Why is my Ninja Air Fryer Smoking?

What’s Causing My Ninja Air Fryer to Emit Smoke?

There are many reasons why your air fryer is giving out smoke; the reasons include excess grease from fatty food, food debris, or residue. The fatty foods constitute a great deal to the smoking of the air fryer when the extra grease splatter on the components, especially the heating element, thereby giving out smoke. Just because your air fryer gives out smoke anytime, you are cooking fatty foods, or when cooking in batches, you cannot cook foods with excess fat or cook in batches. This article will discuss how to avoid the smoke produced from the air fryer while cooking.

What does an Air Fryer Do?

  • The ninja air fryer cooks their food due to hot air circulation from the heating element in the air fryer.
  • They are preferred because they cook fast, crispy, and delicious. They also ensure the doneness of your food, browns the outside, and cook the inside perfectly.
  • Ninja air fryers cook healthy meals. They are made to cook to individual’s taste without adding oil. You can also use the air fryer to reheating your frozen meals.
  • The Ninja air fryers are designed to fit into a small space on your counter.
  • You can use Ninja air fryers for cooking every day. You can do a lot with them like baking, reheating, broiling, frying, roasting, dehydrating, and so on.
  • Ninja air fryers are easier to cook with; their speed while cooking is incredible.

What can make your Air Fryer Smoke?

These are some of the things that can cause the Ninja air fryer to smoke

  • The air fryer can smoke when the heating element of your air fryer is dirty or when there are old food crumbs in them, maybe on the heating element or the basket.
  • When cooking at an inappropriate temperature, maybe higher than average or lower than usual.
  • If there is not enough room for the air fryer to release hot air through the ventilation system.
  • When cooking food that contains too much fat, grease, or oil.

Is it okay for Air Fryers to Smoke?

Is your air fryer releasing white smoke or steam? If it is steam, then it is normal and part of the cooking process. If it is whitish smoke, you have to take extra steps to stop it because the smoke might result from several things.

If the smoke is blue, then unplug immediately. Blue smoke often comes out of the air fryer when there are internal electrical issues or when it malfunctions.

So, to make sure you and your family are safe, it is good to follow these guidelines.

How to Get Rid of Smoke from my Air Fryer?

  1. Keep your Ninja air fryer clean. When your air fryer is excellent, wipe the inside, the basket, tray, and the heating elements to clean off old food debris or grease on it. Clean both outsides and inside of the appliance.
  2. At times air fryer smoke because you are cooking at a higher temperature. Try cooking your food at a lower temperature.
  3. Fatty food can cause smoking in an air fryer; foods like bacon or chicken thighs produce a lot of smoke.
  4. Sometimes you might want to cook fatty foods, the smoke coming out of your air fryer as a result of that is not because your air fryer has developed a fault but because of the fat or grease in the food. You can get rid of these by using the method of adding water or a slice of bread. Some people mentioned that adding water or slices of bread at the bottom of your air fryer’s basket soak up the excess grease. If your air fryer is smoking while cooking fatty food, you can get rid of them by turning off the air fryer, removing the drawer, using a moist cloth to clean excess or split oil, and continuing cooking.
  5. Sometimes it might be the food particles burning and bringing smoke; this often happens when the hot air is blowing the food splatter the particles on the heating element. To avoid that while making breaded or battery food, make sure you apply cooking spray on them so that the food particle can stick together. If the smoking continues, we suggest you call customer care and talk to the manufacturer for repair.

How to Maintain the Appliance?

Maintaining the air fryer comes easy once you understand how it is done and even becomes easier once you do it regularly or after cooking. Make sure you don’t place them where children can easily touch them. Ensure you clean after use and store them properly if you won’t be using them for a long time.

How to Clean the Air Fryer?

What to do if your Air Fryer Develop Faults?

If your air fryer is malfunctioning or the heating element stops working, do some minor checks — like checking the cable, whether it is turned off/ on, the temperature, and little things —. If the issue continues, you have to contact the manufacturer or go to where you bought it and complain.

Bottom Line:

There could be numerous reasons why your air fryer is smoking. The smoke released in an air fryer results from excess grease and food particles spattered on the heating element or old food crumbs from last use. There is nothing to worry about if you are cooking fatty food and the air fryer is smoking.

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