What is the Difference Between Instapot and Air Fryer?

Both the air fryer and the instant pot are two of the popular cooking appliances. They arrive with a lot of benefits such as they can make your cooking easier, faster, and more efficient. However, the most impressive benefits of the cooking appliance are they can make your recipe healthier. But What is the Difference Between Instapot and Air Fryer? Let’s find out what makes the devices different.

Below, you will find more information on instant pot and air fryers. We will discuss how they work, their benefits, drawbacks, and what you can cook on them. And, we will also let you know the main differences between these two devices.

What is an Instant Pot?

The instant pot is a modern and versatile cooking appliance. It is made by Instant Brand and there a number of products with different characteristics. The specific models arrive with specific features to meet the requirement of specific users. An instant poot is something that can cook a variety of dishes and replace 7 of your cooking appliances. When you have an instant pot, you don’t need rice cookers, slow cookers, pressure cookers, saute pans, and others.

The instant pot typically utilizes water or broth to produce steam and pressure to cook the ingredients inside the cooking pot. The hot steam can quickly cook your food without impacting the nutrients. You can cook different types of food in the instant pot including soup, veggies, beef, chicken, bread, etc. The device is also excellent for preparing baked goods, noodles, yogurt, eggs, and others.

Benefits of Instant Pot

  • More versatile than air fryer; allows you to cook a variety of food.
  • Allows you to frozen foods without requiring any sort of thawing.
  • Suitable for cooking big batches; perfect for parties and big families.
  • It can keep your food warms for a long time automatically.
  • Cook healthy foods; save a lot of time.

Drawbacks of Instant Pot

  • Cleaning the instant can be hard sometimes.
  • Some of them can be bulky and require big space.
  • It takes a bit to learn the functions.
  • There are chances of overcooking the food.
  • Some of them can be very costly.

What is an Air Fryer?

The air fryer is another modern appliance that can cook your food impressively fast and efficiently. An air fryer is a healthier alternative to the air fryer. The most impressive thing about the air fryer is it can cook food while preserving the taste and healthiness. You can expect the same taste of deep frying by cooking in the air fryer without using any oil. For most of the time, the air fryer doesn’t require any sort of cleaning.

Although first introduced by Philips, there are already a lot of models from various brands. They are available in various sizes with distinct features and cooking capacities. Some air fryers arrive with functions like roasting, grilling, and much more. You can set the cooking time and duration of the air fryer which makes it very efficient. There are no chances of overcooking or burning your food as you will get the alarm when they are done.

The air fryer is suitable for a variety of foods starting from French fries. You can bake potatoes, cake, grill meats, veggies, boil eggs, fry chicken. Omelets, chips, etc. Moreover, you can prepare almost any frozen food in the air fryer.

Benefits of Instant Pot

  • Impressively easy and effortless to use.
  • Comes with pre-programmed settings for ease of use.
  • Fry food efficiently with little or no oils.
  • Cooks the food comparatively faster with lower energy.
  • Typically comes in small and compact sizes.
  • Easy to clean; don’t leave much of the messes.

Drawbacks of Instant Pot

  • Comparatively less versatile than instant pots.
  • Not suitable for cooking a lot of food at once.
  • Need to be aware of right cooking time and temp.
  • Cleaning can be hard if it produces greases.

What is the Difference Between Instapot and Air Fryer?

Now we know what is an instant pot and air fryer. Now let’s see some other differences that make the appliances unique:

Cooking Time

Air fryers can prepare light meals or fried foods comparatively faster. The cooking duration in the air fryer typically varies from 15 to 25 minutes. However, some ingredients may require extra time. Besides, the instant pots require less time for cooking the hard foods. So, we can say that the instant pot is better for cooking harder foods while the air fryer is best for light fry foods.

Cooking Temperature

While cooking in the instant pot, the pressure is the force that cooks the food. So, it can be hard to guess the cooking temperature of the instant pot. Besides, the air fryer allows you to know the exact cooking temperature. Typically, the air fryer’s cooking temperature can be controlled from 200F to 400F. You can select the preferred temperature to cook the food perfectly with a specific button or dial.


Well, the capacity of the air fryer can be less because of the design. Typically, the instant pot offers you better capacity and allows you to cook a lot of food at once. However, things are different for the air fryer. You cannot add more food at once as the air circulation can be hampered. To assure proper air circulation and proper cooking, you need to cook in smaller batches without leaving enough empty space inside the device.


Compared to instant pots, the air fryers are more compact and portable. You can even carry some of these models during vacations. The instant pots are not portable like air fryers and some of them are really bulky and heavy. You may find some models which are a bit compact but they are still not portable like air fryers.


Both air fryers and the instant pots are impressive appliances and they can be a great addition to your kitchen. If you have been confused about these two appliances, we hope that our article will help you to distinguish the difference between them.

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