How To Cook Tater Tots in NuWave Air Fryer

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The Procedure of Cooking Tater Tots in NuWave Air Fryer Easily 

Tater tots are a superb side dish while serving burgers, sandwiches, and many other options.  However, cooking tarter tots has always been a dilemma for me.  The first problem was that my kids always rated my homemade tater tots inferior to what they had last Sunday at City Grill. Moreover, I always felt a deep sense of guilt while deep frying tater tots for my family knowing fulling that this grease-laden food is not healthy for my loved ones.  This dilemma continued till I decided to buy Air Fryer to solve both issues at once. As a conscious buyer, we did little research on a large number of available options.  We asked our family, friends, and neighbors about their experience and did additional research over the net by reading reviews of various users.   Finally, we decided to buy NuWave Air Fryer keeping in view our need, comparatively better characteristics of the appliance, ease of use, and availability of after-sales service.

Cooking Tater Tots in NuWave Air Fryer

My kids ensure that I pick up quite a few packs of their favorite brand frozen tater tots from the supermarket while doing the grocery.  I was equally excited to see the results.  However, cooking tater tots in my newly acquired NuWave Air Fryer turned out to be the simplest thing.


Just 3 ingredients are needed to make this astonishing dish:

  • Tater Tots: These will be available frozen in 16 oz bags.
  • Seasoned Salt: This is to add taste and I assure you that adding salt will be a better idea.
  • Oil Spray: My preference is avocado oil, however, you can use either olive or any other cooking oil of your choice.


To inaugurate the new appliance of my kitchen, we decided to cook tater tots in the evening.  I opened the box and carefully checked the fryer’s body and other parts while removing labels and glue from those parts. I washed the fry pan basket, base tray, baking pot, reversible rack, and the grill pan with hot water and sponge with a drop of detergent.  I wiped the body of the fryer with a wet cloth to clean it fully.   Then, I inserted its plug in the electric socket and its digital panel immediately became alive. Having prepared the fryer, I decided to take out frozen tater tots from the freezer.

Once I reached the other end of my kitchen next to the freezer, I looked back at the black body of NuWave Air Fryer.  Immediately, I sensed a kind of a rush of adrenaline in my bloodstream like a test pilot of a raptor who is about to take off a newly built aircraft on its maiden flight.   I took out a pack of frozen tater tots from the freezer and placed that on the counter.

I opened the pack of frozen tater tots and took out the required quantity in a pot.  I remembered an important step, I read in the manual and that was pre-heating the fryer.   I pressed the button of pre-heat and adjusted the temperature to 360o F.  Temperature of the fryer started rising slowly.  I took out avocado oil and sprinkled it on frozen tater tots and tossed the pan to mix.  After that, I sprinkled little salt to add tasted and again tossed.   After that, I placed the one-half of tater tots in the pan basket of the fryer.   By that time, the pre-heat temperature reached the required level, and I assumed that now I am all set to commence a new experiment.  I pushed the pan basket into the fryer, and it fitted nicely giving me a deep sense of satisfaction.   I pressed the start button and started looking at this black color scientific miracle where temperature digits were changing slowly and gracefully towards a temperature of 360o F.  After about 5 minutes I pressed the pause button and took out the pan basket to flip the tater tots.  After flipping, I again pushed the pan basket back in place and pressed the start button.   I repeated this procedure once more and now tater tots became golden with little brown spots on them.  After 15 minutes, I pressed the stop button and took out the pan basket.   I transferred crispy-looking tater tots to another dish when I sensed a familiar savory smell assuring me that I did it right.  I repeated the procedure of cooking the remaining tater tots and in half an hour a dish full of tater tots was ready. I added mild taco seasoning before serving it.


  • Filling: Do not overfill the pan basket. You can always cook the next batch.
  • Preheat: Preheat at 360o F is an important step and it must be done.
  • Toss: Be sure to gently toss or flip the pan basket after every 5 minutes.
  • Crispier: Cook for 1-2 minutes extra to turn tater tots more crispy.
  • Salt: My advice is to add salt or seasoned salt as it greatly enhances the taste.
  • Serve Immediately: Air Fryer tots are best served as soon as they are done. Just like at a restaurant, they are the best fresh.
  • Seasonings: Add different spices and seasonings for different flavors. Try chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, or spice of your choice. Toss in a bit of ranch dressing mix for a bit of a tang.

Make your Own Sauce!

You can mix your favorite spices with a bit of mayo and ketchup to make a unique sauce of your own. Just add chipotle chili powder, garlic powder, and onion powder with mayo and ketchup for creating an awesome spicy western sauce.


As expected, the air fryer tater tots became my specialty as well as a new family favorite. On that day, I remember, I did not have to clean up or splatters all over my kitchen after the cooking.  Moreover, I have the liberty to walk away and do anything else while cooking on NuWave Air Fryer.   Only I need to come back for tossing or shaking the ingredients halfway.  Cooking on Nuwave Air Fryer has always been a great experience for me on two accounts. First, I am satisfied that I am feeding my family free of grease healthy food, and second that my kitchen remains neat and clean.  I feel that an air fryer is a “must-have” kitchen appliance for every household on the globe for the said reasons.