How Long To Cook Burgers On Foreman Grill

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How Long To Cook Burgers On Foreman Grill

How Long To Cook Burgers On Foreman Grill? Burgers are one of the go-to foods people prefer amongst other fast food or junk food items. As the conventional dishes evolve, there have been numerous burgers, and many new flavours and types of burgers have been introduced.

The menu of each restaurant offers burgers, as it is one of the generalized choices amongst children, teenagers and adults when it comes to food. Apart from restaurants, now and then, we encounter burgers being sold as street food too. This is because of the increase in demand and love for this food amongst people.

Many restaurants have now started to customize the orders for customers due to variations in taste and choice. In addition to this, there is a difference in the cooking techniques of each restaurant or street stalls to make burgers for customers. However, whichever recipe or cooking style you opt one of the signatures or centralized steps involved in making burgers is grilling them.

Grilling burgers is an essential step, but apart from being an essential step, it contributes much to the recipe. Grilling burgers adds up to the flavour of the burger, enhances the aroma and also makes the burgers tender and soft so they can be eaten easily.

Guide On How Long To Cook Burgers On Foreman Grill

Although grilling burgers is an essential step that leads to making burgers, the time of grilling is important. Grilling burgers for too long can make them hard and stiff to eat. In addition to this, grilling burgers for too long can stick your burgers on the Foreman grill.

The ideal time to cook burgers is 2 to 3 minutes to make them medium-rare. However, if you aim to cook burgers completely with minimal moisture, you can grill them up to 5 minutes maximum.

Here is the recipe for the Foreman grill burger.

  • Cooking Time and Prepping Time

The total time for making this dish is 15 minutes. The time for prepping the dish and assembling the ingredients is 10 minutes, while the cooking time is 5 minutes.

  • Ingredients You Will Need

The ingredients needed to prepare this dish are quite simple and accessible. You will need the following ingredients to prepare this dish.

  1. One-pound fresh ground beef.
  2. One teaspoon parsley.
  3. One fourth cup bread crumbs.
  4. One teaspoon Worcestershire sauce.
  5. One teaspoon liquid smoke.
  • Instructions To Make The Dish

The instructions to make foreman grill burgers are simple and easy. You need to make sure that you follow the steps appropriately to achieve tasty and flavourful burgers.

Firstly, you have to heat your foreman grill. Heat the grill with a closed lid for up to 5 minutes. This will prevent your burgers from sticking on the grill. In addition to this, the flavours will sear well too.

Secondly, mix all the ingredients stated above. Now that you have all the ingredients mixed in your ground meat, make four patties from this mixture. For making patties, roll down the ground meat into four equal balls and then flatten it.

Place these patties on the grill and grill them for up to three to four minutes. Try flipping the patties and give good equal grilling time to each.

Now place the buns on the grill and grill the flattened side for 30 seconds on the grill. Place your patty on the bun and top them with sauces of your choice.

You can serve the burgers now.

Tips For Making Burgers On Foreman Grill

Although burgers are easy to make, some carelessness can lead to destruction in your recipe. Hence you need to follow certain tips and tricks to make sure that you make the best burgers.

  • Cold Ground Beef

Always use cold ground beef to make your burger patties. For this, you can store your meat a few hours before making burgers, or you can also freeze it overnight in the refrigerator. Making patties out of cold ground beef will make your patties crispier and crunchier when you intend to grill them on the foreman grill.

  • Mix In Butter

Mix your ground beef in butter and also grill your burgers with melted butter coated on them. Mixing ground beef with seasoning is quite common, but mixing in butter will add up to the flavour and enhance the fat in the patties. For 1.5 pounds of ground beef, you can add one stick of cold and unsalted butter. Do not add salted butter, as it can increase the salt content and change the taste of your patties.

  • Salting The Burgers

Do not salt the burgers until they are formed in patties. Or salt the patties before grilling; this is because salt breaks the muscle proteins; hence, this will alter the aroma and protein content in your burgers.

In addition to this, try to use kosher salt instead of normal table salt. Kosher salts crystals are bigger than normal salt crystals. Hence, you will have control over the salt content you intend to add to your burgers.

  • Use Clean Grill

Ensure that the grill you use to grill your burgers is clean and tidy and free from past food residue. Grill having deposits of past food greatly hinder heat transfer from the flame to your food. In addition to this, the old food residues can also change the flavour of your currently cooking food; hence, always scrub your grill with grease or oil before aiming to cook food on it.


Conclusively, cooking burgers on a foreman grill does not require much time. You will only need five minutes or so to grill your burgers. In addition to this, the whole cooking time of the burgers is just 15 minutes. You can add up or alter flavours according to your needs to customize the burgers.

Make sure to follow the mentioned tips as failure to follow directions and taking certain precautions can lead to faults in your burgers.