minutes if preparation time is also considered while cooking.

What should I do if my ham doesn’t cook all the way through?

If your ham is smaller in size, then it would have to cook for about 1 to 2 hours more than the longer-sized ones. But when the size of your ham is just about double that, then it would require only about 45 minutes. It just needs to be heated through for the complete cooking and grilling process. 

Ham can be cooked and grilling it on the grill is easy and less time-consuming than you think. If you know the steps that you have to follow while cooking ham on the grill, then you can prepare it faster than others. 

Hope you get all the information about how long to cook a ham on the grill. Now you can grill and smoke the hams in your kitchen with a little effort. Have fun and enjoy the yummy grilled ham.