How Much Electric Does an Air Fryer Use?

Air fryers are currently the trendiest cooking appliance because of their benefit and flexibility. Compared to the other medium of cooking, air fryers are impressively fast, easy, and efficient. You also don’t need to be a pro cooker to use an air fryer. For all the recipes, you require going through almost the same steps. But one thing that may hit your mind is its electricity efficiency. Let see how much electric does an air fryer typically uses.

It is actually a bit hard to tell you an exact figure on how much electricity the appliance use. That is because the electricity uses of the air fryer vary on a lot of things including the capacity of the unit, size, and some other factors. In this article, we will discuss how much electricity the device uses and what makes the uses of the electricity vary.

So, how Much Electric Does an Air Fryer Use?

Although the electricity uses of the air fryer vary on several factors, we can assure you that the appliance doesn’t take a lot of electricity. Especially, when compared to an oven, the air fryer requires almost 25% less cooking time. That means the device will run for a smaller amount of time and less electricity will be used. So, you can stay a bit less worried while employing an air fryer for cooking instead of the air fryer.

To find out how much electricity it will need, you will need to find out the wattage of the air fryer. This should be listed on the specification of the air fryer. Now you can get an idea of the cost by multiplying the using time by the wattage. If the machine is 1500 watts and if you use it for around 1/2 hours (0.5 hours), this will be 1500×0.5 or 750. Now, if the price of per kWh electricity is around 10 cents, the cost of the expense will be around $0.075.

The thing is air fryers typically don’t require such a long time to prepare the food. Most of the foods can be prepared within 20 minutes. That is possible because of the unique heating element used in the device. You may already know that the air fryer device cooks by circulating the air produced from a heating coil and distributed through a mechanical fan. As the food is cooked from every angle, they are done quickly.

How the Air Fryers Electricity Uses Vary

There are several factors that make the electricity uses vary. Below, we will let you know about some important factors that make the air fryer electricity uses vary.

Air Fryer’s Size

The uses of electricity vary depending on the air fryer’s size mostly. The larger the air fryer, the more food it can cook at once and the broad amount of electricity it will need. As an example, we can compare two products with 800g capacity and 1.2kg capacity. The air fryers with 800g capacity require less wattage, around 1425W. Besides, the other one requires around 2100W. The increase of 50% air fryer capacity varies increases the power by 30%.

If you have a big family, it would be economical to go for an air fryer that arrives with a bigger capacity. This will allow you to cook enough serves at once. For the air fryers that come with a smaller capacity, you will require repeating the steps for cooking in batches. This will take more electricity.

Settings of the Device

Air fryers typically allow you to cook the food at various temperatures and times. You will find a digital control panel in the air fryer that allows you to control the operation of the device. Apart from the temperature, you can also control the cooking duration and know the remaining time. There are certain settings that may increase the power uses.

Some air fryers also equip some LEDs that allow you to know how well is the cooking going and how much time it will take to complete the cooking. These features may also increase the electricity uses but that will be very low. It is a bit hard to tell you the exact amount of power that will be required for the operation. But they are so low that you can even exclude them.

The Amount of Food

Cooking a lot of food will also increase the power uses of the air fryer. As an example, if you are cooking a piece of chicken, it will require less cooking time. But if you want to cook multiple, this will increase the cooking time.  Cooking one piece will need around 15 minutes while cooking multiple takes 20 minutes.  That means the cooking period varies based on the amount of food and this changes the electricity uses.

On the other hand, the type of food you are cooking also affects the cooking time. Although the average cooking time varies around 20 minutes, some foods can even take around 8 minutes. That means some foods will take less time and hence less electricity for the cooking.

Are Air Fryers Suitable for Camping?

Camping is a fun activity and cooking the food during the camping may not be a fun activity. Especially, if you don’t have the right tool. The air fryer can be a great way to cook your food while camping or living in the RVs. As the appliance is compact, requires less time to cook, and is easy to store, it can be a great fit for any camping activity.

While picking the air fryer for camping, make sure that the device comes in the compatible wattage so that you can utilize the available power for cooking. Moreover, the capacity of the device should be just enough for cooking. There are some air fryers that arrive with a high watt rating, you shouldn’t choose these for this specific purpose.


So, in a nutshell, we can come to the conclusion that air fryers are more electrically economical compared to other tools like the oven. So, if you are being skeptical about using the air fryer, you should go for this without any further thoughts.

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