How to Air Fry Edamame

If you are searching for how to air fry edamame, then search no further. Because below we are going to give you the most complete guide for air frying the edamame.

Fried edamame is something healthy and tasty that people of all ages love it. There are several ways to cook this. Now you can also prepare the edamame fry through an air fryer. The recipe is quick, easy, and requires the least effort. Simply season the edamame and run them in the air fryer. They will be ready within the next 15 minutes.

Air fryer allows you to cook them better compared to the other ways of cooking. Apart from making them faster, it requires less oil. This means, your edamame will come out healthy, without the extra fat while you fry them on the stovetop.

In the below guide, you will find all the steps you will require following to air fry the edamame to get the best outcome. We will also discuss a bit more about the edamame and its health benefits. Keep reading the article to find out everything about the edamame recipe.

What is Edamame? Health Benefits

The edamame is the immature soybeans. Sometimes it is also called the vegetable soybean. They are usually available in green color although you might find them in other colors too. You will find them in the super shop is frozen. They are extremely easy to prepare and you can cook them in any way including boiling, pan-frying, steaming, or microwaving. People usually prefer pan-frying as it tastes best.

You don’t need much of the ingredients to prepare them to expect a pinch of salt. Although you can eat them solo, they also go very well with the salads, soups, stews, and other things. Although the health benefits of soybeans are controversial, you can be pretty much sure about the edamame. They contain a huge portion of protein which is important for the human body. They are a great source of protein for those who are vegan.

As per some studies, these little beans might help you to lower your cholesterol level. High cholesterol is one of the main reasons of the heart disease. It actually helps to reduce the bad cholesterol also known as LDL. Although high in protein, it usually doesn’t raise your blood sugar. This bean is also rich in different types of vitamins including vitamin k1, B vitamins, and much more.

As per several studies, beans might help to reduce the risk of breast cancer, menopausal symptoms, prostate cancer, bone loss, etc. As you see, there are a lot of benefits of the edamame and it can be an excellent addition to your diet.

How to Air Fry Edamame

Below, we will discuss the steps you need to follow to air fry the edamame. They are easy to cook and don’t require much time. You may find it hard to believe, but the edamame is easier to cook in the air fryer than any other medium. Even if you have no prior experience with cooking the edamame, you can use the below steps to successfully cook it with a fast try.

Things You Will Need

Before you begin, make sure that you have the required supplies for the cooking. Firstly, we will need the edamame. Be aware that it is available in different variations. Such as, you will find them shelled or still in the pod. Most of them are available as ready to eat and frozen. If you have frozen edamame, make sure to soak them first.

Then you will need the seasoning. Well, the seasoning is much not important. However, you can make the taste far better by adding things like cumin, caneye, chili, etc. in the powder form. If you don’t want to add the spice, simply toss them with salt and pepper. Another thing you need is the oil which is to make the seasoning stick in the edamame.

Steps you Need to Follow

Step 1

At first, if you have soaked the edamame, you will require removing them from the water. Then pat with a clean cloth. Now you can add the seasoning, oil or juice, and the edamame in a sallow small jar. Mix them very well to coat all the edamame.

Step 2

Now turn on your air fryer and preheat it if you want. Note that preheating is not highly necessary for this. If you want to preheat, follow the usual procedure of doing this. Then add the edamame to the basket of the air fryer. Make sure to leave some empty space in the basket to let the air go through it without any issues.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to set the cooking duration and the temperature. The preferred cooking duration for the cook-up is around 10 minutes and the temperature should be around 375 F. Set them by adjusting the control dial in your air fryer. Once after setting them, let them cook and make sure to toss them by opening the basket two times during the period.

Step 4

The cooking duration will be something around 10 minutes. It can be more or less based on several factors. So, start checking the air fryer basket when you are close to the duration. If requires, adjust the cooking time. If you find them done, take the basket off from the air fryer.

Then use a spoon to transfer them to the serving plate. Don’t use your hands as you will end up burning your finger. Now your edamame is ready to be served. Remember that you will get the best taste and flavor when you eat them immediately after cooking.


The edamame can become your new favorite snack. Healthy beans can be a great source of protein for you and your family. We hope the article will help you to cook the edamame in the air fryer with a fast try.

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