How Long to Grill Mahi Mahi in Foil

How Long to Grill Mahi Mahi in Foil Packets

If you like seafood, hold until you strive for these decent barbecued mahi mahi foil packets. Fantastic mahi mahi grilled in foil with new vegetables, lime, and flavor. Grilling mahi mahi in foil is excellent for cookouts and camping!

Grilled mahi mahi filet with asparagus and potatoes in a foil container.


You are moving to like today’s recipe!! I realize a bunch of my readers is huge seafood eaters and I am delighted to listen to how you love this home-prepared mahi mahi food recipe! If you possess utilized foil packets to cook feasts on your grill, you will like how simple this is!

I like mahi mahi because it is a favorable fish, and my children like it. We just purchase sustainably boosted seafood and a reasonable spot to discover it in my regional Safeway grocery shop.

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How long to grill Mahi mahi in foil? We possess 3 Safeway shops nearby and they all hold a large category of empty quality seafood comprising mahi mahi, shrimp, salmon, halibut, basin scallops, swordfish steaks, Alaska cod, and yellowfin tuna.

You can moreover utilize the Safeway application to protect money when you purchase in their shops!

Are you prepared to receive cookery? You can moreover shift it up by strengthening little of this Nut-Free Pesto to the foil box. Let’s begin with the particles.


Open Nature Mahi Mahi

Tiny potatoes



Zatarain’s Cajun Seasoning or Old Bay

Salt, pepper, olive oil

Food Formula Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Rinse mini potatoes and chop them in half. Microwave them for five minutes in a microwave-safe pot. This will melt them sufficiently to grill.

Step 2

Preheat your grill to 400 degrees F.

Step 3

Hold a large portion of foil. Add your fresh mahi mahi, potatoes, and asparagus. Spray the fish and vegetables with either Zatarain’s Cajun flavor of Old Bay Seafood Seasoning. Sprinkle with olive oil.

Step 4

Turn the foil to lock the packets. Take off a tiny area empty so the vapor can vent out.

Step 5

Grill with the grill top shut for 10 minutes. Eliminate from the grill and celebrate warm.

Which Vegetables Can Survive in a Foil Packet?

Feel free to utilize any vegetables you want. Safeway has lots of elegant vegetables both organic and conventionally matured. A few of my favorites comprise the following.





Green beans


Expert Tips and Recipe FAQ

How Long to Grill Mahi Mahi?

The perfect time to grill mahi mahi relies on how huge your slice of mahi mahi is. The filets by empty nature are not heavy and mine barbecued in only 10 minutes.

How Do Realize When Mahi Mahi Is Ready?

Inject a knife into the mahi mahi, if the fish flakes effortlessly, the fish is completed cuisine. It will moreover realize firm to the touch.

Is Mahi Mahi Healthful?

Mahi mahi is an extremely healthy fish. It is packed with omega threes and protein, plus it prepares a tremendous low-fat feast.

Can You Utilize Lemon Rather Than Lime?

You can utilize either lemon or lime in this food preparation procedure.

How Long Will Mahi Mahi Retain?

This fish will maintain up to four days in a fridge. Ensure to save in a closed air-tight compartment.

These barbecued Mahi Mahi and vegetables in foil parcels are a win-win for summer! Excellent for a rapid and simple grilled dinner and so healthful!

Barbecued Mahi Mahi and Vegetables in Foil Packs

We’re beginning the week on the right bottom folks. I guaranteed you all tiny extra seafood and that’s only what you’re gonna get. Therefore today, it’s Grilled Mahi Mahi and Vegetables in foil Packs for the win!

There are limited things I require to arrive neatly on earlier I share the food formula with you guys today.

I can’t accept the total value for this dish. I might have built the recipe (as easy as it is), readied the foil packages, and grilled them on the grill, but that was the manageable portion. The complicated task was executed by somebody different than me. Today, all the value goes to the fisherman who expended the day out on the liquid striving to spin in something we could all celebrate for the feast.

Nicely, that’s not from the actual fish. The evening I moved to prepare it, I readied all the containers and settle them on the grill and I knew some vapors rolling in. And I’m not speaking small clouds. I’m discussing vast, large, black, menacing clouds! I was required to grill those packages and strap them off the grill and clasp some pictures! Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on my aspect. It began to spill and the home got gray and the definitive photos were not meant to be that evening. So even though the fish in the image was raw Mahi, it only wasn’t “our” delicate Mahi.

To soil our fish, my spouse Tom and his 2 nice companions Joey and Ed expended the day 60 miles out in the Atlantic in the investigation of something different than chicken for our containers for the feast. That’s Joey’s clasping feast right up there! I believe they were striving for little tuna, but this mahi was an elegance! And I was pleased because Mahi occurs to be one of my dears. Have you guys eternally tried it? If you haven’t you require to give it a go. Mahi glints, sweet, humid meat with a strong texture. It’s excellent grilled or baked.

And what’s tremendous about this recipe is not just how decent it is for you, but how susceptible it is to blend. Only expand some broken baby potatoes and new green beans to a chunk of heavy-duty foil, spray the fish with salt, new floor pepper, and tiny aged bay seasoning, and then sprinkle with a combination of new lemon, olive oil, salt, and pepper. Then throw the boxes on the grill for 10 to 12 minutes until the fish chips and its champion chicken FISH feast! Wish you admire it! Have an incredible week!

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